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  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas Yesterday

    Yes, Cloud is a failure who only qualified to be a Shinra grunt, but the reveal showed that he still accomplished something big even before he got locked in a tube and took up the mantle of his dead SOLDIER pal. Dude threw Sephiroth down a pit after he shish kabob'd him, effectively "killing" him.

    Of course, this would come back to bite him in the ass years later when Seph's frozen corpse reanimated Jenova's remains and tricked/manipulated poor brain scrambled Cloud into being a black materia delivery service so he could destroy the world, but still, that li'l nobody Shinra grunt took down the deadliest swordsman in the world. Who knows what other chaos Sephiroth would've caused if he'd gotten away from the reactor scott free?

    Posted in Dissecting Final Fantasy VII, Part 5 -- An RPG Gets Existential With Its Central Question: "Who Am I?"

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 4 days ago

    If Square Enix uses this compilation as an excuse to give Seiken Densetsu 3 an official US localization and go all GBA Final Fantasy translation on the other two games, I'd be more than happy to pay the $40 for these ROMs. If they can go to the trouble of making new translations of the old Dragon Quests and Romancing SaGa for mobile, then why not this, too?

    Anyway, I really hope Square Enix localizes this 'cuz leaving it Japan-only would be almost as cruel as how they've given tons of support to the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console and jack squat* to the other regions. Milk that nostalgia and SD3 dollar for all it's worth.

    Shame Legend of Mana ain't there, though. But understandable.

    * We only got Super Mario RPG and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 'cuz Nintendo produced the former and internationally published the latter.

    Posted in Seiken Densetsu Collection Announced For Nintendo Switch in Japan

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 4 days ago
  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 4 days ago

    While I haven't used in-game selfie modes all that often (save 15's 'cuz Prompto automatically does it), one of the big reasons why I went PS4 over Xbone is the easy of snapping and sharing photos and videos. My Twitter account's filled up with screens and videos now.

    Posted in They Did it For The 'Gram: The Best Selfie Cameras in Video Games

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 4 days ago

    Resonance of Fate is on the Xbox 360 too, if you didn't know.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Mass Effect Andromeda is Coming Out at Exactly the Wrong Time

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 9 days ago

    Maybe Capcom's just a tad miffed that they might have to actually make Monster Hunter look modern on the Nintendo Switch instead of staying in their (undoubtedly cheaper to produce) PS2-esque safe zone.

    But seriously though I can understand if Capcom's a li'l gun shy about releasing multiplatform games on Nintendo platforms, especially ones that just came out. They got burned on Wii, they got burned on Wii U. And I bet Resident Evil Revelations sold a lot better once it hit non-Nintendo platforms. And testing the Switch waters with a modified version of a years-old HD remaster of a decades-old arcade fighter doesn't scream "confidence."

    It's still a shame this collection hasn't been announced for it, though.

    Posted in Capcom's Decision to Keep the Disney Afternoon Collection off the Nintendo Switch Is a Load of Duck Feathers

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 18 days ago

    While it may be an enhanced port with additional content, I think Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has a good chance of being a big seller for the system. I don't see everyone double dipping, but it's a port of one of the best Mario Karts and one of the most popular Wii U titles that will now be available portably and with new content. And there's surely plenty of Switch buyers out there who had passed on the Wii U.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Outsells The Wii in First 48 Hours, But What Does That Mean?

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 18 days ago

    For the time being, I've been having fun with the Galileo Pro I received as a late Christmas present a few weeks ago. Assuming I resist the temptation of buying The Last Guardian, Corpse Party 3DS, or a few indie darlings I've had my eyes on this week (I'm on a big adventure game & horror game kick right now), next week I'll get the new Zelda...or Nier Automata...or Torment: Tides of Numenera...Still want to get Resident Evil 7 and Yakuza 0 and Nioh...

    Look, it's a really great time for games right now, alright?

    Posted in Starting Screen: Why Zelda is an Unexpectedly Great Proof of Concept for the Switch

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 18 days ago

    I'd be lying if I said I had no interest in the Outlast collection, but compared to the other indie horror games I've played I'm intimidated by it. I don't mind some blood and gore (I did play the Amnesia games recently), but I'm more a fan of psychological horror* than gornography and what I've seen of Outlast 1 was a bit too...well, disgusting for me. And the mental asylum...*shudders*

    Oh well, I'll see how I feel once I've played through Resident Evil 7. Outlast 2 does look pretty neat.

    * For me at least, knowing I can't die in some horror games doesn't defang the horror any. A good mind screw has me ever reluctant to continue onward.

    Posted in Outlast 2 and Outlast Trinity Collection Coming April 25

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 22 days ago

    All the more power to anyone who wants to get it at launch, but I can wait to get a Nintendo Switch. If I really wanna play Zelda right now I can get it on Wii U, and I'm not too interested in the exclusives available for the platform currently or in the next few months.

    1-2 Switch looks like a pack-in some crazy person decided to charge $50 for, Arms and Super Bomberman R don't really scream "system seller" to me, I'm in no big rush to play another Mario Kart expansion pak or a Splatoon sequel, the games I'm really interested in (Mario) are a ways off, and a lot of the 3rd party stuff is things I can get for the PS4 I already own.

    Speaking of the PS4, 2017's been really good to the platform so far. I already have trouble picking out games with the loads of indies and weekly sales, and 2017's added more and more games that interest me. Resident Evil 7, Yakuza 0, 2064: Read Only Memories, Nioh, Night in the Woods, and Torment: Tides of Numenera are all games I'd like to play at some point, and there's more coming.

    Also got a Galileo Pro as a gift recently, so I can add tons of Android adventure games to my WANT list, too.Edited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Why I Would Probably Wait on the Switch if I Weren't in the Press