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  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 7 days ago

    Persona 5, Okami HD, Dark Souls and Mass Effect Trilogy, yes please.

    Posted in Ten Last Gen Games That Should Join Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on Switch

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 13 days ago

    That's quite a misleading headline: Nintendo are potentially planning to produce 25-30 million Switch units in their next financial year, but there are several important caveats.

    a) This is a rumour and not confirmed information.
    b) Even then, the source of the rumour states that Nintendo have yet to decide on their manufacturing plans and will only decide in early 2018 - so this a *rumour* that Nintendo are *considering* dramatically increasing production.
    c) Manufacturing =/= shipping =/= selling to consumers
    d) Units manufactured in a single financial year do not all ship in that financial year - some of these units, likely several million units, will only ship in the first quarter of the financial year starting April 2019. It takes time to get units out of factories, onto cargo ships, then through customs, then into vans and trains, and finally onto store shelves and retail warehouses around the world.
    e) Finally, in order to increase shipments in the near-term, Nintendo have likely had to agree to higher orders from their component manufacturers in the longer term; parts suppliers won't increase production in the short-term without long-term security. Increased production in the next financial year may well be a reflection of that.

    I love my Switch and I'm glad Nintendo are successful again - but there's no guarantee of long-term success, let alone this kind of seriously unprecedented success. Nintendo have talked about using new IP next year to broaden Switch's appeal - but the two new IP they launched on Switch this year happen to be their two least successful launches on the system: Arms and 1-2 Switch have been clearly outperformed by Splatoon 2, Kart, Zelda, and now Mario Odyssey. If Nintendo's strategy in 2018 relies on titles similar to Arms and 1-2 Switch, it may well backfire.

    That being said, I expect Nintendo will announce an ambitious full-year target in April 2018 for that FY; likely 20 million units. And I hope some of their confidence for Switch comes from them having two major, mainstream hits ready for 2018: Animal Crossing and Pokemon, which are reliable console sellers, rather than just banking heavily on unproven IP.

    Posted in Nintendo Wants To Ship Nearly 50 Million Switch Systems By April 2019 [Report]

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 19 days ago

    Pokemon Gold and Silver, for expanding over the core foundations of the game in every conceivable way and to this day having the best post-story content of any Pokemon game. I honestly don't think any other generation of Pokemon games has done as much to expand and refine the series as these games did.

    Mass Effect 2 - one of the highlights of the last generation for me. While I'll always love the concept of the first Mass Effect, the execution was off and has aged terribly. Given EA's reputation as a destroyer of studios - and given the damage done to Mass Effect since the second game - ME2 stands out as a brilliant game, a foundation that could have been built on for the future. I still wish they'd never finished the trilogy and just kept on producing expansions as good as Lair of the Shadow Broker, Stolen Memories and Overlord.

    Mario Galaxy 2 - because I didn't know where Nintendo could go after Mario Galaxy, but they went back and deconstructed the platform genre. Galaxy is aesthetically, thematically and structurally more consistent - but I love Galaxy 2 for its head-long rush into new ideas and its madcap generosity, as well as its steeper difficulty.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Video Game Sequel?

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 25 days ago

    16.7 million for the first 13 months. 2.7 million from March 2017 plus 14 million for the period covering April 1st 2017 - March 31st 2018.

    These figures could yet be conservative. I think Switch could do a little better (especially this Christmas quarter) if Nintendo can get the stock to market, and I think Animal Crossing mobile is a sleeper hit waiting to happen - which could boost Nintendo's profits. Here's hoping they have Animal Crossing ready for Switch so they can keep the momentum going in 2018.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch On Track To Beat Wii U Lifetime Sales In Its First Year

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo A month ago

    There's quite a few I'd add - DKC 2 and 3, Chrono Trigger, Lufia, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Super Star Wars, Batman Returns, Pilotwings, Act Raiser, Treasure of the Rudras, Seiken Densetsu 3 - but I'm also a little disappointed some other games aren't working (yet). Terranigma, Tales of Phantasia and the fan translation of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War would all go on my SNES Mini if they'd run.

    Posted in SNES Classic Has Already Been Hacked To Play Additional Games

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 2 months ago

    "Prime grinds progress to a halt near the very end to send players backtracking through the world in search of a dozen widgets."

    That's only if you don't bother to explore the central hub on Tallon IV thoroughly. You can access the Chozo Temple from a very early point in the game - I think possibly even as soon as you land - and you can then scan the artifact statues to get clues about where the statues are. I've never found Prime to be poorly paced. In fact I'd say it's one of the best paced games I've ever played. If you pay attention to environmental clues and to the key lore information you can scan, your path through Tallon IV unfolds incredibly organically.

    I'd rate the original Prime as highly as Super Metroid, and despite its flaws, I did love Echoes, too. Echoes felt (aesthetically and in terms of narrative) more like Retro's own take on the series. It kept some key archetypes (ancient alien race giving Samus abilities) but put their own spin on it.

    Posted in Metroid Game By Game Reviews: Metroid Prime

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 2 months ago

    Yeah, this is a brilliant game but I'm really not sold on that visual style.

    Posted in Secret of Mana Gets a Remake on PS4, Vita, and PC

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 2 months ago

    "I mean, taking over other enemies is one thing, but I'm not sure about what's possible when it seems like Mario can take over most anything."

    Surely that's the point? For the player to experiment, and play, and figure out what's possible?

    Posted in Super Mario Odyssey Shows Off the Luncheon Kingdom, a Heaven for Foodies

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 3 months ago

    I'd guess in the longer run the 3DS version will perform better in Japan given the huge install base. Dragon Quest is a mainstream franchise in Japan, and the mainstream gaming audience in Japan owns a 3DS (the 3DS install base is larger than every other system combined in Japan). Those launch sales are very impressive, and the presence of a PS4/3DS version double-pack means people certainly double-dipped. But like I said, given the 3DS's huge install base and position as the system of choice in Japan, I'd expect DQ XI to sell more on that in the long-run.

    Posted in Dragon Quest XI's 3DS/PS4 Split Release Takes The Series To Uncharted Sales Territory

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 3 months ago

    Great read. I never played the original, or the Zero Mission remake. I started the series with Metroid 2. Maybe I'll have to squeeze Zero Mission in before Samus Returns.

    Posted in Metroid Game By Game Reviews: Metroid