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  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 3 days ago

    Disgaea is a game that totally deserves the HD treatment, but man does it make me sad that I can't get into it. Love the cast and Takehiro Harada's art, but I could never get into the intense, ridiculous grind that Disgaea required, and I'm an Etrian Odyssey man!

    Posted in Disgaea Getting an HD Remake for Its 15th Anniversary

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 11 days ago

    I have no doubt in my mind that if and when I get a Switch, I won't have a reason to keep my 3DS around... but until then? I'm still working through the Zelda Oracle games on my 3DS. I've got a pile of indies I'm looking through. I have a bunch of DS games I want to finish on my 3DS. Really, I've got nothing but reasons to keep using it.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Are You Still Playing Your Nintendo 3DS?

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 2 months ago

    Yeah, the loss of Miiverse really does hit hard. Definitely one of Nintendo's better ideas, and a definite improvement over Swapnote.

    This was one of those pleasant experiments that only Nintendo could pull off. I like to think we're all better for it.

    Posted in A Miiverse Eulogy: So Long to the First True Social Video Game Platform

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 2 months ago

    Atlus needs to bring their A-game for this.

    People trust Atlus with deeply personal stories of emotional growth in Persona, but with Persona 5 people started losing a little patience for Atlus's inability to grow from certain stereotypes (also, that bit with the writer admitting he's never been friends with a woman is a red flag for a series that tries to weave stories about teenagers becoming friends).

    If the social criticism is too hamfisted, it'll make a single splash and be forgotten. If it's too subtle, it'll just be another SMT to tide us over until the next Persona sequel/spin-off. This game REALLY needs good writing.

    Posted in Shin Megami Tensei V On the Switch Will Tackle Topics Like Unemployment, Nuclear War, and Other Modern Anxieties

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 3 months ago

    "Death is not a hunter unbeknownst to its prey, one is always aware that it lies in wait. Though life is merely a journey to the grave, it must not be undertaken without hope. Only then will a traveler’s story live on, treasured by those who bid him farewell."

    Posted in In A Mortician's Tale, Death Isn't the End of the World

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 3 months ago

    @yoPowerTime Yeah, this is in line with how Nintendo drops the hammer on unlicensed fan games.

    This isn't unfair of them so much as it's just them protecting their IP.

    As for youtube inlfuencers? Well, I regret that their income has taken a hit, I really do--but really, I don't depend on Youtubers for reviews when there are writers like Kat Bailey or Nadia Oxford around. I don't need Furious Fred raving about the ethicality of Peach's cleavage or whatever when there are reviewers who, y'know, actually critique the game.

    Posted in Report: Nintendo of America Clamps Down on Review Copies Following Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Leak

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 3 months ago

    I'm used to Parish writing these EO reviews, but he never linked the FOE music video (only referenced it). So, good on you Kat! ^_^

    I still haven't finished EO4, though, so I'll wait on this one for now.

    Posted in Etrian Odyssey 5 is the Best Hardcore RPG You Don't Know About

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 3 months ago

    Not to be dismissive, but this has been AAA Gaming's song and dance for ages now. I'm frankly surprised the industry hasn't collapsed yet because it almost feels like every AAA game is in this boat. If it's not selling minimum 10 million copies, it's "underperforming". No wonder publishers are nickle-and-diming for every last thing they can.

    But, like I said a few days ago: if your budgets have ballooned and 4 million units sold isn't enough to turn a profit, set the bar lower. Make smaller games. We don't need in-game processes that render the character's eyelashes in real-time. That stuff is flashy, but nobody's talking about Perfect Dark's "lifelike graphics" these days. They're talking about Perfect Dark's hectic and fun multiplayer.

    I don't feel bad for publishers not making a profit when they inflate their budgets to high heaven and are smacked with the reality that gamers have only so much money and time. I feel bad for the devs that lose their beloved jobs because the studio executives are greedy pigs obsessed with making just one more fistful of quarters.

    Posted in Dead Space 2 "Underperformed" Despite 4 Million Sold, According to Former Visceral Employee

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 3 months ago

    Jim Sterling made a really good point: this really is all about greed.

    It's never the small games that do this--the budget titles made on a shoestring. It's always the full-priced AAA games that nickle-and-dime us with pointless special editions, Gold/Silver/Platinum launch editions, Season Passes AND now lootboxes. Not one or the other. ALL of these.

    It's on them, and we should PUT it on them. We didn't ask for games to be made on bloated budgets, we didn't ask for games to be made on experimental tech--and if they're doing it to appeal to us, it's not our fault their games are too expensive to make back their budgets. A reasonable mind would dial back the budget and make something easier to recoup.

    Another point. Japan imposed policy that requires that all games with gacha elements reveal their odds for pulling rewards of given tiers. That's something worth replicating.

    That, or not making games with bleeding-edge graphics, patting yourself on the back for it, then whining when 5 million copies isn't enough to make back your budget.

    Posted in Gamers Like Opening Loot Boxes Too Much to Stop Now, Even at the Expense of Balanced Gameplay

  • Avatar for TernBird TernBird 4 months ago

    @LBD_Nytetrayn Yes, it does! It has a Boss Rush mode where some of the characters gain stronger forms. Meta-Knight becomes Galacta Knight, and Dedede becomes Masked Dedede.

    I think it might have more bonus content, but never having played Super Star Ultra I wouldn't know.

    I agree with Nadia, though: it's always been my personal belief that the Kirby games are Nintendo's best franchise. There isn't a single game in the series you could call "bad". "Simplistic", maybe. "Easy", sure. But no Kirby game is "bad".

    Posted in Super NES Classic Reviews Game by Game #20: Kirby Super Star