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  • Avatar for Sturat Sturat 5 days ago

    Is there currently a way to play this on a controller with six face buttons? I don't know whether this should figure into a review score, but it definitely would rule out a purchase.

    Posted in Ultra Street Fighter II Review: Not The Challenger You're Looking For

  • Avatar for Sturat Sturat 6 days ago

    @Tetragrammaton Thanks for taking the time to write a thoughtful response; here are a few reactions:
    1.) I haven't played any of the specific games you listed, but while I agree that MK8D isn't the worst value proposition ever, I think most people will also agree it is below average, especially when there are plenty of games like Gravity Rush and Valkyria Chronicles that included DLC and had MSRPs of $30.
    2.) I agree that re-releases like these are a huge part of the game business, but I think the business will change a lot if consoles continue getting incremental updates similar to smart phones. When somebody buys a Project Scorpio Xbox, they're going to expect it to play all of their Xbox One games at higher frame rates and resolutions without paying anything extra.
    3.) I like the low maintenance and simplicity of consoles, but depending on where the industry goes, a PC might eventually be right for me...
    4.) No. Eww.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Nothing Wrong With Playing It Again

  • Avatar for Sturat Sturat 6 days ago

    I'm glad I bought a Switch, but I disagree with most of your points.
    - I already paid $72 for Mario Kart 8 and its DLC; I don't think it's reasonable to ask people to shell out $60 for another copy of the same game that doesn't even add any new race tracks. They should have added new tracks, lowered the price, or offered a discount for people who'd already bought the game.
    - I think it's important to recognize how unprecedented it is to be 2 months into a console's life and the only exclusive games are 1-2 Switch, a version of Bomberman, and a couple indie games. (And there are barely any Switch-exclusive third party games on the horizon!)
    - Zelda, Puyo Puyo, Wonder Boy, and Blaster Master are all great on the Switch, but I'm not looking forward to the prospect of choosing between the PS4 and Switch versions of games like Sonic Forces and Dragon Quest XI, which will presumably run better on the PS4 but would be portable on Switch.
    - Why would you play video games on the toilet? First, that's really gross, and second, if it takes you that long to use a toilet you should start eating more healthily.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Nothing Wrong With Playing It Again

  • Avatar for Sturat Sturat 8 days ago

    I don't think it makes sense to say third parties are doing well because only 3 of the top ten Switch games were published by Nintendo; depending on what you count, Nintendo's only released 3 games for the Switch at this point. Their games will be evergreen while third parties are left to peck at the leftover crumbs, like always.

    Posted in Nintendo Dominated April Video Games Sales, Helped Grow Entire Industry

  • Avatar for Sturat Sturat 11 days ago

    @odaiba-memorial Sonic 2 had the most Americans on the development team, I'll grant you that, but I think you're distorting it a little since Mark Cerny wasn't actually listed in the game credits, Phenix Rie and all of the sound assistants are Japanese, and all of the people in the credits listed in leadership positions were Japanese. The Americans were one of two Assistant Programmers, one of four Project Assistants, and a handful of artists. With about a quarter of the staff hailing from America, Sonic 2 was the mainline game with by far the most American contributions.

    I have no idea where you got the idea that Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Adventure 2 were "about half and half;" there are almost no non-Japanese names in the credits other than play testers, localizers, and marketing.

    Posted in Sega Wants a "Revival of Past IPs", Aiming For "Global Hits"

  • Avatar for Sturat Sturat 11 days ago

    Is this really a fighting game? It looks more like Virtual On...

    Posted in Nintendo's Arms Will Hurt Your Arms

  • Avatar for Sturat Sturat 12 days ago

    @odaiba-memorial Have you read the credits for the games you mentioned? They were all made in America (as I acknowledged in the first comment) by teams that were almost entirely Japanese. Very few Americans were allowed to work on the mainline Sonic games; most of them were relegated to Sonic Spinball.

    Posted in Sega Wants a "Revival of Past IPs", Aiming For "Global Hits"

  • Avatar for Sturat Sturat 14 days ago

    I understand why people liked stuff like this back in the day, but I just don't have the time to invest in a game like this anymore. I wish people would put the same amount of effort into more compact games that don't require such a commitment. Maybe people like time-consuming games because they feel nostalgic for the days when they actually had time to play them...

    Posted in Arc Symphony is a Very Real, Very Fake Retro PS1 Game That Fooled Twitter

  • Avatar for Sturat Sturat 14 days ago

    @odaiba-memorial That's demonstrably false. I just checked the credits for Sonic Generations. If you don't count localization and middleware, the actual game credits are about 99% Japanese with a few Chinese names, Richard Jacques, and special thanks to the band Bowling for Soup.

    Posted in Sega Wants a "Revival of Past IPs", Aiming For "Global Hits"

  • Avatar for Sturat Sturat 14 days ago

    Parappa and Ouendan are two of my favorite games, so this just became my most-anticipated upcoming game! Super Mario Odyssey, Sonic Forces, Bloodstained, and the English version of Ys VIII will all need to step down a rung.

    Posted in Parappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man Creators Team Up For A New Rhythm Game