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  • Avatar for Sam-Derboo Sam-Derboo A year ago

    The cutscenes in Faces of Evil/Wand of Gamelon are the greatest thing to ever grace this franchise. This is not an ironic comment.

    The games themselves are bad, but I blame it mostly on running on a device that isn't really capable of running games. There's a few neat ideas in them, and with controls that actually work they could easily be raised up to the top (or rather bottom, the way it's arranged) of this part of the list.

    Posted in What's the Greatest Legend of Zelda Game Ever? We Ranked Them All (Number 25-18)

  • Avatar for Sam-Derboo Sam-Derboo 2 years ago

    Heh, that reminds me of the 1983 (before Tetris!) puzzle game Highrise. Always bummed me out how no one ever picked up on that idea, so this all is good news. Don't have a current PlayStation thing, gotta try that 99 Bricks Wizard Academy.

    Posted in Tricky Towers Melds Tetris and Jenga Brilliantly

  • Avatar for Sam-Derboo Sam-Derboo 2 years ago

    Sorry folks, you're all wrong because the Unitech Saver exists. ;)

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's the Coolest-Looking Games Console Ever?

  • Avatar for Sam-Derboo Sam-Derboo 2 years ago

    I love me some Prince of Persia talk. However, is it intentional that the music drowns out your voice in mid-sentence at ca. 9 minutes in?

    Posted in Revisit Prince of Persia with This Week's Retronauts

  • Avatar for Sam-Derboo Sam-Derboo 3 years ago

    Great analysis. At every comment from old guys sneering at those kids, all I could think was "Come ooon! As if your very first try at Mega Man went any different!" (or whatever comparable game from the same time frame you played first - if you've already mastered Ghosts 'n Goblins, chances are nothing else in the world will shock you)

    Posted in Teens React to Mega Man: What We've Forgotten About "Nintendo Hard" Games

  • Avatar for Sam-Derboo Sam-Derboo 3 years ago

    Not to forget that many of the most interesting early Xbox titles were Sega titles, many of which were moved from Dreamcast... Panzer Dragoon Orta, Jet Set Radio Future, Gun Valkyrie, Shenmue 2 (I know a port, but exclusive in US), Crazy Taxi 3... I bought an Xbox in 2002 exactly because it very much looked like it would become closest to being the spiritual successor to Dreamcast (yes, Gamecube had Super Monkey Ball and that beach volleyball game, PlayStation 2 got Virtua Fighter 4, but almost everything else by Sega on those two platforms between 2001-2003 was Dreamcast ports). It also had a few early quirky Japanese games by other companies that would have felt right at home in the Dreamcast library, like N.U.D.E. and that weird game with the rats running around a house and beating each other up in gangs.Edited September 2014 by Unknown

    Posted in What if Dreamcast Had Won?

  • Avatar for Sam-Derboo Sam-Derboo 3 years ago

    I didn't even buy the game, but I still felt like an idiot for wasting my time downloading & trying the demo for El Shaddai.

    Buying the original Steel Batallion was also kinda stupid, even though I generally liked the game. Never made it past the third or fourth mission because it is just so damn difficult, and even disregarding that the investment for the controller was a bit ridiculous.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Do You Regret Buying the Most?

  • Avatar for Sam-Derboo Sam-Derboo 3 years ago

    @hal9k Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy reached the US in 1989 and 1990, respectively, so from that perspective Wasteland was indeed earlier.
    @EnderTZero Actually, there was this guy who posted comments on some of the older posts on the HG101 blog, who knows probably several times as much about the early history as@jeremy.parish and I combined, and has a big collection of vintage Japanese game magazines. Now if we could get him to quit his job and...

    Posted in Daily Classic: The Black Onyx, Japan's Role-Playing Game Missionary

  • Avatar for Sam-Derboo Sam-Derboo 3 years ago

    @hal9k I don't know if Zork was available in Japan, but a lot of the early Sierra On-Line text adventures were. To me it seems like text adventures were more popular than RPGs in the early 1980s in Japan, or at least there were a lot more of them, maybe because they were easier to make.

    "For example, I usually think of computer RPGs growing out of text adventures like Zork" The oldest CRPGs on PLATO actually seem to predate or at least have been developed contemporary to the first text adventure (Colossal Cave Adventure).

    Posted in Daily Classic: The Black Onyx, Japan's Role-Playing Game Missionary

  • Avatar for Sam-Derboo Sam-Derboo 3 years ago

    @Thad The spells in Wizardry are all weird because they were created with the expectation of having the manual lying open next to you while playing - in the original versions, you even had to type in the spell names manually.

    Posted in Daily Classic: The Black Onyx, Japan's Role-Playing Game Missionary