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  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 27 days ago

    "Prime grinds progress to a halt near the very end to send players backtracking through the world in search of a dozen widgets."

    That's only if you don't bother to explore the central hub on Tallon IV thoroughly. You can access the Chozo Temple from a very early point in the game - I think possibly even as soon as you land - and you can then scan the artifact statues to get clues about where the statues are. I've never found Prime to be poorly paced. In fact I'd say it's one of the best paced games I've ever played. If you pay attention to environmental clues and to the key lore information you can scan, your path through Tallon IV unfolds incredibly organically.

    I'd rate the original Prime as highly as Super Metroid, and despite its flaws, I did love Echoes, too. Echoes felt (aesthetically and in terms of narrative) more like Retro's own take on the series. It kept some key archetypes (ancient alien race giving Samus abilities) but put their own spin on it.

    Posted in Metroid Game By Game Reviews: Metroid Prime

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 27 days ago

    Yeah, this is a brilliant game but I'm really not sold on that visual style.

    Posted in Secret of Mana Gets a Remake on PS4, Vita, and PC

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 28 days ago

    "I mean, taking over other enemies is one thing, but I'm not sure about what's possible when it seems like Mario can take over most anything."

    Surely that's the point? For the player to experiment, and play, and figure out what's possible?

    Posted in Super Mario Odyssey Shows Off the Luncheon Kingdom, a Heaven for Foodies

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo A month ago

    I'd guess in the longer run the 3DS version will perform better in Japan given the huge install base. Dragon Quest is a mainstream franchise in Japan, and the mainstream gaming audience in Japan owns a 3DS (the 3DS install base is larger than every other system combined in Japan). Those launch sales are very impressive, and the presence of a PS4/3DS version double-pack means people certainly double-dipped. But like I said, given the 3DS's huge install base and position as the system of choice in Japan, I'd expect DQ XI to sell more on that in the long-run.

    Posted in Dragon Quest XI's 3DS/PS4 Split Release Takes The Series To Uncharted Sales Territory

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo A month ago

    Great read. I never played the original, or the Zero Mission remake. I started the series with Metroid 2. Maybe I'll have to squeeze Zero Mission in before Samus Returns.

    Posted in Metroid Game By Game Reviews: Metroid

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo A month ago

    "I think Monster Hunter World is a good idea, but Monster Hunter has always been stronger in Japan and on portable platforms, so betting on a home console release for a worldwide hit seems to be a poor choice."

    Yes, especially given Monster Hunter's most successful Western entries have actually been on 3DS, and especially given the last couple of 3DS Monster Hunter games (Generations in the West, XX in Japan) have actually sold above expectations, World seems like a big risk without a Switch version. Mainline Monster Hunter games can still shift 4 million copies alone in Japan, as the original version of MH4 did, before shifting another 4 million as 4 Ultimate globally.

    However, given the PS4 install base in Japan is just hitting the 5 million mark (1/5 of the 3DS install base), you can assume Japanese sales of Monster Hunter World will be substantially lower than sales of Monster Hunter 4, unless Capcom somehow achieve an insane ~80% attach rate. Given Capcom's other major established series - series that are actually part of gaming's cultural memory in the West - like Street Fighter and Resident Evil aren't hitting their sales targets, Monster Hunter World is a baffling move in some ways.

    On top of that, the development costs for World are going to be far higher than the 3DS versions, and higher than Switch development costs would be. Maybe there's a World: Portable coming to Switch, but right now Capcom seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Lower sales off a more expensive title would be a huge blow to them. Monster Hunter's success on 3DS really has been their saving grace the last 5 years.

    Posted in Capcom Is In A Sad, Sorry State Right Now

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo A month ago

    Good write-up. Nintendo seemed to be moving towards a unified account system but have complicated it unnecessarily with 'Nintendo Switch Online', their voice-chat options and the Switch Online phone app being a necessary part of the experience for users wanting voice-chat, lobbies etc. Surely it would have been far less work to keep the Nintendo Network branding, incorporate unified user accounts under that, and go ahead onto Switch with that? Similarly the voice-chat debacle was easy to avoid. Stick a microphone on the Switch and allow people to use bluetooth headsets. But again, Nintendo overcomplicate things. What's worse is that soon Nintendo will be charging for this overcomplicated, poorly thought-out service that lags behind rival platform holders.

    I was able to use voice-chat with Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict when playing against friends 9 years ago on a Nintendo system using the DS's in-built microphone. It's embarrassing Nintendo have gone backwards in this regard. It won't stop me from buying a Switch at some point, but unless there are serious improvements or extra features, I definitely won't be bothering with Switch Online and a subscription.

    Posted in The Slow, Stumbling History of Nintendo Online Support

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 2 months ago

    I finally got round to Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, and have beaten the Elite Four on that, and will be finishing Final Fantasy 7 tonight. After that it'll be Owlboy and Jade Empire, if I can get the Steam version of the latter working. I've been trying the fixes suggested on the Steam forums to no avail.

    Depending on how quickly I get through those, and whether or not I can start Jade Empire, Final Fantasy IX is waiting too.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Are You Playing for JRPG July?

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 2 months ago
  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 2 months ago

    @franciscovillarrealh Yeah, it was confirmed there will only be characters from a few entries in the series. Given the vast quantity of DLC for Hyrule Warriors, I fully expect we'll see regular DLC drops that increase the number of playable characters and which add characters from different Fire Emblem games.

    My major disappointment with the Hyrule Warriors DLC was the lack of new single-player campaign content (after they released the prequel missions, and I never bought Legends). It'd be great if they expand Fire Emblem Warriors by adding a new campaign in a few months that features characters from lesser-known Fire Emblem games.

    Posted in Fire Emblem Warriors Adds New Weapons, Old Heroes