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  • Avatar for adamacuoadamacuo adamacuoadamacuo 22 days ago

    I have a PS4, but decided to play this on my launch day PS3 instead (you know, the George Foreman Grill that's bc with PS2 and PS1 games). I played Persona 4 (which similarly came out late in the life of the PS2) and Persona 3 on this very same machine. I think that it's a fine way to honor my now 10+ year old PS3. It's also $20 less expensive than the near identical PS4 version. If they make a PS3 version of Persona 6, the George Foreman will be here waiting ;)

    Posted in Don't Worry, The PS3 Version of Persona 5 Is Totally Fine

  • Avatar for adamacuoadamacuo adamacuoadamacuo A month ago
  • Avatar for adamacuoadamacuo adamacuoadamacuo A month ago

    Thanks for the terrific review Kat. I'm cancelling my pre-order from Origin and I'll wait for this to show up on EA Access instead. It's really a sad day for me, Mass Effect (and particularly Mass Effect 2) is my favorite game of all time, followed closely by KoTOR, and to me this signifies the death of the series, or at least of the high quality series that it once was. This is the second series this generation that kind of died for me, the other being Halo, but with all of the terrific new IP's being released by new and indie developers, it's just fine. May triple AAA go to the subscription services where they belong.

    Posted in Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

  • Avatar for adamacuoadamacuo adamacuoadamacuo A month ago

    There is nothing in that tweet that indicates that they'll be fixed. He says that future patches and what will be in them are still in discussion, are you reading a little too much into that tweet. It's not even clear whether the animations can be fixed at this point. The game is a steaming hunk of mess especially compared to Horizon, More, Zelda, Nioh and Persona 5. #sad The Bioware ship has sailed.

    Posted in Mass Effect Andromeda's Animations Will Be Fixed, But Not At Launch

  • Avatar for adamacuoadamacuo adamacuoadamacuo 2 months ago

    20 games is the perfect length for an RPG for me, particularly one filled with choice. If it's worthy, I'll play it again and make different decisions. Also, the game is available on Linux / SteamOS on launch day. That alone is worthy of a purchase!

    Posted in Torment: Tides of Numenera Review

  • Avatar for adamacuoadamacuo adamacuoadamacuo 2 months ago

    Not interested in paying full price for a game before it's finished, but now that it's out of its version of early access, I'll take a closer look. There's so many games out there though, not sure when I'll find the time. If it was available for Linux I'd probably buy it to support the port, but as one of 5000 Windows games, I'm probably going to wait for a Steam Sale and pick it up for $20

    Posted in Hitman Season One PC Review: The Best Damned James Bond Game You'll Ever Play

  • Avatar for adamacuoadamacuo adamacuoadamacuo 6 months ago

    This is great news for gamers. Shooting out review copies before patches hit, before servers are filled or under intense ti e pressure is crazy. Release them to all at the same time and let the chips fall where they may. Nobody has a gun to their head forcing them either to preorder or buy on launch. They should take it a step further and tell the outlets to buy a copy on launch day...

    Posted in Skyrim Special Edition and Dishonored 2 Review Copies Coming a Day Before Release

  • Avatar for adamacuoadamacuo adamacuoadamacuo 8 months ago

    Is it cross buy and cross play with XBone? Maybe the Windows Store version is hence the higher price?

    Posted in Quantum Break Coming to Steam on September 14

  • Avatar for adamacuoadamacuo adamacuoadamacuo 8 months ago

    Just a few clarifications on errors. UHD (or 4K) resolution is 4x HD, not two times. You mention 2x in the article several times and that's just incorrect. Think of it this way, twice the vertical resolution and twice the horizontal resolution is 2x2 = 4x. As you mention, this console will upscale games to UHD resolutuon, however you don't mention in the review whether you ran it on a UHD tv and what the games looked like. Is it worth it? Likewise with HDR. Clearly it provides greater contrast in theory, but again in a review I would expect that you've put it through its paces and can provide your view on the improvement. Instead, this hands on reads like a product manual. Did you connect it to a TV? That's the least you could do before expressing an opinion on who should or shouldn't purchase this console.

    Posted in Is Xbox One S Worth It? Hands-On Thoughts on Microsoft's First Incremental Console

  • Avatar for adamacuoadamacuo adamacuoadamacuo 8 months ago