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  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 13 days ago

    You know what would be really cool for an Avengers game? Do a thing sort of like an interactive movie, where basically you know how the movies will have a big fight, and the heroes sort of split up and do things suited to their traits? Do that in the game, have the heroes split up and each do their own thing, like Hulk is beating up on some big tough guy while Cap is defending some civilians and Hawkeye is picking off stragglers and all that.

    Then design it so that these battles just sort of take care of themselves in the background (but don't actually progress much), but then as the player controls one character, and completes a task with him, control switches to to another character, and you advance what they're trying to do, and then to the next, just as a movie would cut from one to the next (although more concentrated, more complete sequences rather than short action cuts).

    And while you aren't controlling a character, you'll still glimpse them doing stuff in the background, and maybe be able to call in minor assists from time to time, or have them do minor assists on their own, like while playing as Cap Hawkeye might snipe a guy for you, or Hulk might lob debris into your area.

    I think this could work really well while allowing each character to be unique and balanced, because each has their own tasks to be doing, as opposed to a more sandbox experience where you'd have to somehow balance the Hulk and Black Widow against all enemy types.

    Posted in Could We Soon See the Videogame Equivalent of Avengers: Infinity War?

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 20 days ago

    " That ultimately it is the players who decide to purchase a loot box to enhance their gaming experience. "

    I've heard this before from loot box defenders, but since when did "the players decided to participate" ever become some sort of a defend against gambling? Doesn't every person in a Vegas casino choose to be there?

    Posted in The ESA Pushes Back, Loot Boxes "Are Not Gambling"

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 26 days ago

    @UnskippableCutscene If you're talking about "legislation against violence in games," then that's an entirely separate argument, since that's based on the artistic merits of the product. There is no basis for legislating out violence in games. But gambling in games is something else entirely, it is a public health issue. It's basically the difference between regulating alcohol as a drug, verses regulating alcohol based on the flavor of it.

    I also never bother with slippery slope arguments. EVERYTHING in life is subject to slippery slope arguments, and if we were to listen to every one of them then we'd never get out of bed in the morning (because that just increases your odds of tripping and falling and breaking your neck). Regulation should go exactly as far as it should go, no further, and no less. When it seems to go too far, stop it.

    Posted in Those Hoping Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Flop Amid Loot Box Controversy Should Look to NBA 2K18

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 27 days ago

    The solution to loot boxes has to come in the form of legislation. We can't count on game companies having souls, and we can't count on exploiting addiction to ever be unprofitable. So long as it's a race to the bottom, we'll stay on the bottom.

    Posted in Those Hoping Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Flop Amid Loot Box Controversy Should Look to NBA 2K18

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni A month ago

    Aaaaaaand, both games have been cancelled.

    And the stupid has been closed.

    Posted in EA Will Buy Titanfall Developer Respawn Entertainment for as High as $455 Million

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni A month ago

    I own an XBone back when they'd announced a Phantom Dust revival, I bought it years before my PS4, but haven't turned it on in over a year. Everything I want to play is either on PS4 or PC. I do not get the point of the Xbox at this point, and certainly not in spending more money for a slightly stronger one that is still not as good as my PC. I feel it was a better purchase than my Sega CD, but I definitely feel similarly about it at this point.

    Posted in The Xbox One X Is Trying to Pave Its Own Path in the World

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni A month ago

    Hey, if he could get a Kingdom Hearts game out in under a decade, I'd be all for it.

    Posted in Square Enix Producer Wants Yoko Taro to Direct a Final Fantasy Game, Which I'm Sure He'd Do For the Right Price

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni A month ago
  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni A month ago

    From the pitch it definitely sounds like a Shadow of Mordor sort of game, like using stealth and trickery to get the edge against much larger forces of enemies. It looks beautiful, and it could be a lot of fun depending on what options they make available.

    Posted in Infamous Developer Reveals Ghost of Tsushima for PS4

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni A month ago

    This will be the first AC game that I'll be skipping. I just can't accept the new combat system, it isn't AC without counter-mechanics, and assassins don't use shields. It looks pretty, and Egypt was a cool idea for a setting, but they cut the soul out of the franchise. I'll be getting Spider-Man instead.

    Posted in Assassin's Creed Origins Review: The Sun Rises On A New Empire