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  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 12 days ago

    "and as passionate as its fans may be, they are dwarfed by the fanbases that worship Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X"

    Both of which, for my money, are inferior to VI and IX, though the only FF game I've played more than once is IV! I'll be doing VI through X this year, hopefully. I've always been fascinated by XII but never played it. No word yet on a PC release, I assume?

    Posted in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age: Revisiting a Black Sheep With a Decade of Perspective

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 12 days ago

    For me, the positive changes (town elements, dungeons, map system) sound interesting enough that I'll try it despite the potentially cheap design. I'd agree with what Kat's said about cheap difficulty being frustrating, especially if it's there to compensate for simplistic level design. I found Conquest tough in places but the imaginative level design made up for that.

    It'll also be really interesting to see where Fire Emblem goes on Switch. For me, if you can somehow combine the marriage system, the modified weapons triangle from Fates, with more sophisticated versions of Echoes's dungeons, towns and overworld map, you'd have a mighty interesting game. Maybe we'll find something out at E3.

    Posted in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Review: Faithful to a Fault

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 13 days ago

    I'd be surprised if Nintendo went free to play. Yes, Nintendo will want more money from mobile, but like Roto13 pointed out, Nintendo's primary plan with mobile is to drive more consumers onto their hardware. Making substantial profit from mobile is secondary to driving more consumers onto their hardware. And honestly, some of Mario Run's problems came from poor communication and poor pricing. How many people would have bought the game had it launched at half the price? And how much better would the reception have been if it wasn't listed as 'free' on the App Store? That gave people a very bad impression - that Nintendo were hiding the real cost of the game. Don't forget they were targeting a far wider, casual audience, who likely aren't very familiar with Nintendo's "free to start" schtick they've tried out on 3DS.

    Posted in What the Heck Does Nintendo Have Planned for Its Mobile Zelda Game?

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 13 days ago

    I spent 143 hours doing all three Fates games, but I always had a break in between them. So I did Birthright last May, then went onto Final Fantasy 3 and some indie games, then did Conquest around September and took another break for Monster Hunter Generations, Undertale and Civ 6, then in December I went onto Revelation. I really loved it, some smart adjustments (like the changes to the dual unit thing) over Awakening, and some great variation in mission design, especially in Conquest and Revelation. Conquest was maddeningly difficult, at times, but probably the strongest narrative of the three. Looking forward to Echoes.

    I think an ideal Fire Emblem for Switch will combine the various ideas they've tried out on 3DS - so marriage, dual-units, revised weapon triangle (Fates), varied level design, from Fates/Awakening, added to the more typical RPG elements of Echoes, so towns, dungeons, more spoken dialogue, more cut scenes. It'll be really interesting to see what they come up with. Hopefully we'll find out at E3.

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God: Nier: Automata for Game of the Year

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 13 days ago

    The 'too many games' thing is and has been a problem for me the entirety of this generation. I currently play games on my 3DS, Xbox One and PC, and until recently was using my Wii U. On top of that, I also had several retro systems I was using (Saturn, N64, DreamCast), because I'd started reading about great games I missed as a kid. I've missed loads of great 3DS games by trying to keep up with some Xbox One and Wii U releases, and even missed a handful of great Wii U releases. To say nothing of download titles - I have a wishlist dozens strong.

    It's one reason Switch is increasingly attractive. I'd miss out on major Western blockbusters, but they very rarely excite me any more. Witcher 3 is the only Xbox One game I've played that I'd class as unmissable or essential, for example, and recently I started Fallout 4 and have very little inclination to get lost in it or spend much time on it. So far this year I've done Dragon Quest 8 (50 hours), Doom (15 hours) and Breath of the Wild (103 hours), though I've also sank time into Civilization VI. I've got Fire Emblem Echoes pre-ordered, I now have Shenmue Sundays (finally playing Shenmue 1&2 on my Dreamcast through an upscaler) and a back-log of JRPGS: Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, IX, Dragon Quest VI, IX (will add IV, V, VII at some point), Radiant Historia, Lost Odyssey, Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Valkyria Chronicles.

    But anyway- a single system that combines Nintendo first party titles (rather than split across two systems), indie support, Japanese third party titles, mid-tier Western support and hopefully a strong retro service - and which is a system I can take on the go and use at home - sounds ideal to me. Except when I eventually do buy a Switch, I'll have another backlog to catch up on!Edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Starting Screen: It's All Too Much

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 19 days ago

    This sounds really interesting. I can see myself struggling with it if the difficulty ramps up without the maps becoming more complex, but hopefully it turns out well and doesn't become a chore.

    I'd be really interested to see Nintendo do more remakes like this, especially after having some fun with the fan remake of Metroid 2, another black sheep, and after trying Adventure of Link for the first time (also a black sheep!). The latter in particular would be interesting, perhaps with a visual style reminiscent of the promotional art for the early Zelda games, and with more varied/precise combat.

    Posted in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Pre-Review Thoughts: Coming to Grips With a Very Different Kind of Fire Emblem

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 19 days ago

    I can't be the only person (though not yet a Switch owner) who would welcome a Switch edition of the Mass Effect Trilogy with all the dlc? There may yet be an audience for older Western blockbusters on Switch, given part of the audience are likely 'Nintendo only' gamers who may have missed many of the big games of the last two generations. Granted, that audience won't be huge- but enough to justify the odd compilation, perhaps.

    I'd also say that Switch exclusive games from EA aren't out of the question yet. EA Sports found some success on Wii with things like the Sports Active games, for example. If Switch really does take off, EA would be silly to leave money on the table, even if support is limited to a handful of releases a year.Edited 3 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in EA Says They are "Bullish" on Nintendo Switch, Exploring More Potential Games

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo A month ago

    The issues around home console revisions are interesting. I bought a New 3DS with relatively few qualms, but then I'd bought an original 3DS at £180 with 2 games not long after launch, and used it for four years. I've had plenty of use out of my New 3DS over the last two years, and the hardware revisions are great. It's faster, the 3D effect is better, the top screen is bigger, there's the analog nub and extra shoulder buttons, and the SNES colour scheme on the buttons is great. It was actually my most used system last year, thanks to the Fire Emblem Fates trio, Bravely Second, and Monster Hunter Generations.

    However, portable revisions generally have a lower entry barrier than a home console revision. I bought an Xbox One in mid 2015, with Witcher 3, Arkham Knight and Ori for around £280, so £120 lower than the launch price with three games to boot. I like the idea of Scorpio, but to truly get the most out of it, I'd need a new TV and then I'd have to spend ~£400 on the console itself. I could be looking at an entry cost of £1000 or more. For early adopters Scorpio might make a lot more sense. If the hardware model for Xbox becomes a revision every 4 years, with models becoming obsolete 8-12 years after launch, would that be a problem?

    I'd welcome that model, especially if it ensure continuity in software compatibility. Imagine if your software library was guaranteed to remain functional even if you bought a new console every 4 to 8 years. It'd be an easy model for Nintendo to follow with Switch, too. In late 2020 or early 2021, they could just swap the X1 in Switch for an X2, and get a substantial performance boost. A more imaginative approach to console cycles might benefit us consumers; but we'd need hardware manufacturers to settle on a 8 year cycle before hardware is obsolete, really.Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Starting Screen: Owning a Console is More Complicated (And Expensive) Than Ever

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo A month ago

    I did the DS versions of III/IV late last year and enjoyed both, with the PS version of IV being my first Final Fantasy way back in the day. Once Breath of the Wild (Wii U) and Dragon Quest VIII (3DS) are done, I'm moving onto the Virtual Console version of Final Fantasy VI, and then VII, VIII and IX on PC. Eventually working my way up to XV, though I really hope the re-release of XII comes to PC in a timely manner.

    Posted in The Best Version of Every Final Fantasy Game

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 2 months ago

    I think Mass Effect 3 is far better than the controversy around the ending suggests, but I also think it's important not to lose sight of the flaws in the game. Extreme linearity and choices from previous games becoming meaningless in some instances (Rachni Queen, for example) lend to Mass Effect 3 being a game where the illusion of choice that Mass Effect *has* to maintain is at times shattered, in my experience. Additionally, there are also narrative decisions that completely ignore points previously established in the series.

    I think it's also important to note that the unification of narrative, level design and mechanics isn't always executed brilliantly. This is epitomized in the ending (the attack on Earth), where the War Assets you've collected function only as numbers on a spread-sheet and assets in a cut-scene, lacking the kind of mechanical interaction and risk-inflected decision making that made the suicide mission at the end of 2 so exciting. I never understood why you didn't get at least some control over how your war assets were used in the final assault on Earth; making decisions about which war assets comprised which of the three assault forces, for example.

    That being said, this certainly has made me want to revisit the game and see what I make of it today. I really had hoped they'd remaster the trilogy for the current generation.

    Posted in Mass Effect 3 Deserves to be Remembered for More Than its Final 15 Minutes