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  • Avatar for Thad Thad Yesterday

    @MetManMas I thought Gollum's role in the first game made sense -- of course he'd be drawn to Celebrimbor.

    Posted in Middle-Earth Shadow of War Changed Shelob and Fans Aren't Having Any of It

  • Avatar for Thad Thad Yesterday

    The community consensus around Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War is that the game is already treading dangerously into fan-fiction territory after Shadow of Mordor.

    As if Shadow of Mordor weren't already fan fiction?

    Everything that's ever been licensed or franchised is fan fiction. Every Batman story that wasn't written by Bill Finger is fan fiction, from the Adam West TV series to The Dark Knight Returns to Burton, Schumacher, Nolan, and Lego Batman. Hell, Batman v Superman is fan fiction of fan fiction.

    Basically everybody who's written for the current Doctor Who series (and at least half of the people who've starred in it) grew up as a fan -- Davies, Moffat, Cornell, and Gaiman, off the top of my head.

    The Abrams Star Trek and Star Wars movies? Fan fiction. "Reimaginings" of old properties like Battlestar Galactica and Westworld? Fan fiction. Noah Hawley's Fargo and Legion series? Fan fiction. The 2013 Tomb Raider reboot? Fan fiction.

    Even the Lord of the Rings movies were fan fiction. I thought some of the changes were good (putting Arwen in for Glorfindel, moving Boromir's death from the beginning of the second book to the end of the first movie) and some were not (most of the last act of The Two Towers: the unnecessary Faramir/Osgiliath subplot, plus the decision to shunt the actual climaxes of the book (Gandalf's confrontation with Saruman and Frodo's battle with Shelob) into the first act of the next movie).

    Of course it's fan fiction. It's a Middle-Earth story that wasn't written by JRR Tolkien.

    All that said...yes, this looks absolutely ridiculous. Even more ridiculous than what we're already working with, which is a game francise where Stabby Batman goes to Mordor.

    Posted in Middle-Earth Shadow of War Changed Shelob and Fans Aren't Having Any of It

  • Avatar for Thad Thad Yesterday

    Good choices. I'd add Pac-Man and Bubble Bobble. Maybe Bomberman.

    Posted in The Most Pop Games

  • Avatar for Thad Thad 6 days ago

    I wonder if that piece was always intended as the TMNT 3 box art, or if Dooney originally drew it for some other purpose (toy box art, poster, comic cover, etc.)? The floating Manhattan in the corner is the only thing that suggests a TMNT 3 connection, and it could have been added to an already-existing piece.

    It wouldn't have been out of place as a cover on a Mirage comic, except for the bandana colors and the positioning of Leonardo's scabbards, either of which could have been a quick last-minute change.

    Posted in Konami's NES Box Art: So Good, So Bad

  • Avatar for Thad Thad 8 days ago

    Huh. I already bought the PSP version but haven't had a chance to play it. Wonder if the PC port will bring any improvements beyond what I'd get from running the PSP version in PPSSPP.

    Posted in XSEED Announced a Brand New PC Port of Ys Seven

  • Avatar for Thad Thad 11 days ago

    The box art for the first TMNT game wasn't just "comic-style"; it WAS a comic book cover. (Specifically, issue #4, second printing.)

    And yeah, it was a weird call. They even stuck with the red masks.

    Posted in Nadia's Midboss Musings: Let's Celebrate Good NES Box Art for a Change

  • Avatar for Thad Thad 12 days ago

    @SatelliteOfLove I can't say as I consider getting dumped back to "Press Start" and having to re-select my save, and then having to navigate back to where I was, to be a "nice thing". Are speed bumps your favorite thing about driving?

    Posted in Mario Continues the Path to Godhood, Super Mario Odyssey Won't Have Any Game Overs

  • Avatar for Thad Thad 12 days ago

    I've already got a 2DS. I like its ergonomics, and I don't think the SNES and Xenoblade compatibility are enticing enough for me to switch, but I've been seeing glowing writeups like this one, so I'm at least thinking about it.

    Am I right in understanding that if I want to play my downloaded games on the New 2DS, I have to remove them from my old 2DS?

    Posted in Nintendo New 2DS XL Review: The 3DS Model You Should Own

  • Avatar for Thad Thad 17 days ago

    It's been nice seeing their games on PC, too.

    I'm a Linux user, so my preference is Linux-native versions, but I know that's not always realistic. And Trails in the Sky runs great under Wine.

    Posted in Why Trails in the Sky Developer Falcom is Embracing the PS4, and Their Thoughts on the Switch

  • Avatar for Thad Thad 18 days ago

    Good. Lives are a relic of the arcade and haven't made sense in decades. I was wondering when the Mario series would finally abandon them.

    Posted in Mario Continues the Path to Godhood, Super Mario Odyssey Won't Have Any Game Overs