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  • Avatar for SkywardShadow SkywardShadow 3 days ago

    The visual style reminds me of Tactics Ogre and other games by that same group.

    Posted in Project Octopath Traveler Is on Track to Be One of 2018's Best RPGs – with a Few Adjustments

  • Avatar for SkywardShadow SkywardShadow 19 days ago
  • Avatar for SkywardShadow SkywardShadow A month ago

    Probably Super Mario World, which says something about my lack of skill.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What was the first game you were really good at?

  • Avatar for SkywardShadow SkywardShadow A month ago

    This is a fun exercise!

    I laughed out loud when Kat chose Lenneth, as she was my immediate leader choice.

    My leader, versatile between front and back ranks: Lenneth Valkyrie
    My tank: Femshep (Vanguard)
    My knight: Cyan Garamonde
    My sci-fi mage/summoner: Elhaym Van Houten
    My healer: Tyrande Whisperwind

    I see this eclectic group being brought together by Lenneth to bring justice to a great wrong, providing motivation. She'll lead from the back ranks with her bow and astral powers.

    Femshep will bring good humor to the group, while in combat charging in, taking a beating, and pushing back with her biotic shields and sci-fi shotguns, customized against their foes.

    Cyan will bring his grizzled veteran expertise, and help keep the party on the moral high ground. His sword techniques will serve as a nice opposite to Femshep, covering all their front-line needs. With Magicite, he could bring to bear all the most awesome magic the FF universe has to offer. Also, I have to include the only character I ever wrote fanfiction for.

    Elhaym would be inspired by the rest of the team, and likely treated as "the kid". Her pistol and martial arts would surprise enemies from the back rank, and if things got tough she'd bring in her mech for Kaiju-level escalation.

    Tyrande, as a huntress and priestess of Elune, would round out the party's personalities with somber surety and fierce determination. When not needing to heal with her holy magic, she's had millennia of practice with her bow.

    Now that my group is completed, I wish I'd had room to include Ayla for comic relief, physical strength, and backup heals. Maybe she's a guest party member!

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God: Nadia and Kat Build Their Ultimate RPG Teams

  • Avatar for SkywardShadow SkywardShadow A month ago

    I adore FFVIII as well, though it isn't quite my favorite. Please do a retrospective!

    I felt like I was in the extreme minority during the FFVII-VIII years, as I disliked VII after what seemed to be a masterpiece in VI. I remember playing the demo for VII and thinking "well that clearly wasn't a finished product", but then it came out with the Lego-characters intact.

    I think this ties into your hinted-at debate regarding the"best" RPG game console. While I have nostalgia for the SNES years, I have to side with Nadia's view that the PSX won out over time. A short list from the top of my head: FFVIII, Valkyrie Profile, Parasite Eve, Suikoden I + II, FFT, and to cheat a little, re-releases of the original Ogre Battle (improved), and Tactics Ogre. I'd I could only take one system to a desert island mysteriously powered to allow video games, the PSX would also let me play FFV, FFVI, and Chrono Trigger, though with annoying load times.

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God: Diving Deep Into RPG Battle Systems

  • Avatar for SkywardShadow SkywardShadow A month ago
  • Avatar for SkywardShadow SkywardShadow A month ago

    Seconded for Google Music please!

    Posted in The USgamer Podcast Returns!

  • Avatar for SkywardShadow SkywardShadow A month ago

    Downloading now. I don't recommend anyone watch the trailer unless they don't mind what seems major story spoilers, as whoever made it failed to understand how to tease anything.

    Posted in The New Lady Layton-Starring Professor Layton Game Translates Well to Mobile

  • Avatar for SkywardShadow SkywardShadow 2 months ago
  • Avatar for SkywardShadow SkywardShadow 2 months ago

    I do miss EGM's (and other outlets) multiple reviewers/opinions. I enjoy hearing Kat's and Nadia's differing thoughts on RPGs for example, and it helps me narrow down my own preferences.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Looking Behind The Curtain Of Game Reviews