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  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 6 days ago

    TWEWY has one of the most fun soundtracks in games. I don’t always want that style of music, but it works well with the fast paced gameplay.

    Posted in The World Ends with You: Final Remix is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond A month ago

    I’ll wait and see if the raid lair draws my group back in, but I’m kind of doubting that it will beyond trying it a couple times. A friend and I were joking that the One X patch was more exciting than the Osiris expansion (it is!)

    My Destiny clan members and I did hop on to help max out our clan level for “season one” (the base game) and get the alternate colored clan banner stage, but only a couple people out of ~20 of us had even been on Destiny at all in the last month.

    Posted in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Finally Lets Other Enemies Shine, But That's About It

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond A month ago

    The existence of a strong secondary market doesn’t make the TCG comparison any less apt. If anything, the monetary values and chance of getting a high value card to cash in on (or get more trades for) provides a more traditional “gambling” connotation. Both loot boxes and TCGs (and any “blind box” mechanism) have the key part of gambling and addictiction with their inconsistent reward cycle—sometimes you get great stuff, sometimes lesser, but you can’t guarantee you’ll get something of particularly high value every time (and I don’t count knowing you get a “rare” rank card in every pack of cards as “consistent reward” when different ones have different usefulness, particularly with a secondary trade market).

    Keep in mind that I’m not saying loot boxes are examples of “good” ethics and morals. I’m just discussing it from an addiction/gambling research perspective. I personally don’t have an issue most “blind boxes” (particularly not TCGs), but coming to a legal consensus that hits one side but not the other is challenging to say the least.

    Posted in "It's Awkward Right Now:" What Some in the Games Industry Think of the Rise of the Loot Box in 2017

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond A month ago

    My other concern with this one is that it won’t be limited just to EA/Battlefront. What’s to keep overly active interventions from deciding that any “blind box” or TCG (such as Magic The Gathering or Hearthstone) from being knocked out as well? They’re not that different in terms of randomization from packs that a consumer would buy.

    In terms of any new laws that could be written, it would be quite hard to distinguish cosmetic boxes (Overwatch) from skill cards (Battlefront). I don’t think the argument of “well one of those grants an advantage and is bad” stands up in the context of gambling either, as gambling itself has nothing to do with buying advantages.

    Posted in Hawaii Will Investigate "Predatory" Loot Boxes, Potentially Pursue Legislation to Ban Them

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 2 months ago

    I do like that they bothered to make the 4K, HDR, and Enhanced distinctions on the boxes and online lists. It’s at least nice to know what the One X will do for a given game without resorting to a forum to find said information.

    Posted in "Xbox One X Enhanced" Doesn't Always Mean What You Think It Does

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 2 months ago

    I’m playing Mario and watching the World Series (Go ‘Stros!) this weekend.

    I would have picked up either Wolfenstein or Assassin’s as well, but I’m waiting for the Xbox One X release to play those. Then again, I said I’d wait for the X to play Evil Within something will end up being skipped or becoming a much later purchase.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Are You Playing on This Busy, Busy Weekend?

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 4 months ago

    I've played an insane amount of Destiny 1, and I can easily say that playing through the campaign of 2 solo has been absolutely lacking. I keep looking forward to the weekend when my group will be able to go in post-level 20 mode, because solo Destiny didn't keep the game alive for me--it's all about having the social aspect mixed with the excellent gunplay.

    Maybe it's bad, but I encouraged a couple of acquaintances to not pick it up if they were just thinking it would be the next great Bungie campaign. Because (as the author notes) it's not--it's in its own little cross of socializing and gameplay without a particularly strong base story.

    Posted in Destiny 2 and the Asteroid Blues, Part Three: See You Space Cowboy(s)...

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 4 months ago

    I'm glad to see that the fundraiser went well--it's hard to go wrong with Food Bank support.

    Personally, I'm glad that I had minimal damage to my apartment here in Houston. I won't be able to take off this Friday for some extra Destiny 2 time--we had to work in some makeup clinic appointments some time--but it's a very minor concern next to the damage some people took.

    Posted in Games Done Quick Raises Lots of Cash for the Houston Food Bank

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 5 months ago

    As the writer alludes to, playing Mega Man 7 again really reminded me how much I prefer the X series. It's so hard to go back to dash slides when X can wall jump, dash anytime...and smash blocks with his head!

    If only they'd bring back Mega Man X--the "Maverick Hunter" remake on PSP was excellent between the cutscenes, remixed soundtrack, and (especially) playable Vile. You really can't go wrong with Purple Boba Fett and his shoulder (and kneecap) mounted arsenal.

    Posted in Super NES Classic Reviews Game by Game #11: Mega Man X

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 5 months ago

    The closing quote sums up my thoughts on the matter--nothing was coming, so it can't exactly get any worse.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what Little Orbit does with it. They seem to be pretty realistic (and passionate) about the project, which is a plus after the post-Kickstarter campaign chaos.Edited August 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Unsung Story's New Developer Explains Why They Took on Such a Toxic Project