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  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior Yesterday

    This pleases me greatly. The Switch is pretty much the perfect platform for Monster Hunter; at long last, there doesn't have to be a debate between whether it should be a console version or a portable version, and we don't need to deal with split SKUs as we did with previous titles (Portable 3rd and P3rd HD Ver., 3 Ultimate WiiU and 3DS). We get both versions in one purchase, best of both worlds!

    It also pleases me because the Switch is region-free, so even if Capcom for some strange reason doesn't localize it (given that 3U and Generations did quite well for them on this side of the pond), I can still import it, no muss, no fuss. Monster Hunter is the kind of game where, while the plot is nice to have, it's by no means critical to enjoyment of the game.

    Posted in Monster Hunter XX Announced For Nintendo Switch in Japan

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 5 days ago

    What these kind of conversions usually reveal is that these games really had nothing going for them outside of the smut. Middling stories told with far too many words, no real choice at all in the player's hand except to hit the "next line" button or not, and virtually nonexistent gameplay that isn't anything noteworthy even when it does show its face. Some people like them regardless, and hey -- nice that they get to have more of what they like.

    But definitely not my cup of tea.

    Posted in Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and the Coming of Age of Adult Games

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 9 days ago

    This is echoing the "Mouse and keyboard support" bullet point of... man, I forget which Call of Duty it was. Modern Warfare 2?

    This just in: Game on PC will support bog-standard PC features from 20 years ago. Praise us! We didn't arbitrarily cripple it out of sheer laziness!

    I mean, good on them for having uncapped framerate I guess. Just like.... every other PC game that isn't made by a Japanese developer that has never done PC games before (FROM with Dark Souls).

    Posted in Destiny 2 Will Run 60FPS on PC, 30FPS on Consoles

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 10 days ago

    @boatie But why go through traditional funding channels when you can get your customers to not only pay you for the final product, but ALSO fund the development of the product, paying money for the PRIVILEGE to pay money for it?

    Genius, really.

    Posted in Project Rap Rabbit Pulls Switch Goals After a Day

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 11 days ago

    If it truly is giving them time to dial in the game, I'm cool with waiting a little longer. After the middling disappointment of AC6, the miserable travesty of Assault Horizon, and the roll-your-eyes-and-sigh F2P shlock of Infinite, I'll gladly wait a little bit to get something more in-line with the quality of the PS2 entries in the series.

    Up to this point, Ace Combat has been another sad corpse on the pile of Games That Were Good When They Were Allowed To Be Mid-Budget, But Started Sucking When The Money Got Big. AC5 and Zero were far better in the plot department than they had any right to be, on top of being really snazzy arcade-style flight sims.

    Posted in Ace Combat 7 Pushed Back to 2018

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 11 days ago

    Release rush is easy to deal with. I pick up and play the games I absolutely have to play right now, and for everything else I wait until the inevitable Game Of Some Random Time Denomination Or Possibly Deluxe Complete Ultra For Realsies Edition, and pick up the game plus all of the add-on content for half or less of original retail price. Having so many good games right off the bat keeps that gravy train rolling for a while.

    I have to say I'm genuinely impressed. The big-budget side of the industry has been godawful for a few years now, and it's nice to see them finally finding their footing again and producing worthwhile product. Some of them, anyway. CoD and Assassin's Creed are pretty much always going to be firmly in the "Not for me" bin, but there have been a number of higher-budget titles so far this year that have all at least hit the "Entertaining and worth the money" mark: Nioh, Horizon, Nier, Persona 5.

    There may be hope for the big-budget end of the stick yet.

    Posted in Starting Screen: It's All Too Much

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 12 days ago

    Joining in on the meta-meta-metagame? Or simply being a bunch of poseurs attempting to claim "old school cred" -- for whatever that may be worth -- that they don't actually have, revealed in their 'nostalgia' for a game that never existed? And how long ago was it that nobody would ever have bothered trying to attain that cred, being as video games weren't cool enough to be worth appropriating in such a way?

    I'll never forget the first time I saw a GameFAQs thread where someone had acquired a PS1 disc, noticed the black disc back, and wondered whether they'd gotten a bootleg game. I realized then that this person had never actually seen a PS1 game before then, and was unaware that all PS1 games had black backs.

    It was the first moment when I realized that I was officially Old, and that the things I grew up on were no longer recognizable to the prime video game playing demographic. The PS1 was far from my first console, but here I was on a site that is frequented pretty much entirely by people that are at least somewhat invested in the hobby, and here was a user for whom the PS1 was ancient technology from before their time.

    Posted in Arc Symphony is a Very Real, Very Fake Retro PS1 Game That Fooled Twitter

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 15 days ago

    It's not really a matter of them not understanding that digital games aren't supposed to be ephemeral. It's a matter of no studio, not even ones that are flush with cash -- and certainly not smaller ones -- willing to shell out cash in perpetuity for continued licensing of assets. Music gets licensed for a period of time, that's just how the music industry works, and no company can afford to keep paying renewals years after a game's passed its sell-by date. It's nice that you can buy and download a game a decade later, but the number of people actually doing that is tiny for all but the most legendary of video games. It's not economically viable for the companies to keep paying license fees so that they can make a couple dozen sales a year, if that.

    Which, you know, just goes to show how digital will never fully replace physical. You can still acquire a physical game long after it goes out of print and comes off retail store shelves, thanks to the magic of the second-hand market. Not so with digital games. Steam's gotten better about this with their whole family sharing program, but that's still a far cry from "just hand the disc to whomever you please under whatever terms you like".
    There's always the XBox 360 disc version. I still have mine sitting on the shelf, ready to install, play, or trade amongst my friends whenever I choose, license or no.

    Posted in Alan Wake is 90% Off As Expiring Licenses See It Pulled From Stores

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 22 days ago

    @chaoticBeat Yeah, don't get me wrong, Nioh's got some merit in the moment-to-moment. I wouldn't have played all the way through it, all side missions included, if it didn't. It's still a good action game. It's just that, while it's clearly trying to extend the Souls formula, it also clearly missed a lot of the finer details of the games and what made them so special.

    It's actually a whole lot like the Iga-era Castlevania series, for me. Starting with Symphony of the Night, they were very clearly trying to be like Super Metroid, but they missed a bit of what made it so good. Heck, they even did the Nioh thing of having a new focus on loot, 99% of which is useless trash! But I would never call SotN or any of its successors "bad games", because that's not true. They're still good games... just, clearly not quite up to the standard of the one they're emulating.

    Which, really, may not be fair in the end. Super Metroid and Demon's/Dark Souls were exceptional games, unusually superlative. They're an awful high bar to measure up to.

    Posted in Bandai Namco's Dystopian Vampire Anime Soulslike, Code Vein, Has a Trailer

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 22 days ago

    @chaoticBeat That's mostly what I'm referencing at the moment, Nioh and Lords of the Fallen. Like I said, to a lesser and kinda weird extent, Souls' own sequels -- I'm very much not fond of Dark 2's over-reliance on enemy swarms and spin-tracking. Dark 3 has some of the same problems, but it also fixes a fair bit of them as From applied some of what they learned in making Bloodborne.

    I don't think I agree about Nioh having a lot of content. I will say it has a lot of "content", which I surround with quotes purposefully. I still have two main story missions and a couple of side missions to go, so Team Ninja might surprise me in the final hour, but my experience up to this point has been that Nioh feels like it was designed with a whiteboard in the middle of the office that had "CONTENT!!!!!!" written on it as large as possible.

    There are at least three side-missions that take place on that map that has the large building on the ground, a big bridge leading up to a sizeable shrine built into a cliffside, a small cave network leading onto the roof of the shrine, and some underground catacombs. All three missions start you in the same spot (as opposed to the usual 'start' and 'end' switcheroo), and all three missions have almost identical enemy layouts -- the group on the bridge, the scattered singles on the ground floor, the ranged enemy on the overlook with the ladder leading down to ground level, the corner-ambushes in the catacombs. None of them introduces any new enemies that aren't found elsewhere in the game, none of them pulls any kind of unique environmental twist; they're just straight-up dungeon crawls through enemies you've killed a million times with nothing interesting going on.

    It's "content", the kind of thing they can bullet-point on the back of the box, but it's not really content that matters. At least, not to me. It's repetitive, filler-class stuff that stretches the game out but not in a good way. I haven't encountered a new enemy type since... gosh, the halfway point? Maybe earlier? The red, glowy Yoki that have one new, completely ineffectual move on top of the Yoki moveset that has been in place since the first level don't count, in my book.

    Ditto the whole needlessly-vast loot system, though in full disclosure I've never liked Diablo-style loot farms. "Loot" gets used as a bullet point, as if there's some kind of intrinsic value to watching each defeated enemy explode into a shower of useless junk that you're going to either sell for coinage or crunch into scraps so that you can roll the dice on maybe possibly making a thing that you'll use for like thirty minutes.

    A kusarigama is a kusarigama, and the random affixes on it are never really high enough to be worth specifically farming for. Okay, sweet, my mid-attacks take 10% less Ki to use... except that it is never a good idea to spam until empty anyway, so it doesn't matter, you're not going to make enough swings in a string for it to make a difference. To the extent that getting drops or forging or soul matching is ever useful, it is only because you have to continually get higher numbers on your gear to keep up with the enemies getting continually higher numbers. Better to just skip the whole sordid mess, pin the gear numbers to certain targets, and balance the enemies around that rather than an ever-escalating math game that only ever just evens out in the wash.

    Kinda like Souls does.

    I much prefer From's system of there being one Broadsword, which you may get several copies of but it's always the same Broadsword, and you can tweak its scaling factors or give it elemental damage to make it better against certain enemies but you will never need a Level 100 Broadsword because you want to spend less than an eternity killing this Level 100 Trash Mook.

    I mean, I guess I have to give Nioh some credit for trying something different? But it's just not my cup of tea.Edited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Bandai Namco's Dystopian Vampire Anime Soulslike, Code Vein, Has a Trailer