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  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix An hour ago

    @Roto13 I have to disagree. If that was the case, this subject would not be consistently debated for ages, before video games, in regards to every form of media.

    Honestly, it can be both. Simple as that.

    Now, one can make the argument that every story has some sort of politics to it, but when people speak of politics in entertainment, that is not what they talk about.

    Example, FF7 carried a message about man versus the environment and technology and of course, the effects of corporate power over the working class and poor. It is all implemented quite smoothly, and has a natural flow to the story of our hero, which helps set things in motion. However, while the writer and designer may have strong beliefs regarding the environment, they are not trying to to shoehorn it nor beat you over the head with it, but rather apply it naturally to the setting, with the story thread being Cloud's journey and how it affected him, but we cannot say we truly understand the politics of the creators really beyond a superficial level.

    Now, is Super Mario Bros a political game? No, not really. One can argue that Miyamoto's more liberal upbringing in conservative Japan shaped the freewheeling, colorful world of Mario, however outside of shaping his sensibilities, he is not being political in the game itself.

    When people say don't like politics in games, they mean when it is shoehorned in a way to preach to the player, and make it an absolute.

    Now, that said, I like political media as well. I think there is media that tried to be political, and if they do a great job, it is wonderful. When it fails, it comes off horrible.

    But I also like media that is not political in nature. You can have both.

    But if it was that easy to say everything is politics, then this debate would be over, but we are going on and on with this topic for hundreds of years. The gaming community does not get the final say and close the door on it.

    When I write something, I don't put my politics into it. I am sure there are things about my upbringing and beliefs that influence on some level what I write, but those are subtle and not clear definitions. I just start with a concept that i think would be cool, interesting or fun to explore, and I go from there. And sometimes I do write certain things that are opposite of how I feel in real life, because it is interesting in a way. But I am also an extremely private person when in regards to politics.

    I can safely say that no one outside of my wife, no one would ever guess what my personal politics are, and they have not. Not even my close friends.

    But don't mistake me. I am not saying politics should not be in games. Of course they can. I am just saying that they also don't have to. Both options are fine But when most, not all, people talk about keeping their politics out of games, they mean something else entirely, because lets face it, there are many games and movies that come out incredibly forced and preachy, ending up being nothing but cringe.

    Posted in A Plea to YouTubers and Streamers: Remember Who You Are

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 3 days ago

    So, I love baseball. I used to play it in middle school too. That said, can I just jump in and play with this game and have fun? Or is it going to be boring stat management spreadsheet hell with micromanaging? I just want to play the video game version of a sport I think I think is fun. I mean, I cannot find a good volley ball game, or a good tennis game outside of Virtua Tennis and oddly enough, Mario Tennis.

    So is this spreadsheet hell? And if so, is there a baseball game you would recommend that is not spreadsheet hell.

    Posted in The State of MLB The Show: Where the Series Sits Going Into MLB The Show 17

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 4 days ago

    @MarioIV That is cause it was a small batch that was affected. I never had an issue either, and I played from a distance, with my hand or legs obscuring, etc.

    When CNET investigated, they saw that the affected has different circuit board serial numbers to the units that were not affected.

    Posted in Nintendo's Switch Joy-Con Problem a Result of "Manufacturing Variation"

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 4 days ago

    @Jonnyboy407 Oh I agree. It is a gray area, and I've used emulators back in college to play old games and just now I hacked my NES to load even more games. I also know that I can't buy these games anymore and they are never going to re-release. And I added the old Disney games from Capcom but you can bet I also plan on buying the Disney collection coming out soon. Heck if it comes out for Switch I will probably double dip.

    But considering the expense and rarity of older games, I will take a shot of the dark and most people do not own he original game in order to dump the rom. I will also make an assumption that most of the people who say they do own them are not being honest. It's okay, I also don't have 100 bones to slap down for a copy of Duck Tales plus an original console in good condition plus modding it so it will play nice on modern televisions.

    I agree emulators are vital for preservation, but with the Wii U and they were pumping those out while there system and games are still available and people choosing to not buy the system or even the games when they can emulate it, and Breath of The Wild just came out and at GAF alone there are already people withholding buying the game.

    I just think it feels wrong. If you want to play those games, support the console and the games. Once everything is discontinued and finding a copy of a game, sure, but for now? Feels weird.

    Posted in Breath of the Wild Nearly Running on PC Via CEMU Emulator

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 5 days ago

    Am I the only one that feels this is wrong? I definitely understand emulation for old discontinued games, especially when publishers don't care about preserving there work.

    But emulating a recently released game?

    I don't agree with this...

    Posted in Breath of the Wild Nearly Running on PC Via CEMU Emulator

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 5 days ago

    Also Nadia, to comment on something you mentioned. Obviously there is no 100 percent proof since it is not a scenario that has graced us in the real world like in film or tv, but scientific studies from sociologists and psychologists have shown that if a zombie or nuclear apocalypse were to happen, the most likely scenario (after the initial chaos and confusion) is that of human beings actually coming together to help one another and establish law and order again, because by the very psychological nature, human beings are social creatures with those tendencies ingrained in us since the dawn of out existence. Study also shows that those inclined to sociopathic or psychotic tendencies after a catastrophe (as we see in media so often) are those that already had those tendencies to begin with before said event.

    So in a nut shell, the studies show that the likely outcome is that we all still band together in the end because it is so ingrained genetically through thousands of years, the same studies that reveal why today we have irrational fears of things that in reality are not a danger to us (such as spiders, some extinct that were more dangerous than the common ones we see today).

    Except Australia. Everything in Australia will kill you.

    Posted in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is Based Around a Perfect Apocalypse

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 6 days ago

    @andrewsqual Um, you say NO and I say YES. You do not see it at these levels in literary and film publications as you see in video game publications. As someone who used to work in those type of publications, I am telling you, you are wrong.

    Do peeved responses come in? Yes. Is there always someone who is a straight up douche? Of course. However, not to these absurd levels.

    And you are missing the point. When I said, and have been clear many times before, about the amount of whining, is the childish attacks on reviewers and forgoing the fact that different people review games, and USGamer is not a singular entity and in film and literary publications, readers seem to fucking understand that simple fact. But many gaming enthusiasts feel and act if the standard should different in gaming critiques and cannot fucking process that is not how it works.

    You are wrong.

    Posted in Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 7 days ago

    @andrewsqual@peterfeist77 Different reviewers. USGamer is not an entity. Why do you expect for video game criticism to be held to different standards than any other type of media criticism such as film, literature, music, fine arts? This shit needs to stop. No other form of media gets this much whining.

    It is just as bad as the people acting so violently upset that Bioware dropped the ball with this game. It's a fucking video game. It is entertainment. Nothing more. Who gives a shit.

    Posted in Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 11 days ago

    What about Soul Hackers?! The 3DS semi-remake fixed some of the issues with the original release (the insane random battles and added QoL improvements that you can switch on or off) and the cyber punk theme is great!

    Also, for you purists out there, forget eBay. You can buy Persona 3 FES, Persona 4, and Nocturne on Amazon for 14.99 each brand spankin' new!


    Posted in The Shin Megami Tensei Games You Should Play After Persona 5

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 11 days ago

    "first-person dungeon crawling is not great"

    Ehem. Etrian Odyssey and Persona Q would like a word with you!

    You break my heart lol

    Posted in The Shin Megami Tensei Games You Should Play After Persona 5