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  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki 6 days ago

    New Style Boutique 3 on 3DS in Europe this year is the best news I've heard of being in this direct.

    Posted in Nintendo Direct Recap: DOOM on the Switch, New Switch Bundles, and More

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki 14 days ago

    ... which makes me want to delete any and all posts I've made and can delete from Miiverse before the bot collects them.

    Posted in Nintendo's Miiverse May Be Dying, but an Archiver Is Working to Preserve It All

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki 20 days ago

    "Ultimate indie machine" sounds like a hyperbole, even if we ignore the PC and mobiles. Nintendo is making a big number of the indie games on their platforms, but how do those numbers compare to what PSN or whatever the XBoxOne online storefront is called?

    To put it differently: Sony and Microsoft may not appear to make as big a deal of indies as Nintendo is, but is it because they don't have as "many" (which is the way I understand the article title to suggest) or because they don't have to (which I believe is closer to the truth)? ("many" in quotes since I'm pretty confident their stores have more different indie titles than Switch does, but possibly not when measured in sales or percentage of all games available.)

    Posted in The Nintendo Switch Is Quickly Becoming the Ultimate Indie Game Machine

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki 25 days ago

    MySims Kingdom (Wii). The game bought me over with its translation into my native language (not all that common). Since there were no voiceovers, they didn't have to squeeze lines into a limited number of syllables.

    That game made me a fan of MySims series, or rather the Kingdom and Agents games: Racing was mostly OK, the first had too many loading screens, Party I haven't tried and SkyHeroes was a major letdown.

    I still rank Agents very highly on my list of favourite games on any platform.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Came Out of Nowhere to Become a Favorite?

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki 26 days ago

    "Just my opinion", but I think Primes are the reason I consider 3D Metroids far superior to 2D ones. And Minish Cap is why I consider 2D Zeldas superior to 3D ones.

    Scanning for data is possibly my favourite part of the whole Metroid series.

    Posted in Metroid Game By Game Reviews: Metroid Prime

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki 27 days ago

    I think I've read an interview that told how the CEO of Colossal Order (Cities Skylines devs) told the devs to throw out the sleeping bags or something they had brought to the office for the supposedly unavoidable crunch time later down the line. And how they finally turned the release version of Cities Skylines (or was it one of their earlier games?) a few days before the deadline. I need to look for this interview; it's possibly in Finnish. So consider what I said above just unsourced hearsay for now.

    At least their RPS interview kind of refers to avoiding the crunch.

    Game development really is one of the few fields where poor project management is something people are proud of. (Something I probably stole from a Finnish interview they gave.)

    Posted in "Crunch Time" Should Not Be Celebrated, Praised, or Smiled Upon in the Games Industry

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki A month ago

    Not a fan of the movie series in the slightest, but I wish the devs the best of luck.

    Posted in Planet of the Apes Is Getting Its Own Cinematic Adventure Game

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki A month ago

    Personally, I'd rather play through two acts before dying against a boss and repeating from start than fighting just as long against the same boss. I gave up on Transformers once I felt the boss fight became a waste of my time. That's why I don't intend to bother with Soulslikes or Monster Hunters based on what I've heard about them. At least I get more variation when I repeat the stages than banging my head against the wall that is a boss and wait it to die a death by a thousand papercuts.Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Sonic Mania’s Save System Sucks

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki A month ago

    "Would you like to play FMV games on the go?"
    FMV games, sure. Night Trap, not so much.

    Posted in Nicalis Wants To Bring Night Trap To Switch

  • Avatar for Toelkki Toelkki A month ago

    I need to tell my parents how much I appreciate they involved themselves with my hobby that was as solitary as it was. One played Sky Jaguar (Konami, 1984), the other Super Cobra (Konami, 1983 port for MSX).

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Can You Remember Your Parents Playing?