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  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 18 hours ago

    FFVII really was great. The new version seems interesting, but I think they messed with way too much. I was really hoping for a game that was 95% identical to the original in terms of gameplay (with a few minor gimmicks and bonus adventures thrown in), and with more cartoony graphics like the Kingdom Hearts version, rather than the boring Advent Children photorealistic approach. I wanted to see the original game's concept art brought to life.

    Posted in The Definitive Dissection of Final Fantasy VII, Part 1: The Dramatic Opening That Thrust Players into an RPG Revolution

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 2 days ago

    This is definitely one of my all time favorites, and I would love to see any sort of continuation of it. I had my OG Playstation stolen, and my original memory card with it, but later played through this entire game again on the PSP, and it was still awesome a decade later.

    Posted in "Make it Biblical:" How Vagrant Story Changed Game Localization

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 8 days ago

    I definitely enjoyed using the bow in Tomb Raider, I almost never use the guns if I can at all help it, even after getting silenced sniper rifles and the such. Bows are just so much more "tactile," even though it's all just button presses. I recently saw this interesting video by Shadiversity on the topic of how often female characters end up equipped with bows in games and movies, even though, strictly speaking, the bow is a far more upper-body-strength based weapon than many alternatives.

    Posted in What Makes the Bow the Ideal Video Game Weapon?

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 10 days ago

    Well, I was sort of thinking of it as a sliding scale, where you'd need to maintain a high rating relative to units sold in order to pocket the profits. I definitely wouldn't want something where you'd need to sell thousands and thousands of copies to be able to get anything out of it. Maybe a system where you pocket nothing for two weeks after going live, and then after that your rating is checked and if you're mostly well-liked then you can pocket most of the profits owed so far, and then more and more over time. In the end, if you did well then you'd get all of it. If you had low sales, then you would need to maintain a higher average rating than if you had higher sales, to prevent companies from stacking the results with fakers.

    Posted in Steam Greenlight Is Dead, Long Live Steam Direct

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 11 days ago

    The way they should do it is, they have a relatively low "listing fee," but then also have some sort of escrow account, in which whatever profits the game makes are temporarily set aside, the developers do not get them, UNTIL they have earned a certain amount of positive feedback from users. This way, shovelware devs couldn't turn a quick buck by cleverly marketing crap, any profits they scammed out of people would be held until they had proven they had a satisfactory product, at which point they would recover all or most of that money.

    If a company fails to reach the player feedback benchmarks, then up to thousands of dollars from that escrow would be pocketed by Steam, and they could choose to de-list the game. sure, Steam could choose to abuse that policy, but it wouldn't be in their best interests to bully games that people actually like, and I would trust Steam to make the right choices over shadey BS devs.

    Posted in Steam Greenlight Is Dead, Long Live Steam Direct

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 28 days ago


    They manage it in Marvel Heroes and Marvel Future Fight. It's called "cheating the system a bit." They average things out a little. The Hulks might be a bit weaker and less durable, the Black Widows might be a bit tougher and higher DPS, but they still get the point across. I doubt they would incorporate a single-character combat system unless they balanced traits out a bit, so that you can choose to be a bit more durable than baseline, or a bit higher damage, or have certain unique traits, but never get so far from the baseline that an attack character A could take and hardly flinch would turn character B into paste. The only way the could approach something like that would be if they has a solo-party system, like Final Fantasy, in which case more durable characters could "tank" for weaker characters, and they could achieve balance by restricting party compositions, so you'd have to balance out that if you wanted a Hulk or Thor, you'd also need to take a Hawkeye or Black Widow because you couldn't "afford" a team of Hulk, Thor, Blue Marvel, and another Thor.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Are You Excited About Square-Enix's Avengers Games?

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 28 days ago

    I'm cautiously optimistic. Both Marvel and Squenix have made very good things, and very bad things in the past, so who knows what we're in for?

    From the trailer, I'm imagining that it will be a bit similar to DCUO, only more extreme, a post-apocalyptic MMO set after the Avengers are gone, a bit like Old Man Logan or the "Next Avengers" timelines, in which players can create their own heroes using bits and pieces of Marvel concepts and retake the planet from whatever forces have conquered it. That's pure speculation based on very little data, of course.

    My main concern on the developer's side is that while both studios have made good games, they were relatively tightly managed and "small" games, creeping around, stealth kills, and while both had superhuman levels of durability, they basically moved within basic human limitations, at most Captain America levels. NuLara was nowhere near as chaotic as OG Lara, who would frequently flip over bears while shooting at them with double pistols, instead of trying her best not to get mauled while shooting a bow at one.

    I really hope that they can capture the speed and raw power of the big guns, flying through cityscapes at breakneck speeds, leaping tall buildings, smashing giant monsters with the force of an atom bomb. Marvel heroes tend to be a bit more restrained than their DC counterparts, but they are still way beyond Lara and notJC.

    Anyway, until then I still have Marvel Future Fight, which is a fantastic game (for a mobile ARPG).

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Are You Excited About Square-Enix's Avengers Games?

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni A month ago

    I think the translation here is "The Switch really appeals to members of the gaming press who have to make relatively common business trips and want to play Zelda while doing so."

    I just haven't felt a compelling need for a handheld console in years, and as a home console, there'd be no point getting anything other than the big first party games.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Reasons to be Optimistic About the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni A month ago

    It wouldn't be that hard for the Switch to prove itself as a console. All it has to do is run Skyrim Special Edition at a resolution and performance benchmark that is competitive with the PS4 Slim. If it can do that, then it has earned its $299. If it can't manage that, then it hasn't.

    Now, you can argue that the PS4 was $399 when it launched, but that was three years ago, and if the Switch were launching three years ago, then maybe $299 would be a great, competitive price for it, but in 2016, it either needs to compete against the PS4 in a flat race, or it needs to cost considerably less. It doesn't get any bonus points for being "new."

    Posted in Switch's Greatest Threat Could be Handheld Chauvinism

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni A month ago

    I was pretty interested in the Switch going into the presentation, mainly because I wanted Zelda but never purchases a Wii U. After the presentation I'm looking into the cost effectiveness of getting a used Wii U instead. Outside of Zelda, there's nothing about the Switch that interests me. The other games (including distant ones like Mario) are the same sorts of games that failed to hook me into the Wii U, and the portable function is pointless for me because I own a "smart phone" that can cover a similar function when outside the house. So this would be $360 to play Zelda and nothing else, possibly ever. That's a steep price. I was hoping for more like $200, maybe with Zelda bundled in. I'm hoping with acolytes turning in their Wii Us, the direct price on used ones will drop below $150.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Did Nintendo's Switch Presentation Convince You to Buy, Abstain, or Wait?