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  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki 3 days ago

    I haven't played a TES game since Morrowind, but I'd think mod support counts as a pretty big thing to give up for going portable. But at least that was mentioned in the review.

    Posted in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim for Switch Preserves That Dragonborn Feeling on a Small Screen

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki 3 days ago

    If an early access game stays in EA for multiple years, getting near-annual major changes (I've never played Darkest Dungeon or Minecraft, so I don't know), should the game be eligible for nomination every year? Moving on to, say, World of Warcraft and its various expansions: should it be eligible for nomination every year?

    Anyone got a link where VGA says what the requirements for eligible games contending for GOTY are?

    TV series can run for multiple years and they have their annual rewards. Is VGA GOTY an Emmy or an Oscar? With PUBG in the nominees, I'd say it's an Emmy.

    EDIT: Okay, I found the rules from VGA's website. Yeah, I read the rules so that if WoW made big overhauls, it could be a GOTY nominee as well.Edited 3 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in Opinion: Nominating PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for Game of the Year is a Terrible Idea

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki 15 days ago

    Runners-up first:
    SimCity 2000 comes to mind.
    Streets of Rage 2. The pinnacle of the series, I think.

    (Curious how Street Fighter 2 hasn't been mentioned -- I expected someone to name it (I don't like the genre myself).)

    My real answer? Endless Ocean 2 was a big improvement on the first game and one of my favourite games ever.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Video Game Sequel?

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki 20 days ago

    Spelunky showed how procedurally generated platformer can work. Hopefully they can give in Spelunky 2 something we didn't know we needed.

    I'm curious. I don't think I'll buy a PS4 to play it, though.

    Posted in Spelunky 2 is Happening

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki 24 days ago

    @fstim82 NES, SNES in the 1990s and Wii, Wii U, 3DS, Switch even now? I'd say that's enough Nintendo experience. I just don't consider it a given that Nintendo's games control the way I'd like them.

    The main reason I asked the questions from@nadiaoxford was because I didn't like the emphasis placed on listing the individual transformations, taking room from justified review mainstays like controls, implementation's technical competence (and 'plot'). I appreciate the context given w.r.t. Zelda, but if that bloats the review beyond its allotted word limit, maybe place it in a companion article, something that I see frequently.

    The closest mention to how the game controlled I saw was in the summary with the camera. After posting my original comment, I've seen comments on other sites how some actions are limited to using motion controls (no clue if that's true or not). That sounds like something worth mentioning in a review, unless the review's intended as supplementary material. Controls are no less essential to the experience than graphics and sounds.

    I'm not getting this game, at least not yet. I had made the decision before this week, and comparing it to Mario 64 (which I didn't play until on Wii and for that reason I am justified in not liking it) did it no favours. At least it sounds more interesting than BotW.

    Posted in Super Mario Odyssey Review: Gotta Capture 'em All

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki 24 days ago

    Okay... how well does the game control? How much downtime is there (load times etc.)?

    Posted in Super Mario Odyssey Review: Gotta Capture 'em All

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki 26 days ago

    @Zebetite Yes, but I also think DK went way overboard in how long the delays were. Going by Jim Sterling's video, mining two consecutive tiles would take 28 hours.

    I didn't look at how long the wait times in this game will be, though.

    Posted in Be in IRL Debt to Tom Nook When Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Launches This Year

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki A month ago

    Of their games that I've played, I loved MySims Kingdom the best.

    Posted in The Rise and Fall of Visceral Games

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki A month ago

    I've been usually running behind in "state-of-the-art" graphics, but I imagine the closest I've come to feeling like that is with Rebel Assault on PC. It was the first FMV game I had that stretched to fit the whole screen (or nearly so), and I played it before I saw Quake.Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Older Game Did You Think Had Graphics That Would Never Be Bettered?

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki A month ago

    I need to try MP:FF online. I really don't like playing with 3DS's physical controls (makes my fingers and hands cramp), but if I ever want to try MP:FF or Triforce Heroes with someone, the chances are only getting worse every day.

    Posted in Metroid Game-By-Game Reviews: The Metroid Spin-Offs