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  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 3 days ago

    I think the translation here is "The Switch really appeals to members of the gaming press who have to make relatively common business trips and want to play Zelda while doing so."

    I just haven't felt a compelling need for a handheld console in years, and as a home console, there'd be no point getting anything other than the big first party games.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Reasons to be Optimistic About the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 3 days ago

    It wouldn't be that hard for the Switch to prove itself as a console. All it has to do is run Skyrim Special Edition at a resolution and performance benchmark that is competitive with the PS4 Slim. If it can do that, then it has earned its $299. If it can't manage that, then it hasn't.

    Now, you can argue that the PS4 was $399 when it launched, but that was three years ago, and if the Switch were launching three years ago, then maybe $299 would be a great, competitive price for it, but in 2016, it either needs to compete against the PS4 in a flat race, or it needs to cost considerably less. It doesn't get any bonus points for being "new."

    Posted in Switch's Greatest Threat Could be Handheld Chauvinism

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 4 days ago

    I was pretty interested in the Switch going into the presentation, mainly because I wanted Zelda but never purchases a Wii U. After the presentation I'm looking into the cost effectiveness of getting a used Wii U instead. Outside of Zelda, there's nothing about the Switch that interests me. The other games (including distant ones like Mario) are the same sorts of games that failed to hook me into the Wii U, and the portable function is pointless for me because I own a "smart phone" that can cover a similar function when outside the house. So this would be $360 to play Zelda and nothing else, possibly ever. That's a steep price. I was hoping for more like $200, maybe with Zelda bundled in. I'm hoping with acolytes turning in their Wii Us, the direct price on used ones will drop below $150.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Did Nintendo's Switch Presentation Convince You to Buy, Abstain, or Wait?

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 9 days ago

    Phantom Dust was one of the reasons I bought the XBone. I have since played three games on mine, and may not ever play another. My PC is now a better platform, and any game I might play on XBone will be on PC too. PS4 has some good exclusives coming though.

    Posted in Revisiting Xbox E3 2014: Remembering All The Games That Died

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 14 days ago

    The third party launch plan wouldn't work. That worked for XBone/PS4 because players needed at least one or the other to play, so they bought one. If we could get Mass Effect on Switch (we can't), but could also get it on XBone, PS4, and PC, then players will almost all already have at least one of those, which will likely play it better.

    So if Switch only launched with 3rd party, even the best of the best at the time, then it would not gain any traction.

    I bought a Wii for Zelda, and as it turned out I played almost nothing else on it over the life of that console. I never bought a Wii U because there was never any reason to buy a Wii U. I will likely but the Switch because I don't own a Wii U and need a console to play Zelda on. If it did not launch alongside Zelda, I would not see the point in buying it.

    Posted in Opinion: The Switch's Success Doesn't Hinge on Zelda Being Available at Launch

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni A month ago

    Yeah, they could have expanded on each character more, but I feel that the movie had exactly enough to it, and any scenes that would have fleshed them out would have either made it too long, or cut more important scenes. I think that I knew enough about each character through their minimal interactions that I cared about their fates and mourned their deaths. If they want to expand on them further, I'm sure there will be a comic and/or novel for them to do that in.

    Posted in Off-Topic: Kat and Mike Discuss Star Wars: Rogue One

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni A month ago

    I kind of like the concept, Bushido Blade was fun back in the day, but the characters seem too generic and robotic, I wish they had some more variety and personality to them.

    Posted in For Honor Preview: A Whole New Sword Game

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni A month ago

    One of the major reasons I had little interest in this series is because of what a sausage party it had going on. You need to have at least 25% female members or so, just to keep the parties interesting. I think that far more than being aimed at men, their choice in party was aimed at female audiences. They took a J-Pop boy band and gave them swords. Yawn.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV Lacks Female Characters, but It Still Keeps Women Players in Mind

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni A month ago

    I currently use a Logitech g700 and it's far and away the best mouse I've ever owned. All the most recent wave of mice really confuse me though, they're all filled with sharp edges, like they're made out of knives or something. Not exactly welcoming my hand.

    Posted in Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Review: More Than Just Chaotic Good

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni A month ago

    The gameplay in Watch_Dogs 2 sounded solid, but I think that screenshot above summed up why it didn't catch with the public, nothing about the story or characters involved seemed at all appealing. It was just a bunch of douchey hacktivist kids screwing around, compared to the typical Autumn war between the Assassins and Templars. I might bargain-bin the game, but I just can't get worked up about hacking some tech millionaire because he's a tech millionaire, much less while wearing skinny jeans.

    Posted in Quality Isn't Everything: Watch Dogs and Titanfall Don't See Success in Improved Sequels