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  • Avatar for SuperShinobi SuperShinobi 3 days ago

    I'd play them some chiptunes by my favorite video game composers like Yuzo Koshiro, and Tim Follin, from games like Revenge of Shinobi and LED Storm. The golden era of chiptune music, before the introduction of CDs, was such a unique time in gaming.

    Hopefully future gamers will also get to experience the arcades in some form. Not just via the admirable, but flawed Mame emulator, but also some actual working arcade cabinets. It's not the full Outrun experience, unless it's the sit-down cabinet that's throwing you around and the force-feedback violently punishing you for your driving mistakes, and that awesome soundtrack being pumped from the speakers so loud that you can feel the base with your body.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Would You Want Future Generations of Gamers Playing?

  • Avatar for SuperShinobi SuperShinobi 7 days ago

    GT and Forza usually offer a similar experience, but this time it looks like they're going to be pretty different kinds of games. GT will be mostly focused on eSports and a new kind of calendar-based competitive online mode, whereas Forza will offer a more traditional GT/Forza-type experience with a focus on offering as much content as possible. GT will also be offering a VR mode, which is a big deal for a racing game.

    Posted in 30 Games to Look Forward to in Holiday 2017

  • Avatar for SuperShinobi SuperShinobi 11 days ago

    Back in the '90s when I was gaming on the Neo Geo there were a few games I wish I could've returned. Neo Geo games typically cost about $200 apiece, so the game had to be pretty damned good to be worth buying. The Neo Geo has probably the highest ratio of hits to misses, but even then there were inevitably some clunkers that weren't worth anywhere near the asking price, probably not even $50. Like Blue's Journey, Top Hunter or Ninja Combat to name a couple. So you just had to sell them on to someone else and take a bit of financial loss.

    With digital games you have to be extra careful and research your purchases well, as you can't sell your game to someone else after you've purchased it. The game I've most regretted buying this gen has been F1 2015, which was very mediocre for a new-gen racing game. The 2016 edition was better and more like it and made me wish I had never bought the previous one.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's the First Game You Bought That You Wish You Could've Returned?

  • Avatar for SuperShinobi SuperShinobi 13 days ago

    The better a reviewer knows the game and the genre, the more valuable and informative the review can be. Ideally a reviewer will be skillful and patient enough to have completed the game and gotten to know it as well as possible. Time is of course a constraint, if the review has to be ready by the release date, but ideally you'd be in the best position to give the final verdict on the game when you've mastered the game and experienced most of what it has to offer. This is further complicated by the fact that games these days are developed and updated well beyond the release date, so experiencing all of the game can take many months.

    Familiarity with the genre is a big asset as well. I like Kat's sports reviews, because she knows the genre and is able to outline what has changed compared to previous iterations, whether the changes have been for the better or for worse and also how a sports franchise is doing compared to other games in the genre.

    On the other hand, as someone who has played nearly every major racing game since 1982's Pole Position, I often find myself disagreeing when I go to Metacritic to check out the critical reception of games in that genre. When generalist reviewers review racing games, they often miss the subtle nuances and instead just focus on general features like content, visuals, presentation and fun factor. I thought for example that DriveClub's unprecedented realtime climate simulation or Assetto Corsa's advanced car handling and physics didn't get the recognition they deserved. They were both pretty revolutionary features and a total breath of fresh air for the genre.

    Posted in Git Gud: On Games Journalists and Being Good At Video Games

  • Avatar for SuperShinobi SuperShinobi 16 days ago

    I think he may have been a better role-model for the kids as a plucky working-class hero. Now that he's so famous and wealthy from all the royalties and merch sales, he seems to be all about just fun leisure activities, living the celeb life and those golden coins. You could see already in NSMB 2 that his mania for gold was getting out of hand.Edited 3 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Think Mario is a Plumber? Think Again!

  • Avatar for SuperShinobi SuperShinobi 20 days ago

    Independent game: Yes, we'll put our game on the Switch.
    Dependent game: We'll see, depends on how it sells.

    Posted in The Nintendo Switch Is Quickly Becoming the Ultimate Indie Game Machine

  • Avatar for SuperShinobi SuperShinobi 22 days ago


    Yeah, it was early days for video games back then. I'm from the other side of the pond, so no one in our schoolyard had a NES, but many had Amigas and C64s and we swapped tips for games like the Sierra and Lucasarts adventures.

    Posted in Sympathy for the Vampire: Castlevania II Is Way Better Than People Give It Credit For

  • Avatar for SuperShinobi SuperShinobi 22 days ago

    From what I've read the issue with this game is that it basically requires a walkthrough, as the clues to the puzzles are too cryptic or non-existent. If a game necessitates using a walkthrough, I'd call it simply bad design.

    Posted in Sympathy for the Vampire: Castlevania II Is Way Better Than People Give It Credit For

  • Avatar for SuperShinobi SuperShinobi 24 days ago

    Basically any game I played before 1986. That was when I started reading video game magazines and it became rare that a top game wouldn't be on my radar. Parappa the Rapper was one of the exceptions, which seemed to come from out of nowhere. The idea of a simplistic rhythm-based game featuring a rapping dog being any good seemed implausible at the time, but the game quickly won me over.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Came Out of Nowhere to Become a Favorite?

  • Avatar for SuperShinobi SuperShinobi A month ago

    Konami's Hyper Sports in the arcades was the one for me. I used to hang out at the arcades after school, play it until my fingers became sore and would sometimes help others get through the difficult events like archery, gymnastics and pole vault. NHL '94 and '97 on the Genesis also. I played something like 15 full-length NHL seasons of them and like Floyd Mayweather, remained unbeaten in my 2-player versus matches.Edited 5 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What was the first game you were really good at?