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  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 13 days ago

    I think Mass Effect 3 is far better than the controversy around the ending suggests, but I also think it's important not to lose sight of the flaws in the game. Extreme linearity and choices from previous games becoming meaningless in some instances (Rachni Queen, for example) lend to Mass Effect 3 being a game where the illusion of choice that Mass Effect *has* to maintain is at times shattered, in my experience. Additionally, there are also narrative decisions that completely ignore points previously established in the series.

    I think it's also important to note that the unification of narrative, level design and mechanics isn't always executed brilliantly. This is epitomized in the ending (the attack on Earth), where the War Assets you've collected function only as numbers on a spread-sheet and assets in a cut-scene, lacking the kind of mechanical interaction and risk-inflected decision making that made the suicide mission at the end of 2 so exciting. I never understood why you didn't get at least some control over how your war assets were used in the final assault on Earth; making decisions about which war assets comprised which of the three assault forces, for example.

    That being said, this certainly has made me want to revisit the game and see what I make of it today. I really had hoped they'd remaster the trilogy for the current generation.

    Posted in Mass Effect 3 Deserves to be Remembered for More Than its Final 15 Minutes

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 13 days ago

    @Modern-Clix Epona and the different armour sets are what I was interested in! I have the Wolf Link amiibo. I'll be doing all the shrines, too.

    Posted in The 'Git Gud' of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 14 days ago

    Entirely agreed with this. Playing without a guide at 1 in the morning and getting the achievement for getting everyone through the suicide mission was satisfying in a way few games manage. There's actually a chance some of your characters can die while you fight the final boss, regardless of your decisions in the game, which surprised me on a repeat play-through. I made the fire-team decisions that had worked last time, but Mordin died holding off the Collectors while Shepard fought the boss. It's actually sensible to either send Mordin back to the ship with any surviving crew, or take him with you to the boss-fight. There are a bunch of variables at play with the squad you leave behind while you take on the Reaper.

    The suicide mission works for me because there's a mechanical, in-game cost for your choices, and you actually get control over those choices in the end-game. That's where Mass Effect 3's final mission fell apart for me; the war assets system was too abstract compared to you deciding when to do loyalty missions, who would go in which team in the Collector Base etc.

    Posted in Mass Effect 2's Final Mission Was the Apex of the Series

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 14 days ago

    After playing the original Zelda a few years ago and Link to the Past last year, I'm really, really glad Nintendo have upped the difficulty for Breath of the Wild. One of the first lines in the series is "It's dangerous to go alone", and it should be.

    One thing I am a little disappointed with is the lack of enemy variety. I think they've done a great job with the overworld bosses, and a great job bringing Lynels into the 3D series for the first time, but it'd be great to see more one off bosses in the overworld, things like Gleeok, King Dodongo, and Manhandla. Darknuts, Poes, and Iron Knuckles too. I'd be happy for an expansion or bit of dlc that adds this stuff. Maybe in the Hard Mode dlc?

    Plus, I do think they should add a way to unlock the amiibo gear/Epona/Wolf Link without buying the amiibo. Prices for the Zelda amiibo are extortionate now.

    Posted in The 'Git Gud' of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo A month ago

    Link's Awakening was my first Zelda, and Adventure of Link is one of two Zelda games I have yet to complete, the other being Four Swords Adventures. I did the original Zelda four years ago on my 3DS, and save states really saved the day (sorry) there, and I've been thinking since then I really should go through Adventure of Link. Somebody got me the NES: Playing with Power book, which comes with the old 80s game guide for Adventure of Link, so I might go through it using that.

    A couple of other thoughts: given the size of Breath of the Wild, I expect we'll get some new locations along with the familiar. Secondly, someone mentioned the idea of a spiritual successor to Adventure of Link. Personally I think a modernised remake, akin to the forthcoming Fire Emblem Echoes for 3DS, would be very interesting. Keep the side-scrolling perspective, but update the graphics, interface and combat. The other remake I'd love to see is Link's Awakening 3D, using the Link Between Worlds engine.

    Posted in Rough Entry: My First Zelda Game Was Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo A month ago

    I do wonder if you've hit the nail on the head and Nintendo are re-evaluating Virtual Console in light of NES Mini's success.

    Personally I think an Amazon Prime approach would be best. Give people access to a wide, rotating library of games if they have a subscription, but only allow them to keep titles they purchase directly. That's how Prime Video/Music works. It means I get access to lots of albums, tv shows and films so long as I'm subscribed, and I have the freedom to buy the content I really want to keep.

    One benefit to this approach is that indie developers will get some time in the spotlight without needing to compete with Nintendo's first-class back catalogue. Virtual Console releases on Wii really tailed off after Nintendo introduced WiiWare, and I assume that was intentional on their part.

    Posted in Reaction: Delaying the Switch's Virtual Console is an Opportunity to Finally Get it Right

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo A month ago

    I've been enjoying and playing Heroes for about 3 hours with no need to spend any money on it. That's great for a free game, as far as I'm concerned. And it looks and sounds great on my phone, too.

    Like Nadia says, this obviously isn't a replacement, it's a supplement. Nintendo very deliberately announced two other Fire Emblem titles at the same time they revealed Heroes. Fire Emblem has a future on 3DS via a remake of Gaiden, on Switch with a brand new entry in 2018, and on New 3DS and Switch via a Warriors spin off. What's not to like? Back in 2012 Awakening was staring down the barrel of being the last ever Fire Emblem release, and now the series is going from strength to strength.

    Posted in Fire Emblem Heroes Will Help Save Nintendo

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo A month ago

    I found Miitomo fun but unengaging in the long run, and got rid of it after a couple of days. I'm on Android so haven't got Super Mario Run, but I can see myself buying it. I'm really impressed with Fire Emblem Heroes, it's good fun for 10 or 20 minute blasts between tasks, and it looks/sounds great.

    Personally I think having some simplified Nintendo games on the go is a good thing. I don't always have my 3DS with me, and in the last couple of years it's mainly been used for long, involving games, like Monster Hunter, full blooded Fire Emblem, Bravely, and now Dragon Quest VIII. Obviously there are simpler games on 3DS, but with time at a premium, it's nice to have the option of simple, high quality Nintendo games I can use on mobile. They're different beasts to the Nintendo games we get on consoles, but that was always going to be the case, and it does need to be the case.

    I've never really been into mobile gaming, but Nintendo have managed to pique my interest. I can't see it replacing much of my gaming time on other formats, but it's a nice addition. Who knows, I might find non-Nintendo stuff to play before long.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Are You Happy With Nintendo's Mobile Games So Far?

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo A month ago

    Given Nintendo announced during their financial briefing that development support has jumped from 50 to "over 70" partners, and games in development have jumped from "over 80" to "over 100", I expect a gradual build-up in indie support is now underway. I still think this is a soft launch for Switch, so I'm really only expecting a major ramp up in announcements from E3 onwards.

    That being said, I'm in complete agreement that Switch is a great home for indies. A hybrid system that combines Nintendo's 1st party output (from major blockbusters to download only curios), Japanese support (which is looking good), odd bits of Western third party support, indie support and a strong Virtual Console would be a must own for me, and would cover a lot of bases. For all the noises Nintendo are making about 3DS, they've said similar things in the past, such as DS not replacing GBA. Hell, they were even claiming that 'NX' wasn't a replacement for Wii U at first. Looking at the titles announced for 3DS this year, they're all coming from subsidiary studios, and none of them are particularly demanding in terms of resources, with something like Fire Emblem re-using a game-engine built four or five years ago, and it's a remake to boot. My bet is much of the EPD structure is now behind Switch, and subsidiaries will be making the transition too, as Intelligent Systems are with Fire Emblem 2018.Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Switch-ing On Indie Support For Nintendo's New Platform

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 2 months ago

    I'd assume, based on comments made now and in the past, there are fewer 'traditional' dungeons, if any 'traditional' dungeons. Aonuma has repeatedly said Breath of the Wild is about upending series conventions. I think the fan theorists are onto something when they say the four huge beasts we see in the trailer (which we know are significant in the game's main plot) are also the four major dungeons of the game. It'd be a great twist on the Zelda formula if these creatures are both dungeon and boss fight.

    I'm hoping that this interview proves that not all of the 100 plus Shrines will be simple diversions, because I've really hoped that Zelda would introduce optional dungeons that are more labrynthine and structured than something like TP's Cave of Ordeals. Hopefully we'll have a really broad mix, simple Shrines, Shrines that function like traditional dungeons, and the new dungeon/boss hybrids. I'm really excited for this game, not only because of what we do know, but because there's still a lot left to find out.

    Posted in New Interview Has Fans Worried Zelda: Breath of the Wild Doesn't Contain Traditional Dungeons