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  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick Yesterday

    I wouldn't be to concerned about the opion of the internet. I don't get it why they think hunter are useless. No class is useless as long as you shoot things. Don't people remember that the nightstalker wasn't there in the first raids? And we still managed to finish them. When i raid warlock i almost always play void, unless there is a section with a lot of adds clearing. I have never heard any warlock ask: "what is the utility of the void warlock."

    I play all three characters a lot and the speed and mobilty of the hunter makes it a lot more fun now. The way that melee is a big part of the arcstrider gameplay with buffs every time you hit. And chains of woe and reload roll make handcannon a joy to use. The golden gun thing is very interesting. You can't select the other node, but now you have gun of panic, which has a short duration while 6 shots and you just fire (good for bosses) and the more normal golden gun which has now precision kills and that extends duration is on the other node. I suspect it's not the hunter class itself, but people just play it wrong.

    Didn't had a problem with the generator. You can just stand in the middle and time your jumps.Edited 2 times. Last edited 16 hours ago by Unknown

    Posted in Destiny 2 Beta Reactions are Mostly Mixed, Especially on the Hunter Class

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 2 days ago

    Almost all changes feel pvp related and hunters were OP. Long range auto assisted one hit lasers (with bonus explosion), almost no chance at killing an auto aim Blade dancer with the special ammo nerf. And blink and the roll and invisibility. Every class has a bunch of useless grenades. I think they have balanced it better and the hunter got the nerfs it needed. Just like the striker shoulder charge. Every other class has been nerfed in destiny, it was just the turn of the hunter. PVP is now all about gunplay anyway as your super only charges one time in a match. Hunters are still fun. I have poledanced a lot and had plenty of multikills.

    Posted in Six Things We've Learned from the Destiny 2 Beta So Far

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 10 days ago

    Working my way through heavensward now. FF9 is next on the vita, cause I never finished it.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Are You Playing for JRPG July?

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 10 days ago

    @SuperShinobi Driveclub and many other games deserved the low score they got when reviewed. A lot of publisher release unfinished products. That's their choice, but the consequence of releasing a mess (DC was a mess at the time, both with servers, but also handling and AI) should be taking into account when you pay full price.

    edit: i think DC was also a PR disaster on sony's side. With all kinds of promises of a free versionEdited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Starting Screen: Looking Behind The Curtain Of Game Reviews

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 10 days ago

    There is a difference between a review and a opinion though. A review is an opinion, but an opinion is not a review.

    In different genres, different aspects of the game need to be highlighted. In a 2d fighter i want to know about balance of roster and playability and if the input feels right. In racegames i want to know about IA and handeling and tracks. In RPG i want to know about story and characters, if they are well developed and how the battles are. Then there is of course level design, UI design, quest design, originality, theme, style, dialogue etc. which may or may not be very important for the game to work.

    At the end you arrive at a number and i want to know how you arrived at that number, Why are the important things good/bad.

    If you can not make a good argument for that number i do not take the review seriously. The point of a review is not to tell anyone if they will like the game, that is for the reader to decide. The point is to play the game and describe what they did good and what they did bad, what is the overall feeling with the game and how it all relates to each other and the price you pay for it. If by reading the review, the number makes sense i don't care what number it is.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Looking Behind The Curtain Of Game Reviews

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 23 days ago
  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 27 days ago

    Just started heavensward. Maybe i'll reach this when the next expension is releases as i always get sidetracked by lvl other jobs and golden saucer stuff.Edited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Review: A Revolution That Lives Up To the 'Final Fantasy' Name

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 28 days ago

    i didn't hear you guys complain when you got a superior Zelda BOW switch special edition ;)

    Posted in How Come Europe Gets Such a Cool Metroid: Samus Returns Special Edition?

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 29 days ago
  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 30 days ago

    Hopefully we'll see these games emulated on console too. I really would like saturn games. Though I guess panzer dragoon orta comes with panzer dragoon for the one.

    Posted in Sega Forever Brings Classic Genesis Games To Mobile On June 22