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Recent comments

  • Avatar for Meho Meho 4 months ago

    Eh... I appreciate the attempt to tackle "insanity" as a main topic of the game, but a trailer that is essentially a cutscene, this late in the development is simply suspicious. Then again, I loved DmC despite negative bias so I really want this to be good.

    Posted in New Trailer for Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Makes a Strong Case That Celtic Hel is Just Silent Hill

  • Avatar for Meho Meho 5 months ago

    For me a mid-gen update that costs 500 dollars (and no doubt much more where I live) and requires a 4K telly (still non-standard and costly) to be justified stinks of decadence. To me this is like Microsoft is saying "OK, we are losing the console race but we can still lose in style"...

    Posted in The Nintendo Switch Is Going to Teach the Xbox One X a Hard Lesson

  • Avatar for Meho Meho 6 months ago

    Such bullshit. I don't even particularly like Alan Wake games (was quite disappointed after being a huge Max Payne fan) and I realise they sell very few copies these days so paying a licence would mean losing money on them but still, c'mon. You're writing an important historical artifact out of existence....

    Posted in Alan Wake is 90% Off As Expiring Licenses See It Pulled From Stores

  • Avatar for Meho Meho 6 months ago

    Expected but wonderful. I do still have my PS3 plugged into my TV but this is another level of convenient. And so many more people will get a chance to play this excellent game. Wins all around.

    Posted in Vanquish PC Port Coming out Later This Month

  • Avatar for Meho Meho 6 months ago

    @brionfoulke91 I understand what you're saying. My point is, Capcom's targets seem to be perhaps a little smugly optimistic. Selling 3.5 million in such a busy quarter is actually pretty good and Capcom will probably make solid money on it if they keep marketing it like a great game it is. I am actually only now getting to play it (had to complete several other games) and it's impressive. so I am sure it can easily outsell RE6 if they keep at it.

    As for Monster Hunter, the series was never a blockbuster in the west. it was always more of a cult title so... I guess an overoptimistic target here as well. But again, therse games can and will have longer sales tails if Capcom keeps at it.

    Posted in Capcom Falters As Resident Evil 7 and Monster Hunter XX Come in Below Expectations

  • Avatar for Meho Meho 6 months ago

    I mean... come one, Resident Evil 7 literally came out four months ago. Yes, I know the industry tends to favour the launch window sales but selling 3.5 million copies in four months in one of the toughest, strongest first thirds of a year in living memory, especially after almost universally panned RE6... that a pretty good achievement.

    Posted in Capcom Falters As Resident Evil 7 and Monster Hunter XX Come in Below Expectations

  • Avatar for Meho Meho 9 months ago

    These two studios have some serious credentials between them so I am interested. Just hope that with Disney's money at their disposal we don't get another Epic Mickey, pardon the expression...

    Posted in Avengers Project Marks Collaboration Between Marvel and Square Enix

  • Avatar for Meho Meho 10 months ago

    Huh... so you make one of the best games for PSVR and this is what you have to hope for? What chance the rest of us have then, eh?

    Posted in Sony Closes RIGS Developer Guerilla Games Cambridge

  • Avatar for Meho Meho 11 months ago

    Best of luck in all the future projects, Jeremy. Sad to see you walking away but it was obviously cooking for some time, and I for one will keep following everything you do as I did so far.

    Posted in Letter from the Editor: A Big Change Ahead for USgamer

  • Avatar for Meho Meho 11 months ago

    I mean... Get Platinum on board and ask them to go crazy on new Devil May Cry. I'm sure we'd settle even for a DMC universe version. Get Inti Creates to do Mega Man. Get Treasure to do Wolf of the Battlefield 4

    Posted in Capcom Needs to Get Creative About Reviving Its "Dormant IP"