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  • Avatar for NateDizzy NateDizzy 12 days ago

    Yeah, the Switch is not the place I would want to play a fast shooter like Doom, but if you're not picky about frame rates (30 is, IMO, way too low for this game), then go for it.

    Posted in Doom on Switch Sacrifices Crisp Resolution in Favor of Frame Rate

  • Avatar for NateDizzy NateDizzy 22 days ago

    That's great to hear. I have many issues with Nintendo's policies, but I'm also of the opinion that a healthy Nintendo is important for video games as a whole.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch On Track To Beat Wii U Lifetime Sales In Its First Year

  • Avatar for NateDizzy NateDizzy 25 days ago

    I'm glad it's working out for them. Hellblade wasn't my jam, but I did jump on Echo, another double-A production from some former Hitman devs. It's kind of sad how quickly the western game development scene has turned into a mirror of the movie industry. You either have 200 million dollar blockbusters or the 5 million dollar indie film. Thankfully, stories like Hellblade (and titles from Japan like NieR and Persona 5 selling strong) prove to me that a game doesn't need eyeball searing graphics to do well.

    Posted in Hellblade Developer: Triple-A Publishing "Doesn't Really Serve Developers Like Us"

  • Avatar for NateDizzy NateDizzy 26 days ago

    @SIGGYZtar Unfortunately, my buy-in wouldn't just be SMO, I'd also need to get a Switch; and right now, shelling out around $400 for vidja games isn't a smart financial move.Edited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Super Mario Odyssey Review: Gotta Capture 'em All

  • Avatar for NateDizzy NateDizzy 26 days ago money.

    Posted in Super Mario Odyssey Review: Gotta Capture 'em All

  • Avatar for NateDizzy NateDizzy 26 days ago

    No need to sugar coat it. The PC version sh!ts all over the console versions. From a performance standpoint, that's pretty much as expected. What I am surprised to hear is that it's been optimized across a "wide range of rigs". My friends who have been waiting to jump on Destiny 2 will be glad to hear this piece of news.

    Posted in Destiny 2 PC: How it Compares to Console, Plus the State of the Game After a Month

  • Avatar for NateDizzy NateDizzy 28 days ago


    > but (theoretically) making characters should be faster these days with 3D models than having to draw out frames.

    I'd argue ArcSys' style of animating and lighting is just as intensive (if not moreso) than anything from the sprite based era. Check this out if you have the time. It's an interesting watch:

    > Too bad they feel the need to nickel and dime the players.

    This is the crux of the argument, right? Are they really nickel and diming us? From my perspective, that answer is "no". Can you name another FIRST game in a series that launched with more than 24 characters? I can't. MvC had 21 but many of those sprites were from previous VS games. MvC3 had more than 24, but I'd argue it was still a sequel that was standing on the shoulders of its predecessors. Yes, it had a brand new engine with new models of returning characters, but those returning characters played almost exactly the same as their old counterparts. That meant more time (and money) to devote to brand new fighters.

    DBFZ on the other hand is the first in a potential series. ArcSys is definitely taking inspiration from their other fighters, but it's not like they're copying and pasting. In short, there's a lot of "starting from scratch", so I don't see the 24 characters (22 if you count the Super versions of Goku and Vegeta as "clones") + the 8 in the season pass as nickel and diming.

    But that's just my take on the situation. It's completely understandable that you and many others don't share my POV. If that's the case, definitely hold off. It's not like it takes all that long for games to drop in price nowadays.Edited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Dragon Ball FighterZ's Has a Release Date, Season Pass Offers 8 New Characters

  • Avatar for NateDizzy NateDizzy 29 days ago

    @mobichan That's probably the worst comparison you could've made. Alpha 3 launched with 20+ characters because it was the THIRD game in the series. DBFZ has more in common with Alpha 1 (13 character roster) + Alpha 2 (added 5 characters) . In short, if you were an SF player back in those days, you still would've already spent $100 before picking up Alpha 3 (that number is even higher if you were an arcade goer).

    But back to the main subject at hand: the DBFZ season pass. I wish this bothered me more, but it doesn't. All the characters I want are in the base roster. Also, I'm long past playing every single character just so I'm well versed in all the match-ups. It's strictly low-flame participation for me nowadays. Being competent with one team is good enough. However, this is a concern for tournament players. I sympathize, but at the same time, it's also first world problem.Edited 4 times. Last edited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Dragon Ball FighterZ's Has a Release Date, Season Pass Offers 8 New Characters

  • Avatar for NateDizzy NateDizzy A month ago

    Ninja Gaiden on the XBOX. It looks dated now, but back in the day it was a sight to behold.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Older Game Did You Think Had Graphics That Would Never Be Bettered?

  • Avatar for NateDizzy NateDizzy A month ago

    I was thinking of giving Dream Daddy a shot since my experience with dating sims is practically non-existent.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What New Genre of Games Are You Trying to Get Into?