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  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn 10 days ago

    I have a feeling that this is just preparing the way for a new product - either a very similar product with different (longer term?) licenses or else some kind of enhanced product. Maybe one that can download new games from the virtual console or otherwise be extended. Given how popular this has proven to be, I doubt Nintendo is just going to walk away from the concept.

    Posted in NES Classic Prices Rise With End of Production, Mini Famicom Discontinued Too

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn 20 days ago

    I absolutely love Breath of the Wild. When I think about what they could do better, other than small tweaks to the durability system, etc, then I can really only think of one thing: more and longer dungeons. I would love to, say, see an ominous tower on a mountaintop or a ruin built into a cliff, and know that that is some kind of epic dungeon with an epic boss. Otherwise, I've got no really complaints.

    Posted in Nintendo Believes Open World Is New Standard For The Legend of Zelda

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn 2 months ago

    I will always be a big fan of FFVII. Especially in context, it was an amazing game and as the first JRPG that I really got into, it set expectations that other JRPGs have been struggling and failing to meet ever since. This is already making me want to replay it; I'm really looking forward to the next article.

    Posted in The Definitive Dissection of Final Fantasy VII, Part 1: The Dramatic Opening That Thrust Players into an RPG Revolution

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn 2 months ago

    I really enjoyed the original trilogy. It's the best space opera game I can think of. Glad to hear the new game seems to be shaping up well.

    Posted in Mass Effect Andromeda: How Well Does it Balance Action and RPG?

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn 2 months ago

    Yeah I find the idea that this is a spoiler odd as well. And I'm not trying to criticize Nadia or USGamer, I think they're just following current practices, as they should. But if this is considered a spoiler now, what ISN'T a spoiler? Wouldn't every screen shot be "spoiling" some part of the game?Edited February 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in The Japanese Commercial for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Looks Swell

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn 2 months ago

    Somehow I'd never seen that Power/Rangers video, although I remember it caused a stir when it was taken down. I just watched the first 2:30 minutes. Not a fan. Hopefully the Castlevania cartoon does a better job of being... watchable.

    Posted in Opinion: I Don't Have Much Hope for the Netflix Castlevania Series

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn 3 months ago

    Well, I have several things going right now. I basically haven't quite decided what my approach is going to be post Christmas (and my birthday is not that long before Christmas either, so I'll throw that in their too). Between the two gift events I scored a number of games, all of which I've sampled and none of which I've really committed to playing first. However I'm leaning towards Dragon Quest Heroes as I was really digging that. I'm also almost done with a replay of Alundra - which is a game I like a whole lot. So actually, most literally, Alundra is what I've been playing the past couple of days.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Are You Currently Playing?

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn 3 months ago

    The more I think about it the more I think I'm going to buy it right around launch. I'm pretty much sold.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Did Nintendo's Switch Presentation Convince You to Buy, Abstain, or Wait?

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn 3 months ago

    My interest is now 0.

    Posted in Switch's Free NES/SNES Games Go Away After A Month

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn 3 months ago

    I totally agree Jeremy, I was surprised to see not one, not two, but THREE new JRPG announcements, all of which looked pretty neat! Also presumably Dragon Quest XI will make it to America and be pretty good. So at least four cool looking JRPGs already - is that an unprecedented quantity for a reveal presentation?

    Also, I have been wanting another Mario 64-esque Mario game for ages, and it's finally coming! I couldn't be more excited about that. And Zelda looks absolutely stunning.

    So yeah, it really pushed the right buttons for me. I even thought Arms looked cool - it reminds me a bit of Virtual On. I am concerned though that they did not do enough to persuade fence sitters. Consumers who are understandably skeptical of Nintendo - what did they see? Overall I wonder if it was a bit too Japanese focused? It's also surprising that they didn't highlight a few more of the upcoming games, like Mario Kart Deluxe. But overall I'm really on board with this system right now.Edited January 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Opinion: Switch Isn't for Everyone, But It's Definitely For Me