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Hopeless dreamer who infrequently writes about games (and other stuff) at Sluglips and Full Glass, Empty Clip.

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  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 21 hours ago

    This looks like my dream game. I am more excited about this than anything else lined up for the Switch.

    Regarding the (probably/hopefully a placeholder) name, it's obviously going to be a SaGa-esque JRPG spin on Buddhist philosophy. Obviously.

    Posted in Bravely Default Producer Working on Octopath Traveler For Switch

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 2 days ago

    I never buy consoles at launch, so maybe I just don't do the hype train. That's not really a bad thing; I think audiences have an unhealthy relationship with the "hype-then-crash" cycle and I'm seeing a lot of that in some of the responses.

    So, maybe my not planning on buying a Switch within the next year colors my reaction, but I feel pretty positive about the lineup so far. It's not going to appeal much to "AAA" gamers, but indie titles, JRPGs and quirky odd Japanese games are my wheelhouse and Switch already has a bunch of those lined up. Plus the usual outstanding first party titles. I'm happy. But I'm also not planning on buying a new console anytime soon, so.

    Octopath Traveler is like my dream game.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Did Nintendo's Switch Presentation Convince You to Buy, Abstain, or Wait?

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 14 days ago

    "Flight" remains one of my all time favorite tracks from any game. It's just so utterly gorgeous and sets a perfect mood for the game. Beautiful, otherworldly and soaring. That bull-roarer sound near the end is up there with the Secret of Mana "whale song" as one of my favorite sounds from a game, too.

    Posted in Panzer Dragoon Soundtrack Review: Soaring Themes

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 20 days ago

    Given the first game, I imagine this is more of an appropriate thematic continuation/deliberate artistic decision than an actual marketing strategy.

    Still, if it helps the kids learn more about the history of boxing and rocketship repair, it's a good thing.

    Posted in Why is Everyone So Excited About Frog Fractions 2? A Quick Explainer

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 25 days ago

    This is good news. I haven't played Setsuna yet, but 98% of its appeal to me was its originality. Not every game needs to spawn a soulless franchise. Tokyo RPG Factory obviously have some genuine talent regardless of the game's flaws, so I'm happy to hear they'll be utilizing that in continuing to try new things.

    Posted in I Am Setsuna Won't Have a Direct Sequel, Says Tokyo RPG Factory

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 29 days ago

    All the best, Jeremy. I hope 2017 is good to you.

    I actually read (and comment on) the site as often as I do because I am also unenthused about whatever the Current New Thing in games is; but nor am I particularly jaded and angry about Where Games Went Wrong. There seem to be surprisingly few games sites aimed at grownups who aren't totally 100% thrilled with the latest AAA release but also aren't grumpy, embittered curmudgeons. I like games a lot. I just mostly like a style of game that slips under the radar more these days.

    Anyhow; I'm happy to stick around for Kat, Mike, Nadia and Evil Jeremy (or... Good Jeremy?... come on, one of you needs a goatee!). This place is a nice little corner of the web, and I've always liked the diversity in perspectives given such a small team.

    Posted in Letter from the Editor: A Big Change Ahead for USgamer

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska A month ago

    Most of the games that appeal to me are "mid-budget" or "indie" titles. I generally seem to like weird, quirky, artsy, offbeat titles, and "AAA" games rarely take risks or even bother to try reaching me as a target audience, so.

    I do like Nintendo, though! I have no idea where something like Mario or Zelda even falls on the AAA/Mid-Budget scale. I consider them "AAA" if I stop to think about it, but that carries connotations of a certain kind of game that Nintendo don't make.

    Posted in In Praise of the B-Game

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska A month ago

    There is a lot to be said for designing characters with some thought to the context and mood of the game they'll appear in. What is the climate/culture like? Do other characters dress this way? If no, why does this character? etc. "Fan Service" is sketchy not because all characters must be modest androgynous blobs as decreed by the Lord of the Radch, but because it ignores all context in favor of trying to appeal to horny teenage boys. At best, it's just tacky. It removes a little bit of class and runs a risk of slightly alienating some of its own audience.

    There are also distinctions to be made between "sexy" and "sexualized" design, and reasons why scantly clad male characters aren't a 1:1 parallel with scantly clad female characters (especially since most of them are "fan service" still aimed at teen boy fantasies), but that's a whole other warehouse full of worms. It just sucks a little that this mostly pretty good game in a series that's been above-average at female representation decided to drop playable female characters and toss in a small dose of skeevy "fan service" this time around, is all. It could have been much worse; but it could have been much better.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV Lacks Female Characters, but It Still Keeps Women Players in Mind

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska A month ago

    This is the biggest bummer about the game for me. It's such an important thing precisely because Final Fantasy has always been a leader in decent-to-good female representation, with a fairly good gender balance in its audience. It feels like part of XV trying to appeal to Western players a bit more was kinda...turning away from that, just a little. It could easily be much worse, I know, but here's hoping the next game has a tad more estrogen.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV Lacks Female Characters, but It Still Keeps Women Players in Mind

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska A month ago


    I agree. It's time to let go of the past and figure out something new, or else we'll just get things like Breath of Fire 6. Some of Capcom's old IPs could translate to AAA titles, but I'm not sure they'd be huge hits. Re-releasing older titles on new platforms seems like a better move. I do like the idea of allowing indie developers to play with stagnant IPs, but that'll vary a lot and won't bring in the AAA money everyone aims for now.

    I really miss the Capcom 5 days.

    Posted in Capcom Needs to Get Creative About Reviving Its "Dormant IP"