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  • Avatar for admiralsnackbar admiralsnackbar 2 days ago

    HENSHIN A GO-GO, BABY! LET THE MAN WORK!Edited 2 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in Hideki Kamiya: "I want to work on a Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe remake"

  • Avatar for admiralsnackbar admiralsnackbar 7 days ago

    Yep, it's one of the scummiest things I've seen in a looong time. EA's going to do the same if they get hit with any regulation.

    Posted in EA: Loot Mechanics in Star Wars Battlefront 2 "Not Gambling" as Belgium Regulators Investigate Loot Boxes as Gambling

  • Avatar for admiralsnackbar admiralsnackbar 8 days ago

    "We'll look at the data" was the quote of the day.

    The Design Director says he likes loot boxes that aren't tied to progression, then defends loot boxes that ARE the sole progression system in the game.

    Executive Producer defends capping offline credit rewards to push online multiplayer, exposing users to loot box progression.

    "We'll look at the data".

    Posted in Star Wars Battlefront 2 Executive Producer Disputes How Long it Takes to Unlock Everything in the Game

  • Avatar for admiralsnackbar admiralsnackbar 10 days ago

    I disagree here, as well. It was a fine statement in that it made a PR effort and tried to go over points in the initial complaint. But the context of the statement is still the defense of a distasteful, vile economy.

    Pretty, empty words.

    Posted in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Fans Angry At Hero Unlock System And EA's Response

  • Avatar for admiralsnackbar admiralsnackbar 10 days ago

    I disagree. It's not a "solid response" to the accusations. It's shielding a predatory economy with no sense of respect for a player's time.

    Expect Heroes to cost less in the near future. But that doesn't solve anything! You can give players a loot crate after every match and make Heroes cheap to unlock but that doesn't change the way the system works, how progression is tied to how much money you're willing to put into it.

    The foundations of this game's economy are unfair, unfun, needlessly complicated, and greedy. And it's exactly how they want it to be, to wring every dollar they can out of fans of a franchise.

    Posted in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Fans Angry At Hero Unlock System And EA's Response

  • Avatar for admiralsnackbar admiralsnackbar 14 days ago

    Titanfall 2's release date makes perfect sense now.

    EA published it and pushed it out to die between the two largest FPS launches of the year. Then, when the game "underperformed", they could drive down the asking price for Respawn in negotiations.

    Nexon offering to buy Respawn probably accelerated EA's timeline but this is absolutely out of their playbook. I trust Zampella to be transparent about it, at least moreso than others, but I'd be putting together a portfolio if I was a dev there. Just be prepared, folks.

    The axe is coming.

    Posted in It's Hard to Be Excited About EA's Respawn Deal After Visceral and BioWare Montreal

  • Avatar for admiralsnackbar admiralsnackbar 15 days ago

    Went from Day One to Day Never after the beta. Those crates are unacceptable in a game of this design. If you have to have loot boxes, it's cosmetics only. Any time you change gameplay with a pull of a slot machine, it's a failure.

    The most epic cards are only from crafting, right? How do you get crafting materials? LOOT BOXES. You don't even get more credits if you perform well in matches, you get static rewards from every fight. It's brazenly unfair towards your time as a player. And if the goal is to make you buy things know...skip the actual game? What's the point? Why is there even the veneer of a game?

    Shame on this practice and on the publishers leaning their successes upon it.

    Posted in DICE on Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Box Blowback: "It Was a Healthy Conversation"

  • Avatar for admiralsnackbar admiralsnackbar 28 days ago

    I've finished a handful of the puzzles and have learned that this game is incredible. Very very pleased, deserves the score!

    Posted in Super Mario Odyssey Review: Gotta Capture 'em All

  • Avatar for admiralsnackbar admiralsnackbar A month ago

    I worked in VFX and crunch is a killer. It's not to be celebrated, regardless of the outcomes.

    There are a reason there are few Senior developers. They burn out and move to less stressful industries, removing talent before publishers replenish by scooping up dozens of fresh-out-of-college kids and putting them into the grinder.

    I bailed after five years of 15 hour days, 36 hour shifts on the weekends and a constant, gnawing sense of failure for betraying the team by needing sleep. The ends do not justify the means.Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in CD Projekt Red Issues a Response to Negative Company Reviews

  • Avatar for admiralsnackbar admiralsnackbar A month ago

    I HATE THIS, TOO. There's no reason not to have a Disable UI option! Clean Screenshots for all.

    Something that's held over from Destiny 1 still works, though. If you press Option to go to your character menu, then press Option again followed a SPLIT SECOND later by the Share button, it takes a screenshot of what you're looking at before the UI has loaded back up.

    This is if you have Share set to take Screenshots, of course.

    It's not perfect and can't be done quickly. But if you have a moment to stand still, Option, Option>Share. It takes a few tries to get the timing right.

    Posted in Destiny 2 is Gorgeous, so Where's the Photo Mode Bungie?