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  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 3 days ago

    @catymcc Ah, you were not clear in that. Yes, main hub drops to 30 and there will be dips depending on how many players decide to go wild with the memes lol.

    Only the actual gameplay is 60.

    Posted in Splatoon 2 Review: Super Splatter Happy

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 3 days ago

    Good review! This was my favorite game of the last generation and this will be my favorite of this one probably.

    My only comment really is that Digital Foundry did their in depth analysis and they said it was a stable 60fps in docked and handheld mode across the board, with their usual data analysis backing their results.

    Could something else be going on with your set up?

    Posted in Splatoon 2 Review: Super Splatter Happy

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix A month ago

    Interesting review. Are you into fighters by chance? The reason I ask is because the feedback from fighting enthusiasts is that the game has tons of depth between the fighters and the various loadouts regarding the arms. As well as the precision of the motion controls.

    One small note though when you wrote "Twintelle can glide in the air magically for a brief few seconds".

    Her power is too slow down time other player's arms for a few seconds :)

    Posted in Arms Review: Fists of Fury

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix A month ago

    @TheWildCard Hmm, I respectfully disagree. I find the system to be comfortable to hold and pretty light. I also disagree that the JoyCons suck. The only negative for me is the lack of a standard cross dpad. That said, once I unlearned and got used to it, I have been playing Shovel Knight without a hitch with it.

    Posted in Nintendo: Keeping Us Entertained For All the Right and Wrong Reasons

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix A month ago

    Nintendo definitely makes some odd decisions here and there, but the fact is, the good always outweighs the bad for me. I love their hardware and their software at the end of the day. Something does not have to be top of the line spec wise to be quality IMO. I mean the GC had amazing specs, but it had nothing on the behemoth that is the PS2.

    The Wii U had plenty of issues, but I loved the software, Miiverse, etc. Hell, I even loved the OS despite it being on the slower side because it had so much personality and charm (and catchy music!)

    I love the Switch so far, and I think people saying the price is too steep can be applied to any of the consoles. There is a reason I waited over a year to get a PS4, and it is because the price was to steep. I think 300 dollars for a console these days is par on course and fair. Would I love to go back to 199.99 consoles? Heck yeah! But those days are done. With all the tech in the Switch, people were delusional that it was going to come out for 200. Especially since a N3DS XL foes for 180 and the regular sized 3DS is 150.

    The only thing I will say, is that yes, wish it had a pack in game. Nintendo does not really have to earn anything with me, because well, I love their games. Simple as that. Gaming is a luxury, not a need. You either like something, then cool, or you don't, then cool as well. People get worked up on meaningless things. We game because it's fun. That is enough for me to buy a system. Am I having fun?

    Posted in Nintendo: Keeping Us Entertained For All the Right and Wrong Reasons

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix A month ago

    @detten17 Cool story. Why even bother having more than one console? Screw it. Let's get rid of the Xbox tpo and just have Sony be the only supplier of gaming entertainment. I know I love it when there is zero competition and there is only one player in town.

    Ah, the whole gimmick excuse? AKA, why does this not play the way I want it to play. Why can't you be the same as everyone else? It's not what I want, so it's a gimmick.

    Because of course, you are being forced to buy it, right?

    Grow up. Video games are a want, not a need. You don't like it? Don't buy it. Same reason I don't buy Xbox consoles. It's not for me.

    Not everything has to be for you. How hard is it to understand? I like Nintendo and what they offer. I choose to buy. The answer is always so simple, but people like you are the ones that make these absurd mental gymnastics and complicate the answer.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Online Service Pushed to 2018, Will Cost $20 Per Year

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix A month ago


    I am not even mad. Just LOL.

    I am a huge Nintendo fanboy, but just LOL

    Posted in Splatoon 2 Headset Adapter By Hori Hints At Switch's Dark Voice Chat Future

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix A month ago

    @Ralek It's either that or no games at all. The series was about to be cancelled.

    Posted in Fire Emblem Heroes Knows Its Audience, Adds Wedding Costumes

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix A month ago

    Would have preferred an updated Alpha collection or even better, how about Alpha 4?!

    Posted in Ultra Street Fighter II Review: Not The Challenger You're Looking For

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix A month ago

    What happens when Mario ends up in the hands of a western developer?

    Of course he gets a gun!

    Posted in Funniest Social Media Reactions to Leaked Mario and Rabbids Switch Game