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  • Avatar for Roto13 Roto13 14 hours ago

    Vamo'alla Flamenco always makes me want to play Theatrhythm.

    One of the worst things about lootboxes is that if the developers are cautious enough, you won't know for sure if a game is balanced to urge you to buy them or if it'd be just as grindy if they didn't exist. They definitely make me a lot less forgiving of an endgame grind.

    Posted in Down With Grinding

  • Avatar for Roto13 Roto13 2 days ago

    "Editorial integrity is something we take very seriously at IGN, and I am confident that we will strike the right balance when it comes to our coverage of Humble Bundle and the games they sell. Our readers and customers have always come first - and that won't change."

    Accusations of paid reviews are pretty much always stupid whiny bullshit from gamers, but if there's any site that actually does it, it's IGN.

    Posted in IGN Outlines How its Editorial Department Will Cover Humble Bundle Services [Update]

  • Avatar for Roto13 Roto13 3 days ago

    @Roto13 Me yesterday morning: "I've had my fill of Destiny 2 for now. It's time for me to move on."

    Me yesterday evening: *7 hours of 3-monitor local multiplayer with Iron Banner and the Nightfall strike before teaming up with 3 more over the internet to attempt the raid*Edited 2 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in Destiny 2: Thoughts on the Endgame After Many Lost Hours

  • Avatar for Roto13 Roto13 3 days ago

    Is anyone using loot boxes and card packs without the option to pay real money for them? It was fun to open card packs way back in the Pokemon Trading Card Game on Game Boy, but they obviously weren't for sale.

    Posted in Gamers Like Opening Loot Boxes Too Much to Stop Now, Even at the Expense of Balanced Gameplay

  • Avatar for Roto13 Roto13 5 days ago

    I'm about ready to move on from Destiny 2 until the first DLC drops. All three of my characters are around 300 power and I'm making very little progress outside of the weekly milestones. The recent events have been somewhat disappointing. The Faction Rally was just extra engrams for doing things you regularly do, but at least it had a couple of new side activities and the rewards came frequently. Iron Banner has been much more of a drag. It takes forever to get a single engram (10 matches if you lose, 4 if you win) and the weapons are just boring regular weapons with Iron Banner stickers on them. I got 10 engrams and only got 2 of the 5 pieces of armour for my class. Since it drops randomly from the engrams, instead of getting a chance at it after every match like in Destiny 1, it's not really worth the time. Plus the 10 engram milestone only gives you an (admittedly cool looking) emblem.

    In the blog post for Iron Banner, DeeJ said something that makes me think that there won't be much new until the DLC drops in December.

    "My challenge to every Guardian is to look to the human element in Destiny 2 to fuel your appetite for ultimate re-playability. The ultimate loot is the friendships that can grow out of a game like this. There will be more gear to add to your character (next week, even). The rewards that I’m talking about are the people in the community that thrives in this game. If you let them, they’ll make your hobby as a light-dealing hero on a starside campaign for glory even better."

    So I guess the real engrame is the friends we made along the way or whatever. Don't get me wrong, I did play it a good bit of Destiny 2, and had a fun time with it, but I'm ready to play something else for a good while.

    Posted in Destiny 2: Thoughts on the Endgame After Many Lost Hours

  • Avatar for Roto13 Roto13 5 days ago

    I very strongly disagree with this. All three characters (with their three subclasses each) offer very different experiences.

    Posted in Destiny 2: Thoughts on the Endgame After Many Lost Hours

  • Avatar for Roto13 Roto13 6 days ago

    It's completely shameful that Amazon would sell these things off the back of their stupif truck instead of sending them to the people they're owed to.
    @Captain-Gonru Amazon doesn't charge until they ship your order.

    Posted in Some Amazon Customers Still Haven't Received Their SNES Classic Pre-Orders

  • Avatar for Roto13 Roto13 7 days ago

    @Frosty840 It completely didn't. Horse armour was a straightforward piece of cosmetic DLC that you just bought or didn't buy and you knew what you were getting. This is paying money for a chance at a gameplay advantage. The difference is huge.

    Posted in The Next Loot Box Debate Will be About Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • Avatar for Roto13 Roto13 8 days ago
  • Avatar for Roto13 Roto13 8 days ago

    @nimzy I don't know. I think Twilight turned a lot of people off vampires for a long time.

    Posted in The Xbox One Is Helping Me Play Catch up on a Generation of Games I Missed