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  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 4 days ago

    Haven’t played it when it got released, but will play it now between battlefront 2 matches

    Posted in In Defense of L.A. Noire, The Game Where It Feels Good to Be a Bad Detective

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 8 days ago

    Respawn has zampella and west and they created a great dev company after being fired. They can handle ea and if not, they just make another dev studio. I think it will be fine.

    Posted in It's Hard to Be Excited About EA's Respawn Deal After Visceral and BioWare Montreal

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 10 days ago

    I for one don’t mind. Plenty of games to play. Another impulse buy which sits on a shelf for months avoided.

    Posted in Report: Ni No Kuni 2 Delayed Again

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 11 days ago

    I whish we could get a new midnight club :(

    Posted in Need for Speed Payback Review: Needs More Tuning

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 14 days ago

    Panzer Dragoon saga. It takes everything I love from 1 and 2 and puts it in rpg style.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Video Game Sequel?

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 15 days ago

    @barren_sky I had a xbox, traded in for this one and also have pc that I use for VR. Only race on my pc. Even with Steam link, I still prefer a console. I bought the x, cause I like xbox and tech. I have a ps4, but for me the pro didn’t do enough, combined that I just don’t play it enough. Xbox x does enough for me to warrant the upgrade.

    Posted in Xbox One X Review: Our Verdict on Microsoft's Premium Console

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 15 days ago

    I enjoy it. It has definitly more soul then the last couple and the setting helps. Sure, still plenty of popcorn action scenes, but you don’t feel like an overpowered superman. Just a guy with a gun. I also like that they went with health packs and not auto regen.

    Posted in Call of Duty WW2 Gets Reviews That Remind Us of the Black Ops Days

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 17 days ago

    @airbagfin51 simplistic in the way that it’s very black and white. People are bad towards androids. In the E3 2016 trailer it’s a little girl hostage situation and the people don’t like the android. E3 2017 was an Android who awakens other Androids tells them they can be whatever they want and are no longer slaves. Obviously they weren’t slaven, cause they weren’t awoken yet (i gather from the trailer) and ironically they pledge to Marcus like sheep. Now we have another little girl with abuse from a deadbeat dad. I haven’t seen one nice Human and all Androids are victims.

    More choices doesn’t mean more complexity, if the characters are black and white. The option to kill the kid doesn’t really adds much in the current abuse scene. However, if for example the kid found a gun and threaten to kill the dad, it becomes a more interesting option. I know we are going of trailers and not the finished product, but to me it feels like interesting situations just aren’t there, cause the angle is one-sided. Humans are bad. Androids and childeren are innocent.

    Posted in Rhianna Pratchett Responds to David Cage: "Step Up to the Plate and Talk About the Creative Choices You Made"

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 17 days ago

    From the trailers i have seen of Detroit, i feel it is going to be a very simplistic take on the Human side of robots. This encounters looks like a way for a robot to feel empathy and using a little girl and drunk dad is a very easy way (in the sense that everybody would feel empathy) to achieve that.

    Of course it is hard to tell without context, but if you decide to show it in a trailer and focus on it then you should expect questions why you did. This happens everytime you release a trailer. People ask how the trailer will represent then finished product. And they release trailers, so you can talk about the game, so you can sell it. He should man up and answer the questions.

    Posted in Rhianna Pratchett Responds to David Cage: "Step Up to the Plate and Talk About the Creative Choices You Made"

  • Avatar for Thetick Thetick 20 days ago

    The thing that annoys me is that the maps with all the collectables are now bought with money. In farcry they were bought with in-game currency. That is not progress. That’s trying to make money. First you create achievements. Then you create no point collections to artificially lengthen a game and tie it to achievements and then you sell time saving maps to find those. Unbelievable.

    Posted in Assassin's Creed Origins Is a Model of AAA Microtransaction Restraint