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  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek 11 days ago

    Meh, I'll keep waiting for their Ornstein statue. I'm not quite sure how they ended up with this particular face sculpt for Snake, but I can't say that I quite digg it. At least in the pic above, it really looks off to me.

    Posted in This Solid Snake Statue Is Very Limited, Crazy Detailed, and up for Pre-Order Now

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek 22 days ago

    @Thad Yeah I know, I mean like you said, he lost the Dem primary, won as an independent, still caucused with them after that and I think Reid let him even keep is chairmanship. Considering they needed his vote in '09 for the A.C.A., that was probably a smart move, too (even at the cost of killing the public option) ^^

    So it really depends what you define as Democrat, and more importantly, what point in time we're talking about. I guess, like you said, he was rather conservative for a Dem, certainly a modern day post-Clinton Dem, but from what I can tell, he wasn't really a New-Democrat/ Blue-Dog-kinda Dem either ... just a political wild-card so to speak. The odd one out basically :-)

    Posted in Why in the World is the Republican Party Comparing The Legend of Zelda to the US Tax Code?

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek 27 days ago

    @DeeMer Not a game you hear mentioned every day! That was made and published by Konami, if I remember correctly. Looking at Konami today, it's kinda hard to imagine that this was only like 15 years or so ago. The times they are changing ... I can't imagine Konami making and publishing something like this today. Oo Sad as it is ... =(

    Posted in Absolver Review: Prospects, Come out to Play

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek 27 days ago

    That header pic makes me miss Dino-Riders! =( Man ... those toys were amazing Oo

    Posted in Ark Developer: "There's Nothing Preventing" PS4-Xbox One Cross-Play

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek 28 days ago

    @Thad Just to back your point about gaming getting mainstreamed. Chancellor Merkel (I'm German) was in Cologne the other day, visiting Gamescom, talking to reporters and the whole circus basically. Afaik, that was the first time she did that so ... mainstream indeed.

    It's noteworthy because Merkel is the leader of our main conservative party, the CDU. Her sister-party, the CSU has been the home to leading 'videogames make kids shooting up schools' proponents (for example one Mr. Beckstein of the CSU) for many years.

    Also, and because you mentioned him, Lieberman is not really a Democrat imho :-) Yeah, he kinda went along with the ACA (admitteldy, that was essential), but he did so at a price and also he endorsed McCain, if I recall correctly.

    Posted in Why in the World is the Republican Party Comparing The Legend of Zelda to the US Tax Code?

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek A month ago

    @Thad Fair enough! No doubt there are opportunists and ***holes (/ "conservatives") on both sides of the isle, but to a distant observer, the general level of ***holery on cultural issues and esp. on issues of gun violence still seem to be a lot more prevalent on the Republican side. But yeah, I did not mean to imply that Democrats were angels of any sort. It's just that the article was about Republicans tweeting weird shit, and like I said, issues on both sides or not, the Democrats on average are still more progressive on many of these issues, and that gap has - in my view - only increased further in the last 20 or so years - certainl since Gingrich in '94.

    Part of it is certainly that the Republicans let themselves be taken hostage by the Tea-Party and the Freedom Caucus in recent years, but part of it is also that they rarely have a reasonable alternative policy at hand. The have an alternative ideological take at a problem (like health care), but they DO NOT have a policy based on ideology, that is even remotely acceptable to reasonable, non-sociopathic individuals.

    On guns it's not just the Republicans who are hostages of the NRA and Reagan'esque anti-government senitment, but Democrats as well, but just looking at the last National Conventions, it's pretty clear who is suffering from a severe case of Stockholm syndrom and who isn't :-) Most Republicans sure seem to have wholeheartedly embraced the status quo, certainly on the national stage.

    Posted in Why in the World is the Republican Party Comparing The Legend of Zelda to the US Tax Code?

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek A month ago

    Considering Republicans saw fit more than once to blame acts of gun violence on videogames instead of, y'know guns, or even mental health care (or lack thereof), this is kinda odd. Hell, they even refused to fund CDC into these issues not that long ago.

    Still, I can see how BotW might appeal to them: the central government of Hyrule being all but wiped out by a force of social darwinism - that could be considered Ganon stealing their playbook. I doubt there is any kind of individual mandate or taxation in Hyrule these days. It's all just power-fantasy of might-makes-right darwinism and free-market capitalism.

    Coming to think of it, there are whole bunch of videogames centered around these themes ... Oo

    (I get why Trump himself would be down on videogames, I mean with his tiny ferret'esque-paws-for-hands, any controller is probably akin to an insurmountable ergonomically challenge. It's probably for the best though, no point in seeing any wars started just because Melania made the foolish mistake of beating him at Mario Kart once ... ^^)

    Posted in Why in the World is the Republican Party Comparing The Legend of Zelda to the US Tax Code?

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek A month ago

    @Captain-Gonru No, I understand, and like I said, I have no real issue with this if you think about it in terms of an isolated incident. There are probably good reasons for this push-back and ultimately it will be a better game for it. I'm glad Mircosoft is apparently not pulling another ReCore on us then. Unfortunately, I'm having an increasingly hard time with perceiving it as just that ... an isolated incident. To me, it starts to feel like a pattern of poor management and even worse communcation with the consumer.

    Hell, I still have no real understanding as to what went wrong with either Phantom Dust or Scalebound. PG said, that the Scalebound cancellation more or less brought them to the edge, only to be saved by Nier Automata. That is ... completely and utterly unacceptable to me. I love PG, and I have no doubt Scalebound would have been a fun, if maybe flawed game. Just getting rid of it, apparently leaving PG hanging to dry, and not explaining anything to anyone ... not to mention providing not replacement in terms of line-up, that is just shi**y policy and even more shi**y PR work. Just my two cents on this though :-)

    Posted in Crackdown 3 Pushed Back Again, Into 2018

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek A month ago

    Maybe not quite the shot of fresh blood I had hoped for, but it does somewhat reinvigorate my interest in the series. I really wasn't feeling UC3 at all, and even UC4 was just a game that look gorgeous and played really competent.

    Yeah, there were more open'ish segments, but those were really just tiny sandbox in the way of how-do-you-want-to-tackle that playset we build for you. It was basically the idea of each of BotW 'enemy camps' without having those outposts integrated in a true open-world. What I'm saying is that it was just a competently crafted illusion, with really none of the wonders that BotW true open-world managed to inspire - not that it was going for that obviously, but still, it was mostly the same exact formula that had already felt incredibly dull in UC3.

    Posted in Uncharted: Lost Legacy Review: Pass The Torch, Drake

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek A month ago

    @Captain-Gonru Yeah, I guess so, but still, the level of mismanagement of external resources over at the Xbox Division/ Microsoft Studios is growing ever more stunning. This delay really hurts their line-up. Just as the cancellation of Scalebound and Phantom Dust left holes, that they haven't and probably can't and hence won't be able to fill - not ever. I'm severely disappointed by that, because that means 3/4 of the games, I really wanted to play have either been canceleld by now, or ... delayed to hell and back. No way around that unfortunately. Phil can go on saying all the right things, all day long, but the result speaks for itself - sad as it is.

    "Loftis instead pointed at other titles, including Forza Motorsport 7, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Assassin's Creed Origins, Call of Duty: WWII, Star Wars Battlefront II, and Destiny 2 as great showcase games for the new system"

    Well, Forza 7 obviously according to the good man ^^

    Posted in Crackdown 3 Pushed Back Again, Into 2018