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  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 6 days ago

    Solid review and I agree with most of the points raised. Fun game in multiplayer, and very dynamic. I played a huge amount of the tech tests and beta which were a little rougher around the edges but still very enjoyable. Ubisoft now need to do a little work to make the metagame a bit more proactive in 1v1 scenarios but in larger games it's tremendous fun.

    The campaign feels high quality in terms of Polish and execution but largely devoid of interesting ideas. A shame but not a surprise. Contrast this with something like Splatoon to see a multiplayer-focused game with excellent singleplayer content. Not a pretty comparison to be honest.

    Posted in For Honor Review

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 7 days ago

    @nadiaoxford they won't stay of course. They'll be gnashing their teeth elsewhere at the first sign of a new non-issue controversy.

    Over by Christmas I tells ya.

    Posted in Horizon Zero Dawn Review

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 8 days ago

    My fear with this game was always that it was going to be overly generic in spite of its setting and visuals. Perhaps Genre Fatigue is starting to set in? Open-world Adventure/RPG games have been arriving thick and fast in the last 4 years, which is about how long it took for most of the gaming press to get bored with modern/near future linear FPS games.

    None of this bodes well for Zelda, to be honest, a game that I have sinilar fears for. Perhaps Nintendo can add some points of difference to set themselves apart from their competition.

    As with all things, genre fans will probably get much more out of this than others - perhaps this is the source of disparity between this review and others. Also worth pointing out that sister-site Eurogamer was pretty neutral (neither Recommended nor Avoid).

    Posted in Horizon Zero Dawn Review

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 12 days ago

    I think the thing with YouTube as a medium is that it is probably quite easy to lose perspective of how many people your words reach over long periods of time. 53,000,000 people is more than the population of many countries, and you might be still just making videos the same way you made them when you had six less zeroes on the end of the number. Staggering stuff, although I wonder if Pewdiepie is just getting bored at this point.

    Posted in Opinion: PewDiePie And The Effect Of Speech Meeting Reality

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 12 days ago

    I played 4 levels of the Knight chapter last night. Competent in all respects, visually very good, but it doesn't seem to have many ideas for different things to do.

    It feels very much like an extended tutorial for the multiplayer, which is obviously where the meat of the game is. It's disappointing to have what feels very much like a phoned in story campaign, but at the same time I feel that most people won't mind too much because the focus of the game is so much on that multiplayer.

    Posted in For Honor's Campaign: Occasionally Fun, But Mostly Underwhelming

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 17 days ago

    As someone who used to go to the Eurogamer Expo every year but now avoids it like the plague - if E3 continues to focus on the games, it'll still be good. EGX started to turn to crap once the advertisers, gaming trinket shops and other salesmen started to take the prime floor space at the expense of the games,) and the numbers of booths to play at got cut down significantly.

    I'm sure it'll be fine.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Will E3 Benefit from Going Public?

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 23 days ago

    Didn't play Miitomo because it's not something I'm interested in. I can't play Mario Run because I don't buy Apple, and Fire Emblem Heroes is okay but doesn't capture the intensity of the original series very well.

    Ultimately, I don't see any reason why I would play and spend money on Nintendo's mobile offerings when I have a perfectly good 3DS already. I know that's kind of the point (they're aimed at people who don't usually buy Nintendo hardware in the first place) but there's nothing there for me.

    Colour me indifferent.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Are You Happy With Nintendo's Mobile Games So Far?

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 25 days ago

    I like the WiiU Pro controller and I think it was easily the best on the market when it came out, but there have been plenty of other controllers released since that blow it out of the water. The XBone pad is my current weapon of choice, but it's good to hear that Nintendo are putting in effort again.

    Posted in After Finally Getting My Hands on the Switch, I Feel Better About My Preorder

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies A month ago

    There's a lot of things I really like about SotN but at the same time I can't get over how much I dislike the level ups and the random equipment drops.

    As much as I love Metroid and the like, ultimately I think I have more respect for the tightly controlled linear level design of classic Castlevania than for any of its non-linear descendants.

    Posted in Design in Action | Building a Masterpiece, One Detail at A Time

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies A month ago

    Did you get to try the pro controller, Nadia? I want onew because I'm sceptical of any controller without a dpad but at the same time the price of entry is ridiculous. I really want to know if it's a premium product or if it just feels phoned in; I can't quite pinpoint why but the photos they've shown of it made it look some how cheap to me. Maybe something about the look of the plastic?

    I spoke with someone else that attended a demo session and he said that there were no pro controllers present, but just in case...

    Posted in Nintendo Switch: Hands-On Impressions