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  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 5 days ago

    @LBD_Nytetrayn Yes, it does! It has a Boss Rush mode where some of the characters gain stronger forms. Meta-Knight becomes Galacta Knight, and Dedede becomes Masked Dedede.

    I think it might have more bonus content, but never having played Super Star Ultra I wouldn't know.

    I agree with Nadia, though: it's always been my personal belief that the Kirby games are Nintendo's best franchise. There isn't a single game in the series you could call "bad". "Simplistic", maybe. "Easy", sure. But no Kirby game is "bad".

    Posted in Super NES Classic Reviews Game by Game #20: Kirby Super Star

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 5 days ago

    This one also has the best sequence in any Kirby game: Kirby tearing through the Halberd, while Meta-Knight resolutely orders his men to evacuate so he can face Kirby alone...

    Also: Halberd. Hal. Bird. Because it's a ship. Like a bird. And the game is from HAL Labs.



    Posted in Super NES Classic Reviews Game by Game #20: Kirby Super Star

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 5 days ago

    Metroid Fusion was my first Metroid, and it was a steep wall for me. Bosses like Nightmare and the weird spider-tank were really hard for me. Provided, Fusion in general was a tougher Metroid game than most.

    It'd be nice for a re-balanced Metroid Fusion, but I agree with many of the commenters here: a new Metroid game would probably be better. Fusion left off on a pretty compelling note, and it'd be great to see where the story goes from there. And hey, if we can get more insight on the Chozo while we're at it, that'd be awesome.

    Posted in Metroid: Samus Returns Appears to Tease a Metroid Fusion Remake, Too

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 8 days ago

    I didn't enjoy Echoes as much as the first Prime, largely because it felt like Retro Studios made Echoes *harder* than Prime 1. Regular environmental enemies took way more shots to kill and felt like they dealt way more damage compared to the enemies in Prime.

    I felt that Retro Studios, having grown confident in their abilities at making a 3D Metroid and having heard criticism that it was "too easy for a FPS game", upped the challenge of the encounters in order to make Prime more palatable for FPS fans. Not a bad decision, in my opinion, but definitely one that left me in the cold. Echoes made getting from Point A to Point B just plain annoying at times.

    Also, that one boss you had to fight entirely in Morph Ball form was such shenanigans. I gave up on the game after how frustrating that boss was (and how far it was from a save point).

    Posted in Metroid Game By Game Reviews: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 9 days ago

    Here, lemme play him a sad song on the world's smallest violin.

    This isn't the first time he's done this stuff, this is just the second time he's gotten in trouble for it.

    Posted in Firewatch Dev Issues DMCA Takedown Against PewDiePie After He Streamed a Racial Slur [Updated]

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 9 days ago

    So many people are latching onto the copyright infringement part of this, but they're overlooking the point: yes, Campo Santo knows it shouldn't resort to a DMCA, but they have no other choice when it comes to getting their videos off of PDP's feed.

    Their main concern is making sure their game, brand, and IP is not associated with PDP in any capacity. Seeing as the man is a jackass (anyone who "accidentally" drop an 'n'-bomb in public is someone who uses it regularly--save me the "not racist" BS), it stands to reason they want to remove the possibility of looking like they support him in any capacity.

    Also: you're all ignoring that Firewatch is their game anyway. Like it or not, copyright owners have the right to determine how their IP and content is presented. It's draconian until you're the one with an IP you want presented in the right way.

    Posted in Counterpoint: People Think Campo Santo is Dangerous for Issuing PewDiePie a DMCA Takedown, They're Not

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 10 days ago

    It's a shame that Campo Santo has to resort to a DMCA, but they have the right to protect their IP from negative depictions. If it's associated to negative people, it could hurt them a lot. Pewds ran his mouth, and that could reflect badly on CS, of course they'd want to cut ties with the guy. Nobody is giving Hulk Hogan brand deals after his racist rant, either.

    Posted in Firewatch Dev Issues DMCA Takedown Against PewDiePie After He Streamed a Racial Slur [Updated]

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 13 days ago

    "Is Jean Valean secretly a Timelord with cancer in purgatory? That's just a theory--a HUGO THEORY!!!"

    *sits in a dark room with a revolver and a shot of Scotch for the rest of eternity*

    Posted in Kitase on Final Fantasy Theories: "You're Thinking About This Too Much"

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 15 days ago

    The cutscenes and music in Metroid Zero Mission still make my eyes misty to this very day. Nothing has ever done Samus so much justice as the sight of Ridley reflected in her visor as it swoops in on her.

    And then Other M flushed it all down the toilet.

    What amuses me most is that ZM explored the paternal aspects of Samus' childhood way better than Other M; Other M tried establishing Adam as Samus' father figure, but they just made him boorish and patriarchal and downright chauvanistic. Samus cowing to him made her seem less like a capable mercenary with a lot to learn and more like a teenaged girl with a bizarre Electra complex, desperate for approval. But Samus had a family with Gray Voice and Old Bird. She probably identifies more as a Chozo than as a human. (Heck, having been raised by aliens, potentially suffering from PTSD vis-a-vis Ridley's attack as a baby and countless hours spent alone spelunking cavernous planets probably means Samus is just plain weird around people. Anyone not intimidated by her Amazonian six-foot-three height would probably just be too intimidated by her lack of anything resembling recognizable human social graces. She's my first pick for a partner in a bar-fight, though!)

    Other M's hours of trying to mine Samus's paternal connection to Adam were already redundant upon creation via a less-than-ten-second shot of crayon-esque scrawls she drew as a child on an ancient Chozo mural depicting her as the mighty warrior she would become, where she's holding hands with her Chozo parents. That is the Metroid game I want to see. Samus' relationship to the Federation can go boil itself, I want to see Samus's life growing up with the Chozo, honing her someday-legendary skills by exploring Zebes as the ultimate free-range child. Also, who wants to play a game where you have a military-jerk dad when you could have a game where you have two alien-Bird-dads?

    Posted in Metroid Game By Game Reviews: Metroid Zero Mission

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 15 days ago

    I still hate that Smash Bros 4 MADE UP powers for Zero Suit Samus instead of relegating it to the fifteen minutes of interactive tension it deserved. Latex Samus is easily Metroid's Poochie.

    Posted in Metroid Game By Game Reviews: Metroid Zero Mission