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  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 3 days ago

    Always liked the Link To The Past supplementary materials design the best.

    Posted in Ocarina of Time's Link Is (Maybe, Probably) Based on Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 4 days ago

    So I looked at this review originally when there were only two comments. Twelve hours later there's like a hundred and fifty. Hmmmm.

    This is a smaller, more personality driven site that has just has a change in staff. If you're a regular visitor here for it's reviews, podcasts, etc, you kind of learn more about the people. You know Mike likes open world games and PC gaming. Kat likes JRPGs and that reputation goes back to 1Up and Active Time Babble. A new person doesn't bring that breadth of familiarity, so I have the same thought now I did after the first two comments:

    "Hmm, Axe of the Blood God should be interesting."

    Posted in Horizon Zero Dawn Review

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 7 days ago

    My interest in the game died as soon as Niantic became clear that they frown on databases keeping track of what Pokémon are where. I'd travel to parts of my city I've never been to before in the interest of catching specific mons, but just running my battery down happening upon whatever would turn up to be nearby on my travels? Forget it.

    It's weird because, for about 48 hours until the hammer came down, I was excited and figuring out bus routes to odd places to try my chance at getting a Chansey, Snorlax, Scyther, etc.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Will the New Pokemon GO Update Drive You Back out onto the Streets?

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 7 days ago

    [Removed my comment for the other PokeGO post because I think it's better fitted there]Edited 2 times. Last edited 1 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Mystic, Valor, and Defending Giant Menorahs: The USG Staff Share Their Personal Favorite Pokémon GO Moments

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 10 days ago

    It really depends on what kind of business PDP wants to run. Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild fame has enough money to live comfortable, but is never going to be a mogul making output on CBS primetime.

    Being alternative and off-color can make you successful, it'll also potentially limit your chances at being one of the most successful. But most of us wouldn't have a chance at either kind of success. It's an incredibly rare comedian who somehow manages to thread the line of offensive shock humor while still somehow remaining a mainstream recognizable figure.

    There's less of those unicorns these days, but the exposure they get is greater. Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks, and to a lesser extent George Carlin never got the recognition from the mainstream that Sarah Silverman and Louis CK have.

    I haven't watched the PDP videos in question (I avoid his account in general, thanks), but from the descriptions it sounds like a really low-rent Jackass, aimed at people who have the know-how to go watch videos of that show instead.Edited 2 times. Last edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Opinion: PewDiePie And The Effect Of Speech Meeting Reality

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 17 days ago

    My understanding from looking at what mouse/keyboard people on consoles often do is use software that simply maps actions to controller actions. This has it's own drawbacks in that you have issues with dead-zone lock, input sensitivity, etc. In some competitive console shooters, the very best players use controllers and while there are some keyboard pros the negatives of this wrapper don't make the keyboard as fully advantageous as it would be on a PC.

    I can still understand Blizzard's desire to do this though and think they should just restrict it to Competitive mode. Leave Quick Play and Arcade mode for whatever, there's no promises of balance in those modes anyway.

    Posted in Overwatch's Fight Against Alternative Input and The Folks Caught in The Middle

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 27 days ago

    I'm one of those people who likes random background mutants and small-time heroes. I'm okay with the current/incoming status quo, where the Hulk is suddenly a Korean-American teenager, Iceman is gay, and Wolverine is semi-retired.

    Suffice it to say based on sales numbers and message board venting, a lot of comics fans don't like what I like, so I doubt I'll get the game I want. I'll probably get a generic game featuring depictions of the characters that resemble the movie characters but not quite enough to owe anyone a royalty. And that's sad.Edited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Are You Excited About Square-Enix's Avengers Games?

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 29 days ago

    @KaiserWarrior My guess (emphasis on "guess") is that they decided that it couldn't pass under the TV rating they were giving the entire broadcast. If they decided to broadcast it as TV-PG, similar to what pro wrestling is today, it's possible that racier outfits would require them to go TV-14 instead (which is what wrestling used to be in the edgier 90s years).Edited 2 times. Last edited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Everything You Need To Know About Killer Instinct's Teabagging Controversy

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 29 days ago

    I have a Strafe and my take is "like, not love." 90% of the time it's a great keyboard, though I wish Corsair would design software for the mass market and not for tiny number of extreme tinkerers. Most people just want to have a specific lighting design or a couple options differ in certain games, and Razer/SteelSeries do a lot better job in catering to their whims without causing them to become lost in redundant hardware profiles and numerous pages of settings.

    Both are also pitching developers on (sadly proprietary) APIs that link game status to custom lighting profiles in their hardware. So, for example, your Q key flashes if you have an ultimate in Overwatch. It's a small, but nice detail. Corsair does nothing like that. They essentially are the Linux of driver packages: intimidating, but loaded with options.

    The actual Strafe hardware is fine, I'd get a K-series if I wanted dedicated media keys but I don't use them that often. Some people ding the Strafe for having a plastic backing while the Ks have metal, but I have yet to be convinced that there's any performance in that feature; it seems closer to "leather seats" than "anti-lock braking" in terms of making a difference in your play.

    Posted in Corsair K95 Platinum Review: The Flagship Learns From Corsair's Solid Mid-Range

  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene UnskippableCutscene 29 days ago

    Going to be That Guy:
    I have no problem with in-game "hold L2 to taunt" stuff, or MOST in-game nonsense. One of my favorite moments in MOBA esports was a team that deliberately dumped their treasures and weapons in front of the other team when they had an unassailable lead.

    The alternative is you turn into baseball. Right now in baseball, a number of people (especially a number of pitchers with fragile egos) get mad about players flipping their bat, watching the ball fly, or any other self-indulgent behavior after hitting a home run. And a number of players like Bryce Harper (who is vocal about it) or Yasiel Puig who don't follow the 'unwritten rule' and get a combination of attention and media heat for it.

    So usually I'm okay with taunts.

    But I have a thing with "tea bagging", because it's an activity I knew as a college-era prank IRL done to people who were passed out/sleeping/etc before anyone was doing it in a video game. And it's rooted in a bundle of other bad things. It's only "funny" because presumably the victim is someone who wouldn't give permission for that sort of thing. I could understand how people who only know it as a videogame taunt would see it more innocently and think I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but much like how I step away from a crowd when someone uses certain slurs, I would get after someone IRL for tea bagging.

    It shouldn't be "do this once, get banned" but gaming culture needs to invent some kind of alternative that isn't dripping with homophobia and sex assault overtones. Similar to how "REKT" took off as a more acceptable alternative to another word.

    Finally: Don't know if he's still around, but from what I remember the Cross Assault guy who took the "Locker Room Talk" defense for his harassment eventually realized his errors and became one of the better-natured people in the community. Given that it still is generating flames in 2017, he probably realized that he needed to become more likable or he was going to sink himself if not also take down fighting games as a spectator sport.

    Posted in Everything You Need To Know About Killer Instinct's Teabagging Controversy