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  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 22 days ago

    @jeremy.parish Technically correct is the only kind that matters when you're on the internet.


    Thanks for the articles.

    Posted in A Link to the Past Uncovered, Part 4: Why A Link to the Past's Dungeons Were Perfect

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 23 days ago

    Thanks for this. Once again I'm here with my nitpick (and it is a nitpick, the general thrust of the analysis is solid)

    And while you can reach the second dungeon without it, you'll find a critical puzzle element within locked behind a barrier that can only be cleared with the Hammer.

    I'm not sure you can actually get into Swamp Palace at all without the Hammer. The North and West of Dark World is blocked off without the hookshot (which is in Swamp Palace) and the route to get from the east Dark World is blocked by pegs, which need the hammer. The portal to the south of Link's House (closest one to the Swamp Palace) is also blocked off by a hammer peg.

    LTTP points you towards Palace of Darkness and doesn't really let you do anything else in the dark world before you do - you can get Quake from the catfish (and indeed, it's necessary to do so by the end of the game) and you can get one piece of heart but that one segment is where the game takes you by the hand and says "no, do this first". Obviously you can still run around the Light World (and it gets more difficult too - beating Agahnim actually changes enemy spawns there) but without more items you're kind of stuck there as well.

    Posted in A Link to the Past Uncovered, Part 4: Why A Link to the Past's Dungeons Were Perfect

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 29 days ago

    Good analysis - I don't even have nitpicks this time.

    As mentioned at the end of the article, Nintendo themselves really understood the value of the multiple interlocking worlds design and revisited it a number of times. Ocarina of Time was the first notable one I can think of that did it (and how OoT did it effectively would be a huge tangent to go down), Metroid Prime 2 did it, and Link Between Worlds are the examples I can think about off the top of my head.

    I don't think it was done as elegantly as LttP, but they certainly did try. Going back to my current bad habit of playing the LttP Randomiser, the way the base game design interacts with randomised item layouts is really interesting. The fastest runs of the game I've managed involved me picking up the Magic Mirror as my final required item - it's remarkable how much of the game is accessible without certain items if you know how to get around. I'm not sure I could say the game for later games in the series given the much more harsh fencing off that takes place.

    Posted in A Link to the Past Uncovered, Part 3: Link's Trek Into Darkness

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies A month ago


    Link to the Past was the foundation structure for lots of the games that came after it, possibly to the detriment of the series as a whole, as I think it really got them stuck in a rut for a while. That being said, it was only really the case for the mainline series - portable entries didn't go along with it.

    The amount of people who worked on LTTP who occupy senior roles with Nintendo even now is pretty high, which explains some of it.

    Posted in A Link to the Past Uncovered, Part 2: A Prologue That Spanned the World

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies A month ago

    Good analysis. The more subtle gating early on in the game in the light world acts as a good introduction for what you see in the dark world too - and they lead you to make mental checklists of "I must come back here later". Particularly true with the Eastern portion of lower Death Mountain (can be entirely skipped in both light and dark world) and the mysterious use of hammer pegs everywhere in the light world.

    "But once ALttP kicks into high gear, the adventure becomes bigger and more devious than the 8-bit entries in the series ever dreamed of being."

    Nintendo were much better at gating/guiding players by the time LTTP came out, so I'd say this is both true and not true. The ability to see (and hear) bombable walls in LTTP and the decreased importance of bombs generally made LTTP much more easy to understand than Zelda 1, and there were way less obtuse hints left by NPCs as well. Almost everything in LTTP makes sense as it is at least consistent with the rest of the game... with some notable exceptions.

    Any plans to talk about the randomiser that's quite popular at the moment? I imagine it would be at the end of the series but just curious.

    Posted in A Link to the Past Uncovered, Part 2: A Prologue That Spanned the World

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies A month ago

    I played the SC2 custom maps that essentially remake the original game in the sequel's engine, so I think I'll pass. I really enjoyed the story and the minute-to-minute gameplay though, it's great.

    Only being able to control 12 (I think?) units at the same time is just busy work in a campaign, to my mind.

    Posted in StarCraft is Now Free, Which Means You Should Play the Single-Player Campaign

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies A month ago

    @SatelliteOfLove In fairness, Nintendo aggressively targeted kids (and kids specifically) in a way that I'm not sure Atari and co were doing before the crash.

    Nintendo's best move (even if it was their only one) was positioning the NES as a toy when they moved in on the US. At the same time though, that aggressive targeting invites the kind of questions raised by the TV programme, as any single product geared towards kids becomes a kind of public interest issue.

    The toy image was something that I think didn't help Nintendo here in the UK (and I think in wider Europe, but I'm less sighted on that) because we were more used to our computers being a little more serious, even when lots of people only used them to play games. I'm pretty sure it wasn't until the SNES/Megadrive days when games consoles firmly took root in the UK at least.

    Posted in "Nuts for Nintendo" 20/20 Video from the '80s Proves the More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies A month ago

    Nice article, for a game I adore. One fairly minor nitpick though - where you say "Most if not all dungeon bosses can only be defeated with the use of the sub-weapon located in their lair. "

    This isn't actually correct. It's actually the reverse in most cases, although the dungeon often requires the treasure to get to the boss in the first place, and the bosses will often be much easier with the treasure. No light world bosses require the treasure from their dungeon to defeat, and only two are required in the Dark World. Link's Awakening was also poor on that front but it was Ocarina that really began the trend of every boss fights being formulaic in that way.

    The introduction segment to LTTP is very well designed, and it gets you into the game and learning its systems very quickly, which I think is something that got lost in Zelda in recent years. I understand why this is the case (games as a medium got more complex and required more tutorials to compensate) but I find LTTP a much more fun game to replay as a result.

    Posted in A Link to the Past Uncovered, Part 1: How an Intro Began Redefining the Zelda We Knew

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies A month ago

    The game is nearly 6 months old now for crying out loud. The spoilers are all over the Internet already. If people were going to click links that would spoil the story for them, they'd have done so by now.

    Who exactly do they think they're helping with this?

    Posted in Persona 5's Restrictive Streaming Guidelines are an Unfortunate Bit of Self-Sabotage

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 2 months ago

    Seiken Densetsu 3 is an amazing game. Such a shame it never got localised at all. I actually have a repro cart for it that came with the SNES Mini I bought (I wanted an NTSC SNES that did RGB out) and I also picked up the Japanese version of the game because, as you say, you don't really need to understand Japanese to play it, particularly if you'd played the fan translation.

    I'm taking a break from Breath of the Wild to play... More Zelda. Specifically, the Link to the Past randomiser hack. It's really great.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Mass Effect Andromeda is Coming Out at Exactly the Wrong Time