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  • Avatar for SpoonyBardOL SpoonyBardOL 8 days ago

    I, too, wouldn't be surprised if a FNAF7 jumpscares us someday, but we probably won't see it until the FNAF movie is completed. Or, is canned. Whichever actually happens.

    But hey, who knows? I'm another one of those adult fans of the series that is endeared to it in spite of everything, I'll certainly be on board for more in the future. But if there isn't any more that's fine too, it's been a heck of a ride, both the franchise itself and everything surrounding it.Edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Is the Five Nights at Freddy's Series Really Done?

  • Avatar for SpoonyBardOL SpoonyBardOL 9 days ago

    I actually really like the sound of the 'weapon wheel', holding a button and flicking the right stick for an option is one of those things that has just become intuitive in modern game design and it's a smart thing to add to Mega Man as a solution to the clunky L/R rotation, or breaking up the action by pausing and manually selecting.

    I'm still a bit on the fence on the idea of Mega Man's armor changing with Robot Master weapons, since that sort of feature always felt like a better fit for his more advanced spin-offs to me, but as long as the modifications aren't super elaborate and kept along the lines of what we've seen so far it might grow on me. Might even spark some creative fanart 'what-ifs', it would be neat to re-imagine older powers as if they had armor enhancements too.

    The lack of a female Robot Master is disappointing, hopefully they weren't just bluffing when they said they had an idea that just didn't make the cut and we might see more in the future. It would really be a shame if Splash Woman were a one-and-done on the concept.

    Posted in Four difficulty Settings and No Female Robot Masters: 11 Things We Know About Mega Man 11

  • Avatar for SpoonyBardOL SpoonyBardOL 10 days ago

    I am pumped to finally have Mega Man 9 and 10 on a portable system.

    Now, where's that Disney Afternoon Collection for Switch, Capcom? It's not Mega Man related, so I understand why it wasn't announced today, but I can't imagine NOT putting it on the system at this point, unless there are arcane legal technicalities with Disney.

    Posted in Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 Coming to the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for SpoonyBardOL SpoonyBardOL 10 days ago

    I love the classic 8-bit look of Mega Man as much as any other fan, but I actually really like what I've seen of MM11 so far. It won't have the ratio issues that MM7 and (to a lesser extent) 8/& Bass had (specifically how much larger Mega Man was on the screen, slowing the action down and making the levels feel cramped), nor does it seem overanimated, the movement looks snappy from what I've seen so far. If it feels as tightly controlled as the 8-bit entries but looks as good as they're showing I am all for it.

    Plenty of fangames still out there to deliver the classic 8-bit feel anyway, they'll never go away as long as Capcom is fine turning a blind eye.

    Looking forward to seeing more of the zany Robot Master adversaries and whatever ridiculous plan Dr. Wily has now. Maybe he'll frame Roll this time around, he hasn't done that yet.

    Posted in Mega Man 11 Marks the End of a Long, Sad Period for Mega Man Fans

  • Avatar for SpoonyBardOL SpoonyBardOL 15 days ago

    The change to the side quest is a bummer, why on earth remove one of the more forward-thinking systems from the original? Does the game at least mark quest NPCs with turn-ins on the map, or point you to them, or are you still intended to track them down?

    Also I haven't gotten a clear answer on this: does equipment alter your appearances like in the first game? One of the more unintentionally hilarious bits from the first game was walking into serious cutscene wearing a clownsuit, but every single image I've seen from this game has the characters all in the same getup throughout.

    Pyra's design is just kind of disappointing and tedious, honestly. Yet another 'character that looks like she was designed by a horny 14 year old' is definitely a mark against the game for me, not necessarily enough to keep me from buying it, but I'll be shaking my head every time she's onscreen. I can't even get mad at anime being anime at this point, it's just... sad.

    Posted in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review: An RPG With the Heart and Soul of a Titan

  • Avatar for SpoonyBardOL SpoonyBardOL 29 days ago

    I was interested in this game, but then every time I saw one of the designs for the Blade characters I died a little inside. They're all ridiculous, and while some are just harmlessly ridiculous, most that I've seen are 'designed by a horny 14 year old' ridiculous.

    There's still a good chance I'll pick this up because I did love the original. The blade designs haven't killed my interest, but my interest has been dampened by quite a bit.

    Posted in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Puts Fans Back Where They Belong: On the Shoulders of Giants

  • Avatar for SpoonyBardOL SpoonyBardOL A month ago

    Much as I love the original Spelunky, my fondness for the title is limited to the original edition, not the ports with the gussied up, allegedly 'better', art and music. The music, especially, lost a lot of personality.

    No gameplay footage yet so it's hard to say how this will look, but I'm hoping for them to include the original style of graphics and music and have a toggle for them or something.

    Also for it to end up on something besides PS4. Do we know if it's an exclusive or timed?

    Posted in Spelunky 2 is Happening

  • Avatar for SpoonyBardOL SpoonyBardOL 2 months ago

    I paid full price for this game when it first came out (plus shipping!) and that's 60 bux I'm never getting back.

    I feel mostly lukewarm on the game's combat. It's fine, it could even be interesting at points, but it wasn't consistently good enough to have any hope of overcoming the game's bad points. And hoo boy, were they bad.

    Everyone trashes the Ridley scene as being the game's cinematic low point. And make no mistake, that entire cutscene is terrible. But it's not the worst part of the game's story.

    Everyone overlooks a scene that came later. The scene where Adam literally shoots Samus in the back in front of Sector Zero, briefly leaving her vulnerable to a Metroid before saving her. What follows is a scene of exposition setting Adam up for a big damn heroic sacrifice, but the entire damn time Samus, in her Zero Suit no less, is on the ground writhing, gasping for air.

    Bad enough that scene set Samus up as being so careless as to allow a Metroid to get so close to her (clearly overcome with FEELINGS because of The Babby) she was incompetent enough to let Adam get the drop on her and shoot her in the back. And then to top it all off, a character most of the audience despises gets to have his big heroic moment come hell or high water, and it comes as he stands, pontificating over Samus's prone, vulnerable form. Y'know, after he shot her.

    It was utterly vile. I despise that scene.Edited 2 times. Last edited September 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Metroid Game-by-Game Reviews: Metroid: Other M

  • Avatar for SpoonyBardOL SpoonyBardOL 2 months ago

    I still have my preorder at the local EBGames. It looks like it might have been unnecessary, but I don't regret taking the precaution.

    But I hope everyone who wants one of these can get it, and that the scalpers get burned this time around.

    Posted in More In-store Numbers for SNES Classic Stock Ahead of Launch Date

  • Avatar for SpoonyBardOL SpoonyBardOL 2 months ago

    This is where I am on this too. Both games are good, and different enough that they're both worth playing. Some people will certainly prefer one over the other, and that's fine, just don't be one of 'those fans' and insist that your choice is the only possible correct one.

    I think I prefer the visuals of AM2R, but that's largely because I will always prefer a nice pixel style over 3D, particularly low-poly 3D. Though the models in Samus Returns are nice, the environments all feel really samey. The main thing the world has going for it to differentiate itself from area to area are the backgrounds. And, to be fair, some of the backgrounds in Samus Returns are gorgeous and creative. But, they're still just backgrounds, and it doesn't change the fact that all the actual tiles Samus is climbing and jumping around on are just either rock or vague Chozo tech. AM2R, on the other hand, had less impressive backgrounds overall, but the foreground tiles of each area felt far more distinct. Hell, just look at the AM2R screenshot here from the Omega Nest and compare it to the foreground of the Samus Returns counterpart, which features more drab tech tiles, it's no contest.

    AM2R is also probably more authentic to the original game. It does add a new area, and little bits here and there, but overall it the game lines up much more faithfully to the original compared to Samus Returns in every way but Metroid count (there's a few more than 40, I think). There's no unnecessary additional final battle against a foe that, while mechanically interesting, is conceptually troublesome.

    I also really dig the remix of 'The Tunnel' in AM2R, you barely hear it in Samus Returns, where it's so faint and barely there. On the other hand, Samus Returns does call back to a lot of the 'weird' sounds from the original on a number of its tracks, so audio-wise it's kind of a tossup.

    Overall though, if you want a more authentic Zero Mission-styled Metroid II remake then AM2R is your jam, if you want a largely new and modern Metroid game that mostly just uses Metroid II as a base to do its own thing, then go for Samus Returns. Both are good and worth your time.

    Posted in Stop Pitting Metroid: Samus Returns Against AM2R: Another Metroid 2 Remake