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  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen 9 days ago

    I remember when Garnet lost her voice and I assumed that meant she was just permanently Silenced and stopped using her. Eventually I realized that wasn't the case, though as I recall she does occasionally lose spells without warning when in this state. This was a very memorable part of the game.

    Also I find it interesting how you guys never, ever refer to Garnet as Dagger. I know you renamed her, but still.

    Posted in The Written Final Fantasy IX Report Part 4: Alexander and the Epic, Noble, Super-Cool, Real Good Day

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen 14 days ago

    I like a lot of games with numbers in them, but in terms of a sequel that I like specifically as a sequel, I need to go old-school: Ultima V. It took the concepts of Ultima IV and twisted them, leading to a logical sequel that was also an amazing game in its own right.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Video Game Sequel?

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen 18 days ago

    Weird. Even though the controller is indeed listed at $34.99, adding it to my cart doesn't actually add it to my cart.

    EDIT: And now it's gone. And an email to Amazon was entirely unhelpful. Other buying options, indeed!Edited 3 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Steam Controller Available for $34.99 Once More

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen 23 days ago

    @catymcc@SIGGYZtar That's fair. I agree that a game shouldn't shy away from telling the message they want to. And I also agree re: publishers. If they're not comfortable publishing a game with a strong message, that's probably something they should work out way earlier in the process.

    Posted in The USgamer Podcast: Assassin's Creed Origins, Animal Crossing Mobile, Wolfenstein, The Fall of NeoGAF

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen 23 days ago
  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen 23 days ago

    Caty mentioned wanting more games to be open with their political leanings. I've heard this sentiment elsewhere too, and I have to wonder why. Many people, particularly in the current political climate, are just going to dismiss games of a political persuasion they don't agree with, if not outright protest them. This would hurt the developers' bottom line, which I presume is why they don't do it often, but even beyond that, I don't see the upside.

    There's definitely a place for obviously political games, and I'm glad they exist, but I don't want them to become the norm. I think we have enough hostility in the gaming community as it is.

    Posted in The USgamer Podcast: Assassin's Creed Origins, Animal Crossing Mobile, Wolfenstein, The Fall of NeoGAF

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen 25 days ago

    @UnskippableCutscene Just wanted to say this was a great post, and just giving it a +1 wasn't enough. Actually, there are quite a few thought-provoking posts in this thread, which is why US Gamer is one of the few places left where I'm not afraid to read the comments. :)

    Posted in NeoGAF's Fall is a Sign of the Times in More Ways Than One

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen A month ago

    I'm kind of skeptical of this market research in general. I love Gears of War, but the characters being "macho" has nothing to do with it. It's just a really good game. Assuming that really good games sold because of superficial reasons like character design seems pretty silly. But what do I know?

    I do think there is a correlation, though. Especially last generation, western games really started dominating sales here in the west. And probably not because of character design. However, the greater proportion of western games would naturally skew designs of the most popular characters towards western designs. So even if the marketing correlation is indeed total nonsense, I can see why it would come up as a conclusion.

    Posted in Yoko Taro Has Absolutely No Idea Why Nier: Automata Sold So Well

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen A month ago

    We gamers have to take a lot of blame for the continued prevalence of grinding. Every time we celebrate an RPG being 60 hours, and criticize one for daring to be only 20, we're basically telling developers "add 40 hours of grinding, please." As long as play length is seen as a positive trait, this will continue to happen. Though now with free-to-play game styles, we're probably doomed to wander down this path forever.

    I beg my fellow gamers to consider that games should be shorter, not longer. Just give me the content. I don't care if the game is "only" 20 hours - that's plenty of time for a game to last. Frankly it might be too long! I find it incredibly frustrating that my games are overly long because no one else seems to assign any value to their free time.

    Video games should be like movies, books, and other media: edited down as tightly as possible. Bloat doesn't make any other media better, why do we seem to think it does in games?Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Down With Grinding

  • Avatar for Talraen Talraen A month ago

    @WiIIyTheAntelope I do want to question the hate for disc-locked content. If the content is on the disc, that just means you don't need to spend extra storage space to download it. (Well, back when the entire game was on the disc you didn't, anyway.) Would you prefer they take the content, remove it from the disc, and then make you download it? They're going to sell it either way; if you want to take issue, take issue with that instead.

    Posted in Gamers Like Opening Loot Boxes Too Much to Stop Now, Even at the Expense of Balanced Gameplay