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Hopeless dreamer who infrequently writes about games (and other stuff) at Sluglips and Full Glass, Empty Clip.

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  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 5 hours ago

    Sigh. Well, now I have no excuse not to reinstall FFXIV I suppose.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XIV Lets You Play Up To Level 35 For Free

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 1 days ago

    A wasted opportunity. They should've been seagulls. Or at least sea-pigeons.

    Posted in Um, Why There Are Pigeons in Splatoon 2?

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 9 days ago

    Fantastic writeup, Caty! This game (well, series) has intrigued me for a while, but your recent articles have knocked it up to my most-anticipated slot. This just sounds wonderful; exactly the kind of big, messy, philosophy-masquerading-as-gaudy-sci-fi stuff that I eat up.

    Plus, you can ride a moose. A+ Game of the Year.

    Posted in Nier: Automata and the Illusion of Survival

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 13 days ago

    Huh. So. Uh. Yeah. My last comment? It's a joke. I like these articles! A lot. I would seriously enjoy more free-form reviews that focus on sillier stuff like this.

    Weird that I have to clarify that, but hey! The internet. Stuff gets lost in translation.

    Posted in You Don't Have a Chance with Prince Sidon, so Smooch These Zelda: Breath of the Wild Characters Instead

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 14 days ago

    These little highlights of the SERIOUS IMPORTANT aspects of the game have done so much to further the state of Real Games Journalism as a form and elevate the whole medium as legitimate art. It is shameful that so few outlets have been asking questions like, "Can I get naked?" and "Are there dogs? Are they good dogs? Awww, who's a good dog?" I hope Nadia's BotW articles can open the door for the big questions.

    Posted in You Don't Have a Chance with Prince Sidon, so Smooch These Zelda: Breath of the Wild Characters Instead

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 14 days ago

    I still can't load Jim Sterling's review. I mean, I'm sure it's cached somewhere and I could look at that, but I'm not a fan of Sterling generally, I'm just sort of curious both to read a more critical review and curious to see when I can even load that review.

    I've always found numeric rating scales and the at times terrifying mob-action temper tantrums they inspire when only marginally lower than "100% 10/10 ***** Perfect" pretty ridiculous, too. Art is never going to reach a unanimous consensus on how "good" a thing is on any given arbitrary scale. Every work has strengths and flaws, and it's more interesting to talk about both of those than to relegate everything to discussion-and-criticism-free extremes of "THE BEST EVER" and "UTTER GARBAGE."

    Posted in Stop Taking Review Scores Personally

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 14 days ago


    Absolutely! Me too! Even the original games have more going on than the Medieval British fantasy aesthetics; there's a lot of Persian elements to the architecture and decor, ALttP's Hyrule has a kind of fertile desert thing going on ecologically, the Wind Fish and many of the little "deity" statues and things are rather unique and creative, etc. I am loving the high-tech sci-fantasy aesthetic the last two games have been running with, and hope to see more of that in future.

    I am glad they decided not to go with Nier!Link, though. I prefer Link to be androgynous. Then again, I am still holding out for a custom-gender Link at some point, idiotic "Timeline Lore" be damned.

    Posted in Nintendo Wanted To "Break The Conventions" Of Zelda With Breath of the Wild

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 15 days ago

    Apparently, what I do is play older handheld games because I only have so much time and/or money. Quirkier games I can pick up and play for 15 minute sessions are just easier to fit into life right now.

    Speaking of which, Infinite Space has intrigued me since I heard about it last yearish... I guess it's something to do while the cool kids are playing Andromeda!

    Posted in Starting Screen: What Do You Do When Too Many Great Games are Coming Out at Once?

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 18 days ago

    The key thing for me about FFVII's world that made it so appealing in 1997 (and retains that appeal in 2017) is not its consistency but its diversity. Each locale is a genuinely unique place full of quirky, endearing details that lend a lot of local (and actual!) color. It wasn't the first RPG to have every town, city and anti-dungeon be its own unique thing, but it was certainly the most prominent and set the standard for the rest of its generation. Even Midgar isn't all gloomy slums all the time; we get to see a fair amount of sparkling upscale districts, and even the most poverty-stricken corners of the city are awash with color. The thematic and cultural consistency is important, but so too is being able to so clearly distinguish between each place. I can't really name many of the non-unique towns of the 16-bit Final Fantasies, or the non-unique towns of Skyrim. But every place in FFVII is its own.

    It's sort of an irony of technological progress that contemporary recycling of assets has more in common with the tilesets that predate FFVII than the era of discrete prerendered backgrounds it ushered in. It's one of those areas where I wish older development techniques were incorporated into a wider bag of tricks instead of cast off completely. Prerendered backgrounds are still a more affordable, achievable way of injecting a game world with loads of diversity and detail that would be too costly and time consuming to render fully to-scale in real time.

    Unlike most players, I never wanted to explore every nook and cranny of Midgar in the game itself. I'd rather be teased by a finite set of highly detailed, fixed (but not static! every background in the game is so packed with tiny animations and details that make them feel like real, lived-in places) backgrounds than have a big, bland open city. Midgar's level of detail and visual inventiveness made me want to get out of the city and see what else is out there; and the game never disappointed in that.

    Posted in Dissecting Final Fantasy VII, Part 3: How a "Rotting Pizza" Defined the Plight of Final Fantasy VII's World

  • Avatar for Vonlenska Vonlenska 19 days ago

    It's interesting how divisive Zelda entries can be and how radically different every person's personal ranking of the series always is. With Mario, Mario 3 and Mario World (with a little bit of Mario 64, and absolutely Yoshi's Island if we're counting that) will usually float up to the top pretty consistently...

    But Zelda? The same game can end up #1 or dead last on any given list, and there's generally not much consistency. I like that a lot! I seem to like the "weird" Zeldas and the underdog titles best, but I think it's commendable that the series has managed to try so many different things while keeping the basic formula intact for all these years.

    Posted in Which Legend of Zelda Should You Play First?