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This is a profile about an African American man. A man who is somewhere between an idiot and a genius. A man that is the Alternate Captain of his own mind. A man that lives in a rural area, and is still looked at as being odd for loving hockey and not the expected basketball. After a life shake up he is reconnecting with the things he loves, and facing his fears he originally had about pursuing a career in creativity. <br /> <br /> He is realizing just how awesome Dragon Quest 8 is after revisiting the PS2 game, but is slightly annoyed by the endless puniness of DQ 9 and his stupidity of not getting the &quot;Master of Nu&#039;un&quot; joke until 200 hours into the game. He kept reading it as Master of &quot;Noon&quot; instead of &quot;None&quot;. The Jack of All Trades had to be quite a master of time management to master a time of day he thought...

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  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 15 days ago

    Absolute truth written here. I hated how they changed him from the "cool brother" in the 90s, with his crossed arms pose in Super Mario World to the overly scared current version. Though, after all of the bottomless pit jumping, spike ceiling dodging, lava filled pit navigating, I totally understand his fear. Rainbow Road is terrifying enough these days.

    Also, Daisy is indeed the hotter one in comparison to Peach. After Peach stopped eating cakes, I lost interest...

    Posted in Luigi Is Better Than Mario

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones A month ago

    Maybe I've become a curmudgeon in not being as enthusiastic about the swearing in this new game (is it necessary?), but I'll give it a shot.

    Posted in Beyond Good & Evil 2's Very Long Road to E3 2017

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones A month ago

    So where should a Monster Hunter admirer start in this series if they want to get off the bench and start slaying monsters?

    Do I HAVE to play online to enjoy this, or can I solo it?

    Posted in Monster Hunter World Cleaves the Fandom into Rival Camps

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones A month ago

    Eyes like saucers. Want. I apologize for being unable to ramble like I normally do, but all I can say is: WANT!

    Posted in Atlus Brings Another Gorgeous Vanillaware Game, 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim, to the West

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones A month ago

    @Mixingmetaphorsoup Perfectly said. The Cloud Hair really works for it though. Joker looks good.

    Posted in Here's The Joker Action Figure From Tetsuya Nomura You Always Wanted

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones A month ago

    @Thetick It has been way too long since I played the game, but I thought her "prayer"for it was the most important thing. Sephiroth interrupted that by killing her if memory serves me. Which leads to:

    @cldmstrsn Don't get me wrong, I don't want my sentiments to REPLACE the original story, but having that option kind of like the "secret date" for Barrett, is more my preference. I'm just intrigued, rather foolishly, in the "What if?" What if she successfully makes the prayer, and humanity is eliminated? What if she makes the prayer, and nothing happens? How does the group respond what seemed like the sure thing falling apart? If Aerith gets to Icicle Inn and discovers her "lineage" on the computer, after the failure of the holy prayer, then how does SHE respond to that?

    As Jeremy Parish once mentioned in Retronauts way back a long time ago, Aerith was the "saucy" one. How SHE does react when HER life is turned upside down? Would she go off the rails? What would an off kilter Aerith be like? Would it sharpen her resolve? We saw what happened with Cloud and his... issues. We also see how Terra changed in her character arc in FF6. I could go on all day about this, and the "What ifs" because that stuff fascinates me, but don't get me wrong, I'm not looking to see the story changed, but after playing Tactics Ogre PSP, and messing with the timelines, and the choices, IF it could be pulled off in this game, it could be fun to further explore the psychology of the characters.Edited 2 times. Last edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Moving Forward, Square-Enix "Recruiting Urgently"

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones A month ago

    @cldmstrsn seconded, 3rded, 4th'd etc. As long as it takes.

    I know what I am about to say may cause a fair share of "rolleyes," but I now hope to see what would happen if... you could... you know... prevent the actions of the end of Disc 1. What if it led to a completely different ending altogether? What if it undid Advent Children, and the other FF7 Spinoffs that aren't Crisis Core? I feel 14 again in my excitement, and that scares me with older Jeremiah's experience with real world disappointment.Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Moving Forward, Square-Enix "Recruiting Urgently"

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones A month ago

    MUCH LOVE FOR THE FRONT MISSION LOVE! God, that 1st game nearly had me crying with it's alternate USN story.

    In regards to re masters, I missed out on an entire console generation, and the ability to play all of a series, or a "Game of the Year" version with all of the DLC, and none of the hassle of having to have a high speed connection is a great blessing for a broke man like me. More collections please!

    Front Mission 3 was fantastic. It doesn't get enough credit. 4... Well Wendee Lee and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn had Russian accents, and that was a pleasure to my ears.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Nothing Wrong With Playing It Again

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 2 months ago

    Hearing that you guys can't even keep up with all of the good games coming out makes me feel much better about being a bit behind myself.

    I'm very happy to hear love for the Golden Sun Series. I played all three one after another a while back, and the 3rd one gets a bad rap. While areas getting sealed off was bad, it was just on par with the first game. The hidden boss was crazy hard too. I just wish the endings would actually have some resolution... Cliffhangers are no good!

    Posted in Starting Screen: It's All Too Much

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 2 months ago

    @Vonlenska The thing I continue to wonder after reading this is "Does Japan 'Need' to be number 1?" All they need to do is continue to make great games. As long as they do that, then people will still seek them for great experiences. Everything else I would have said you have said it better, and thank you.

    Posted in Tekken 7 Producer Says Japan Will Never "Be Back on Top of Game Development"