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  • Avatar for KCC KCC 18 days ago

    Gamers whining about things they want but don't use/buy/support: how rare.

    I really think this article is missing the point of BC for most people, and that 1.6% isn't people waxing nostalgic over 360 games (really, why would they so soon anyway) but rather people who didn't play games from that last gen.

    I had big disagreements with a recent USGamer article on the Xbox Game Pass, because the article treated older games as if they weren't relevent. And maybe they aren't to a lot of people--- particularly for those who have already played them. But for those who haven't, then not only is Xbox Game Pass a good deal, but it's also proof of how BC is important and who will actually utilize the feature.

    Personally, I skipped almost all of last gen consoles as I stuck exclusively with handhelds. So for me, BC is really great as I am super excited to dive into Bioshock Infinite finally, and catch up on Fable, and all of that. It's a big deal to me that these games are available because I haven't played them and I always wanted to, but couldn't afford so many different consoles at the time.

    I do think gamers love to pretend they like older stuff more than they actually do, especially when "Older" is last gen. Gaming is a pretty vain and swift market if you pay attention to how fast games with online drop off and the general pace of new games coverage (Excited! Want! Preorder/Kickstart! *Game Releases* A topic of praise on a forum post, play half of the game, quit and never touch again), then it won't be a surprise that gamers are, while the most enthusiastic consumer group, also the most unreliable (albeit predictably so).

    Oh well. Just got my XOne, and so much to catch up on.

    Posted in New Study Finds That Gamers Don't Really Use Backwards Compatibility

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 25 days ago

    Finally deleted FE:H with this event; didn't get anything with my saved 60 orbs :(

    Had a lot of fun with this game since launch, but didn't put any money into it. Had a great balance of free-orbs to keep cheap SOBs like me around, though.

    But just did my 4th or 5th summon and nothing; no meaningful 4-stars even. I got Ike when he was announced, which was nice, but the game has really blasted into complexity since Inherit Skill, and that's just not my bit.

    It was a good run for a cheap-o like me though. Really wanted Wedding Cordelia (she's my favorite char. from the series), but oh well.Good try, but time to move on!

    Posted in Fire Emblem Heroes Knows Its Audience, Adds Wedding Costumes

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 30 days ago

    Capcom has repeatedly lost money over the years on other properties. I don't see why it surprises people that they don't bring back older series. They're dependent on the ones they currently utilize (RE, SF, and MH), and really even these have proven not to be guarantees. Look at the PS3/360 gen and more than half of their properties outside of those three were hard flops, at least in terms of the outrageously high promises they tell their investors.

    I never hear anything about Capcom downsizing, but that's probably what they really need to do and unfortunately aren't. I don't understand why they don't just shut down all of their Western studios and regroup as an exclusively Japan-based company (can still hire foreigners, but have the company singularly working within Japan). It's what all fans of Capcom mean when they whine for stuff like Ominusha (never coming back) and Megaman (don't see why it should come back).
    Personally, it would be nice to see them designate a small team(s) for original digital titles; cheaper to make, and less to fear in implementing unique premises. Use the medium of Arcade and PSN to showcase not shi*ty SFII silly-edition but titles of tightly balanced, creatively-free showcases of that classic and essential Capcom character.

    But they wouldn't do that unless they overhauled the current design--- which I really don't think is going to happen. It would be a "regression," if not outright failure, in the eyes of investors for Capcom to downsize and start producing small digital gems.

    Best thing I hope for is that Comcept gets itself together and really comes at it. I loved Recore so I'm already over the debacle of MN9. And Inti-Creates is scratching the Megaman itch anyway so I don't see why people want Capcom to keep at the series anyway; it's already covered.

    And fingers crossed maybe another Platinum formation happens. I'm sure there's some really strong divisions in Capcom still that are just starving for the freedom to make their own titles. Let's hope whoever they are take the chance and do it!

    Posted in Capcom's Wishy-Washy Stance on the Nintendo Switch Continues to Baffle the World

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 2 months ago

    I honestly have no idea how to play Parappa at all. I also played it as a kid when it released back in the day, under 10, and frankly I still do the same thing now with it as I do then; complete gamble.


    Really, does anyone know how to actually play this game? I just mash buttons, try to hit the ones that are on the line when they come up, but mostly just hit every button every moment I come--- and then I win, somehow.

    Posted in Parappa the Rapper is Still Rappin' Good, Even Remastered

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 4 months ago

    Can the writer please explain the last part:
    "You can wait until level 40 to Unlock Potential. However, it is best to unlock potential as soon as possible for the best possible stat gains. For that reason, you should try and raise a hero to the highest possible star level once you are able."

    Does this mean that a lvl 30 4-star upgraded to 5 will be lesser than one upgraded at 20?

    Where exactly is this information coming from, also? I don't feel like the game has been out long enough for anyone to have found 20000 feathers, so-- ?

    Posted in Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Unlock Potential and the Items You Need to Do It

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 5 months ago

    Random Annual playthrough of The World Ends With You came up--- how it goes!

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Are You Currently Playing?

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 5 months ago

    I won't even let myself peek at any of the stuff until Nintendo goes over their online system. We need accounts, to own our digital games and not go through hoops for them, and the VC/Online store needs to be relatively robust from the launch.

    I'd owned a 3DS for a while and purchased a lot of digital titles, then sold it when I was hard up--- there they all go.
    I bricked my Wii while trying to hack the region-lock, and again; a whole slew of digital purchases lost.
    Bought a Wii U and said "No Digital:" unfortunately, this was the time that apparently every other Wii U physical copy became considered "Rare" and expensive: Devil's Third was going for $80; Bayonetta 2 $90; Pikmin 3 was between $80-90. Not to mention Fatal Frame 5 was digital-only. In the end I played through a few games and sold it: but if there was a competent digital system, then I'd have bought more games, played more games, and maybe would have developed some attachment to the system. But as it was---
    (and yeah; I know Devil's is a 'bad' game, but I still wanted to play it; looked campy and silly, so yes, I truly was upset about the price)

    It's too important to me that the online be competent to even consider a Nintendo product anymore. I am fine with each Switch system having only one account available like the Vita, which I think everyone should expect, also. But those games need to be tied to my account, and they need to be available no matter if I sell/bust my system, and not require any idiotic procedures for redownloading.

    I'm waiting. I like Nintendo stuff, but if there continues these anti-consumer designs then I'll do exactly what I did with the Wii U: just wait and buy it cheap, used, from someone on Ebay.

    Posted in Reaction: This Was Pretty Much the Switch's Worst Case Scenario

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 5 months ago

    Having been a Vita owner since day one, that little handheld has taught me to never get my hopes up about any announcement; one empty promise after the next.

    So yeah; shame, but also very common anymore with gaming to have all these unfulfilled promises and endless delays and all of that stuff. Unfortunately though, only way for the gamer to curb disappointment is to not get excited, but goodness knows that gamers are an excitable bunch.

    Posted in Revisiting Xbox E3 2014: Remembering All The Games That Died

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 5 months ago

    Admittedly, if you buy the controller-option for your mobile, you can play some really amazing games on the Go and they work just as well as a handheld. Transistor anyone?!

    I'm also very hopeful for the Mobile platform, with or without developers opting more for presuming players have the controller option. I don't cater to F2P titles or any online-dependent title (and don't on dedicated platforms neither), but I do think that the general quality of the paid games have excelled extraordinarily.

    Established developers aren't really making the mark there that they should. While SE nailed it with TWEWY on mobile, the rest of their library is pretty shot; the RPG's control badly, and there's not enough work being done to migrate them to a new device. Same goes for Capcom and most other established devs.

    But if you look to the new guys, like Nitrome and Rocketcat, you're finding developers who solely work with the platform with the single idea of creating a smoother, better experience. On Mobile, RC's "Wayward Souls" is an infinitely stronger ARPG than "Secret of Mana," and the faster that gamers stop relying on established/conservative companies to provide mobile titles and embrace the new kids on the block then we'll see an even faster, stronger, more competitive growth of mobile as a "serious," and equally dedicated, gaming platform.

    Posted in The Handheld's Last Stand

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 6 months ago

    $10 for a game dependent on an online connection? Unfortunately that won't fly with me and my consistently cruddy wifi :(

    Posted in Super Mario Run Is Always Online Because of Piracy, Says Miyamoto