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  • Avatar for Thad Thad 4 days ago

    I'm going to wait. I've said this elsewhere, but to summarize: a hybrid console/handheld system is a great idea, but the Switch doesn't look like it's very good at either; it's underpowered for a console and its battery life is lousy for a handheld. And the price...for the cost of a Switch and one game (of which we have a choice between two launch titles), I could get a PS4 and a 2DS, and have a good console *and* a good handheld.

    And since I already have a 2DS...

    This is definitely "wait" for me. Not just wait for a price drop, but probably wait for a hardware revision. Get that power consumption figured out, Nintendo, and then we'll see.

    Course, I decided to wait for the Wii U to drop to a reasonable price, too, and I'm *still* waiting. And with the Switch debuting at $300, I'm not sure the Wii U's ever going to drop to a reasonable price.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Did Nintendo's Switch Presentation Convince You to Buy, Abstain, or Wait?

  • Avatar for Thad Thad 6 days ago

    Or maybe developers could just *let us save anywhere, because it is not 1987 and we are no longer storing our data on tiny watch batteries*.

    Posted in Bowser and Bowser Jr Outline the Switch's Parental Controls in a Warm Family Drama

  • Avatar for Thad Thad 6 days ago

    I wouldn't say worst-case, unless the games turn out to cost $80 apiece. But yeah, this is pretty bad. Not just wait-for-a-price-drop bad, but wait-for-a-hardware-refresh bad.

    A hybrid console/handheld is a great idea, but this is neither fish nor fowl; it's too underpowered for a console, its battery life is far too poor for a handheld, and it's at a price point where Nintendo had better hope that nobody realizes that for $50 more they could buy a PS4 and a 2DS.

    Or maybe that's why the 2DS got so hard to find anywhere all of a sudden.Edited 6 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in Reaction: This Was Pretty Much the Switch's Worst Case Scenario

  • Avatar for Thad Thad 7 days ago

    That's...not a good price. This could be a major misstep.

    I mean, if they play their usual artificial scarcity game, they can probably sell out preorders. (I mean, it would be pretty embarrassing if there were Switches sitting on shelves and you still couldn't buy an NES Mini.) But this isn't even a low enough price to make the price of the Wii U drop enough to be a good deal.

    Posted in How Much Will The Nintendo Switch Cost? $299 on March 3, 2017

  • Avatar for Thad Thad 8 days ago

    @Karisu Because it was assembled from interviews?

    Posted in 10 Things We Learned From Final Fantasy VII: An Oral History

  • Avatar for Thad Thad 8 days ago

    There's already an Android port of Castle of Illusion; I sure wouldn't rule out its inclusion.

    Posted in Disney Set-Top Box Comes Pre-Loaded With Games and Other Media

  • Avatar for Thad Thad 10 days ago

    @Lane To what end? Nintendo intentionally loses out on Christmas sales just to prevent its paying customers from engaging in activity which doesn't actually take any money out of its pocket?

    Posted in Hackers Crack the NES Mini To Add More Games Via USB

  • Avatar for Thad Thad 12 days ago

    @larkan511 This schtick was old 25 years ago when it was the Genesis fanboys doing it. Give it a rest.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch's Hybrid Nature: Some of the Strengths, All of the Weaknesses?

  • Avatar for Thad Thad 13 days ago

    @boatie If the Switch has a touchscreen (we don't know yet), then mapping is simple enough in handheld mode: use a region of the screen as a map. You can still have a dual-screen-like division even if you only have one screen.

    The problem is what to do when it's docked, and there's really no good solution. Motion controls are too imprecise, even if you make the map *really big*, and navigating a grid with a d-pad or joystick doesn't sound like much fun (I mean, I played the hell out of SimCity on the SNES, but that's a lot less fiddly than drag-and-dropping lines, door icons, etc. onto little squares). Best solution I can think of is a touchpad peripheral, but peripherals come with their own share of problems.

    The best bad solution I can think of is basically a combination of all these things: touchscreen for mobile, point-and-click interface for the TV (joystick probably better than motion controls), touchpad peripheral available for those who want it -- but realistically, most people will probably just play on the screen and not bother with the dock on this one.

    Though again, that all assumes that the Switch even has a touchscreen. If not, then really the only option Etrian has left is mobile.

    Posted in The Handheld's Last Stand

  • Avatar for Thad Thad 15 days ago