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  • Avatar for Jinqs Jinqs 9 months ago

    This completely mystifies me....why is it so hard to make a good Bomberman game these days?

    Hell, if they just remade Super Bomberman 2 or Mega Bomberman with graphics suited for HD displays and added online multiplayer, I would be a happy camper.Edited March 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Super Bomberman R Review

  • Avatar for Jinqs Jinqs A year ago

    Many thanks to Sony and Microsoft and their excessively greedy subscription-based online services for only hastening my transition to an exclusively PC/Nintendo household.

    Posted in PlayStation Plus Bumping Up to $60 in September

  • Avatar for Jinqs Jinqs A year ago

    @UnskippableCutscene Agreed. I remember first hearing rumblings about Twitch's move to the HTML5-based player a really long time ago. This is good news, but this migration has been painfully slow and is long overdue.

    Posted in Twitch Begins Closed Beta for HTML5 Player

  • Avatar for Jinqs Jinqs A year ago

    I am a sucker for underwater exploration titles (I would love to see another Treasures of the Deep), so I will probably break down and buy this, if only to voice my support for more titles like this one. Once I finish playing though, I will spend the remainder of the night scrubbing myself down in the shower Ace Venture style (since my gaming dollars will be supporting GameStop...*shudder*).

    Posted in Song of the Deep PS4 Review: Sub-Aquatic Metroidvania

  • Avatar for Jinqs Jinqs A year ago

    They are saying all the right things now, but realistically, this is probably too little too late for a game that launched with some of the most ridiculous DLC/season pass pricing tiers and schemes in recent gaming history.

    I enjoyed what I played during the game's beta, but it never had a enough content to make it a worthwhile purchase at full (or even significantly discounted) price. I'd like to give the game another shot since it is free, but there are a lot of other games fighting for my time at this point.

    Posted in Evolve Is Now Free-To-Play on PC, Stage 2 Starts in Beta

  • Avatar for Jinqs Jinqs A year ago

    If I am paying for incremental upgrades, I may as well just update my PC components and enjoy the numerous benefits PC gaming has over these closed console ecosystems. No thanks, Microsoft (and Sony for that matter).

    Posted in Microsoft's New Xbox Brings Lofty Pre-launch Promises Down to Earth

  • Avatar for Jinqs Jinqs A year ago

    This is amazing. Perhaps someone can mod/port Shining Force CD or the Shining Force 3 Sega Saturn incarnations into the Shining Force 2 Genesis engine? I wonder if Sega would allow that or draw the line there.

    The possibilities for this are endless...kudos to Sega for this news/decision. It looks like this new "hub" positions them very well for the SteamVR experience as well.

    Posted in Steam Workshop Support Coming to Sega's Genesis Classics

  • Avatar for Jinqs Jinqs A year ago

    @UnskippableCutscene Agreed. I was just able to pick this one up for ~$70 after rebates, and I am extremely satisfied with the purchase so far (admittedly, it is my first mechanical keyboard).

    I am sure that Logitech makes a pretty solid keyboard here, but $159.99 definitely seems a bit steep for such a "barebones" keyboard.

    Posted in Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum Review: No Nonsense, Just Keyboard

  • Avatar for Jinqs Jinqs A year ago

    EA employing shady and questionable business practices to save a few bucks and then denying any and all wrongdoing until the bitter end? Color me surprised...

    Posted in Madden Lawsuit Moves Forward as EA Sports' Free Speech Defense Fails

  • Avatar for Jinqs Jinqs A year ago

    Don't forget that the Humble Store is also running a DRM-free holiday sale as well. The games they sell often include a Steam key with extras/bonuses, and part of your purchase goes to a charity you specify.

    For example, Doorkickers (highly recommended above) includes a Steam key, a DRM-free installer download version, and the recently released Android version for only $3.99 (same as it is directly on Steam).

    I love Steam sales, but this one has been underwhelming thus far. Be a smart consumer and check your digital distribution alternatives (Green Man Gaming, GOG, Humble Store, Amazon Digital Games, etc). Most of them have you redeem via Steam key primarily anyway, so you are not losing out on anything (although I suppose you lose access to the Steam "easy refund request" feature if you buy a game you end up disliking).Edited December 2015 by Unknown

    Posted in What Should You Buy During the Steam Winter Sale 2015?