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  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn 27 days ago

    I don't think I'm playing anything this weekend, I'm watching Stranger Things.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Are You Playing on This Busy, Busy Weekend?

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn A month ago

    Not only a series, but a whole genre. I have never played an MMO. Not World of Warcraft, not any of them. I have also, come to think of it, never played a Call of Duty game, except for a demo. So I guess those are both pretty big deals. I'm not sorry though, personally. More power to anyone that likes them but I'm just not very interested in games that are primarily multiplayer focused. Or FPS games. I remember playing Doom 2 as a kid and not really liking it. To this day the FPS games that I've really liked can probably be counted on one hand. Well anyway, to each his own.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's a Major Series That You Consider to Be a Huge Blindspot for You?

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn A month ago

    Well, I guess it depends on what "bettered" means. The first time I played Odin Sphere I thought it was probably the best that 2D games were ever going to look (because I figured very few people would make them going forward). Instead there was a bit of a 2D renaissance and so Odin Sphere now sits among a group of highly polished 2D games.

    As for 3D games, I really can't say... but I can say exactly the first time I realized that I didn't care about graphics getting better anymore. That moment came when playing Rogue Leader no the gamecube. I very clearly remember thinking "If graphics never get better than this I'll be okay." That game still looks pretty good today actually.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Older Game Did You Think Had Graphics That Would Never Be Bettered?

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn A month ago

    If I can only choose one, it has to be Chrono Trigger.

    But really, you could put so many more. I've been working on a personal curated list for something of a custom SNES Classic I'm planning to make and I wound up with well over 200 games (including a number of imports) that I determined were at least worth playing, although not all of them are what you'd call classics.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Additional Game Do You Want on the SNES Classic Edition?

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn A month ago

    I think an honorable mention could go to Earth Worm Jim - one of the first games I played that felt really fully animated. Obviously as a 16-bit game it can't be nearly as animated as Wario Land Shake It, et al, but it was impressively expressive at the time.

    Posted in In Honor of Cuphead, The 10 Games That Come Closest to Real-Life Cartoons

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn 2 months ago

    I was pretty excited for this game before, but this direct really pushed that up a few notches. My one big concern was the number of levels - I felt that Sunshine just didn't have enough stages, and enough variety, to feel like a proper follow up to Mario 64. Unless I've miscounted I believe we are now up to 9 stages in this game - and they look fantastically diverse, and quite large, and I believe the narrator said there were more. Well, my concerns are pretty much over now! I really can't wait for this game!

    Posted in Super Mario Odyssey Has a Gorgeous Photo Mode, New Nintendo Switch Bundle

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn 2 months ago

    The FIRST game I wish I could have returned? Maybe "Last Action Hero" on the Genesis.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's the First Game You Bought That You Wish You Could've Returned?

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn 3 months ago

    My plan is to buy one if I see one but I'm not doing any of this craziness. This is basically my philosophy with all products. But when it comes to these plug and play emulator consoles I basically gave up after failing to get an NES Classic and have decided to build a Raspberry Pi machine for myself. I have no idea how to build one, but I'm confident it'll be easier than pre-ordering a SNES classic.

    Posted in The SNES Classic Pre-Order Debacle is a Bad Look for Nintendo

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn 3 months ago

    Hmm. For me, Capcom (and many other publishers) have left behind too many of the franchises I really liked. They focus on a fairly narrow range of proven, popular franchises, and neglect just a ton of old franchises that people used to love (to say nothing of creating NEW franchises). I understand why this is from an economic perspective (I think I do, anyway) - they need assurances that these games are going to make back their budget. But I think there's a hidden cost in terms of brand image.

    We all know about Megaman - but there are so many more! What about the fighting games they used to make OTHER than Street Fighter and Vs.? What about Ghosts and Goblins? Not since Maximo 2 has that series seen any attention. What about all the shmups? What about Final Fight and the myriad of other beat 'em ups? Dino Crisis, Rival Schools, Breath of Fire, Viewtiful Joe, Power Stone, Strider - to say nothing of one offs like P.N. 03. I mean it just goes on and on. THIS is what the company's reputation is built on, not constantly revisiting the same half dozen wells over and over. Not all of these games are suitable for full blown HD treatment (although I think some of them are), but surely many of them are good for shorter, download indie game style updates? (Like Strider, come to think of it, I believe that did okay for them, right?)

    Anyway, my point is the name 'Capcom' used to mean quality gaming because they had a huge catalogue of impressive games to their credit. With only a few living franchises and only a tiny number of titles releasing in any given year, no wonder people become wary. And if a couple of those games turn out to be disappointments, they can get in a lot of trouble really quickly.

    Posted in Capcom Is In A Sad, Sorry State Right Now

  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn Mikki-Saturn 3 months ago

    @Ralek I would add that there was a sub theme of the main character being unhappy in the real world for specific reasons - powerlessness, lack of confidence, dissatisfaction with his appearance - all of which the game world allowed him to subvert. But over the course of his digital quest he actually changes all of that, becoming fit, confident, etc. It's all standard Hero's Journey type stuff, but it is there, and I think it provides the emotional center of the book, so that it isn't merely about the references. Still I essentially agree with Mike's points. It's a pretty entertaining breezy page turner, but it's not fine literature.

    Posted in Ready Player One's Movie Teaser Reflects A Book That's About Nothing