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This is a profile about an African American man. A man who is somewhere between an idiot and a genius. A man that is the Alternate Captain of his own mind. A man that lives in a rural area, and is still looked at as being odd for loving hockey and not the expected basketball. After a life shake up he is reconnecting with the things he loves, and facing his fears he originally had about pursuing a career in creativity. <br /> <br /> Falcoon (the artist of the avatar) got too much crap for his designs in King of Fighters 2006/Maximum Impact 2. Once he hit the big leagues, people turned on him. The art for that game was amazing, and wildly fun. You can still see traces of it in the most recent KOF games too.

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  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones Yesterday

    Totally excited for this... I missed out on the original. God, I can only hope that the game comes out with that secondary artbook that was released in Japan, or more color options. I long for a chocolate amazon... Drool...

    Posted in Dragon's Crown Pro for the PlayStation 4 Includes Eye-Bleeding 4K Support

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 9 days ago

    That's good to hear! That's how to cash in on my nostalgia Nintendo!

    Posted in Nintendo Puts The NES Classic Back Into Production

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 14 days ago

    @Vonlenska Please go into Xenogears...


    Why, this world seemed like it was the best one to actually make a living in. I wouldn't have to be the hero, it seems just as interesting being a marketplace seller, or a hunter, or an adventurer as anything else.

    I'd also love to wake up one day, look at myself in the mirror, and see myself as the FFT Dark Knight I would always have wanted to be. A powerful warrior with a difficult time wooing ladies, and fine with screwing up like Vaan. I just would want everyone to get their fair share.

    Also, getting rejected by Vieran women would be a must do on my bucket list. Ivalice just seemed like the most fun just EXISTING in the world. You don't have to be a hero there, you just have to be...

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite World or City in a Game?

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 14 days ago

    The thing I wonder about this is: Doesn't Nintendo see how making it so hard will hurt them later on if they continue? Eventually people will stop caring, and that is sad.

    Posted in It Shouldn't Be This Hard To Buy a SNES Classic Edition

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones A month ago

    Question: Can't Nintendo just make enough of these for EVERYONE to buy? This is getting ridiculous. Still want one though.

    Posted in SNES Classic Pre-Orders Were Up... and Now They're Gone

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones A month ago

    I'm glad to hear it hasn't aged that badly. I played that game to death as a kid. I actually preferred the weapon system in this game to Legend of Mana's though I played both to death and loved both.

    Posted in Super NES Classic Reviews Game by Game #10: Secret of Mana

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones A month ago

    My Dad played Duck Hunt. He set the record, then left... Breaking his record when I was six started the "rivalry" I'm the Naruto/Rock Lee of my family...

    We also had a weird Punch Out story in which the only time he gave me the controller was the first time I beat Glass Joe. The 2nd guy owned our house. I'll get revenge one day...

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Can You Remember Your Parents Playing?

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones A month ago

    This is the main issue I'm having with gaming these days... I feel old saying this, as I sit in my imaginary rocking chair, but I remember the days when I would buy a game and get all of the content in the disk/cartridge/etc. and be happy about that. I'm still happy about that. If the developer wanted to give me more, I'd then be able to buy the next game in a "SEQUEL."

    They still do that right? I forgot my tapioca, and that makes me sad... What were we talking about. Old Jonesy's back hurts, and I can't play NHL Slapshot right now... Go Caps!Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Metroid: Samus Returns is Way More Expensive if You Want to Play Everything

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones A month ago

    Reading this makes me want to say something stupid...

    Rival Schools anyone? Or CvS 3? I know they may not get a whole bunch of money, but I still play CvS2 regularly...

    Posted in Capcom Is In A Sad, Sorry State Right Now

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones A month ago

    As a child, the 150cc cup actually made me cry over that last Bowser's Castle. It was so hard. When I replayed it in my 20s to regain all of the cups, I found it was still hard, but boy it felt SO GOOD to master that one again, as well as the hellish Rainbow Road. It was the game I first began to consciously choose Luigi in, because he is better.

    I HATE Dry Bones though. He was always in the way of the specific 8 characters I wanted to have battle in Mario Kart DS. It was always 7 of them and Dry Bones. Regular Koopa Troopa all of the way.

    Also, of course you are not supposed to "lick Chocolate Island", you are supposed to cook it at 420 Degrees fahrenheit, for 20 minutes until it melts down into a paste, and spread on Donut Plains. Wait until it cools, and enjoy. It reminds me of 2nd grade. Ummmm...
    @Talraen If you manage to mess over the "2nd" place character in the initial race of any cup, then that player will always come in 3rd instead. It worked on higher difficulties to give some space from the competition.

    Posted in Super NES Classic Reviews Game by Game #7: Super Mario Kart