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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon NiceGuyNeon 2 days ago

    Guys, the answer is Mario. Come on. Lez b ril here. He is the reason why some of the best racing, fighting, sports, party, puzzle and RPG games exist outside of his main platformers. He's literally the face put on new ideas in order to make them marketable.

    In fact, there's only one other mascot who could possibly give him a run for his money: Pikachu.

    Avoiding the obvious two choices here (and Nintendo has more than just two mascots I love, to be fair), I'm going to choose someone near and dear to me, a true friend against all odds: Diablo.

    I don't know what it is about Diablo in particular, but I'm always pumped to see him (maybe her after he possessed a girl's body or something? It's not important, just keep clicking!) They always act like Diablo isn't present too, which is just silly. Like, "oh man, these other lords of evil are here, isn't that crazy considering we defeated Diablo OH DANG DIABLO IS BACK, WHAT THE HECK!?" But I'm pumped, I'm so pumped to fight Diablo each and every time. I don't know why. Give me another game like Diablo and I have fun, but it's not the same because the big bad at the end IS NOT DIABLO.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Who's Your Favorite Game or Game Series Mascot?

  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon NiceGuyNeon 2 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I'm going to enjoy this movie. Not in theaters, because, come on. Look at it. But I am going to enjoy this movie, probably numerous times.

    EDIT- soooooo.... I made plans to see it on opening night with the squad.....Edited 2 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in First Trailer for the Rampage Movie Drops

  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon NiceGuyNeon 3 days ago

    @Roto13 I played it and enjoyed it. But it was kind of missing that same spark for me from the other three I really dig. It's definitely entertaining though, and I'll probably pick up the second season if it's at least a similar quality.

    Posted in Exclusive: How a Culture of Crunch Brought Telltale From Critical Darling to Layoffs

  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon NiceGuyNeon 3 days ago

    Disney: We believe licensing our games will make our lives easier, and we trust a major publisher like EA to be able to handle the games with the quality to ensure our standards are met.

    EA: Guys, we love games, you love games, and we figure, with today's busy lifestyles, you might not be able to play to unlock stuff, so we're adding microtransactions.

    *explosion, 0.9 user score on Metacritic, most downvoted Reddit post in history, getting trolled by Blizzard/Activision on Twitter, etc, explosion*


    EA: Gamers, we heard you! We respect you and we love your feedback! It helps US improve every day! What would our process be were it not for our most passionate fans? How were we supposed to know you hate microtransactions on full-priced games? It's crazy, we had no idea! But we heard you, and we're going to make this right! So we're listening, and we're (temporarily) taking out microtransactions (until all of this blows over). We love you guys! (pleasepleasepleasepleaseletthisblowover, pleasepleaseplease)

    Posted in Star Wars Battlefront 2 Changes Will Balance Those Who Want Gameplay Progression and Those Who Want an Accelerated Experience [Updated]

  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon NiceGuyNeon 3 days ago

    @LunarFlame17 It's got the kind of ring I only dream of! WE WANT PERSONA 5!!!!

    Posted in Ten Last Gen Games That Should Join Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on Switch

  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon NiceGuyNeon 3 days ago

    @RepentantSky You're being overly sensitive he didn't make anyone sound like an idiot. So I don't have a PS3 or PS4 and I want it on Switch more than any other game on this list. Also, how does getting SMT have anything to do with whether the system should get Persona 5 or not? You can have both, it doesn't have to be one or the other. Shoot, put TMS: #FE on too, that game was legit great. The more the merrier.

    Posted in Ten Last Gen Games That Should Join Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on Switch

  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon NiceGuyNeon 3 days ago

    I would buy Persona 5, Red Dead Redemption, and I've played most of the rest except GTA5. I might buy Okami HD just because it's Okami and is one of the greatest games ever made though. Ya hear Capcom?

    Posted in Ten Last Gen Games That Should Join Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on Switch

  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon NiceGuyNeon 3 days ago

    I put 7 hours into Skyrim on PC. I've always wanted to get back into it. Now I have to figure out if I want to use a modded PC version or a portable version. I don't typically install mods but I hear they alter Skyrim fundamentally. This might be a reason to revisit.

    Posted in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim for Switch Preserves That Dragonborn Feeling on a Small Screen

  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon NiceGuyNeon 4 days ago

    Hhhhhnnnnnggghhh I want this. I love my saucy English accents with flamboyant pants designs straight out of Japan on the back of giant organisms that may or may not need to eat to keep the little parasites scampering on their bodies sheltered.

    I want it. I want it, but I haven't played The Witcher 3 yet. But I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant it.

    Oh also, I never got to Xenoblade X, which is totally still in shrinkwrap. Because I never had time. YOU KNOW WHAT SUCKS? BEING AN RPG FAN. THAT'S WHAT SUCKS.

    Posted in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Puts Fans Back Where They Belong: On the Shoulders of Giants

  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon NiceGuyNeon 4 days ago

    @WiIIyTheAntelope To be honest, I wouldn't even call it a skin swap. They're like pale imitators. Aside from TWD1, Wolf, and Borderlands, I don't think they've made anything else that's good. The writing has just become progressively worse and there are no choices that make a real impact on you as the player.

    Like, Game of Thrones is the classic example. That game is so outlandishly bad it's ridiculous. Arguably their biggest license, and they just straight up face-planted with it. It feels like fan fiction playing alongside the show. It's a pointless and worthless game rather than a companion piece, or even straight up alternative, like their three good games.

    Posted in Exclusive: How a Culture of Crunch Brought Telltale From Critical Darling to Layoffs