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  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 brionfoulke91 4 hours ago

    @VotesForCows Not for nothing, but isnt it kind obvious from the description what its missing? Gameplay. If the only gameplay is wandering around and doing trivially easy tasks, thats just not engaging. (Something that Team Ico games do a good job of, btw.)

    Posted in Rime Review: No Rhyme or Reason

  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 brionfoulke91 5 days ago

    @NateDizzy Using remixed music from the games as part of the soundtrack would actually be a pretty brilliant move! (Which is why I don't expect them to do that at all.) The first Silent Hill movie did that, and it was one of the reasons why that movie was actually pretty watchable. That remains one of the best video game adaptations.

    In a hypothetical Castlevania anime that is actually really well made, I could totally see how some of that classic music could be used to great effect. It almost seems so obvious as to be a no-brainer! But sadly, I fully expect this anime to use generic and bland dark fantasy music like the kind that's in that trailer.

    Posted in Netflix's Castlevania Show Has a Trailer

  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 brionfoulke91 5 days ago

    Yeah, you were right that it is contentious, Mike. I still don't think price should ever factor into a review score. But in this case, I'll give you a pass, because I agree with the score for other reasons.

    I've seen the redrawn HD art... let's be honest, it's gross looking. Udon have great artists normally, but the sprites and backgrounds just do not work together nicely, and it ends up looking inferior to the original. Of course, the original is here too, and that's nice.

    Also, I love Street Fighter Alpha and 3. They were both huge evolutions over 2 for me, especially Third Strike which is my favorite fighting game. Personally, I find SF2 a little hard to go back to. This game is nice for historical context but that's about it.

    So regardless of the price, even if it was $1, I still think it's a 3 star product. That's just me, though.

    Posted in Ultra Street Fighter II Review: Not The Challenger You're Looking For

  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 brionfoulke91 6 days ago

    There's some amazing visual novels out there. When I think about the best game stories I've ever experienced, a lot of them are visual novels... Ghost Trick, Phoenix Wright, 999, VLR, Danganronpa 1 & 2.

    Of course, most of these games don't offer choices in how the story plays out. Even 999 and VLR ultimately have an overarching story and you're only choosing the order of scenes. Choices are nice too, but they're not really necessary to tell a really great story, which is ultimately what you want out of these.

    There's also lots of middling to bad visual novels out there too. Certainly a lot of the stuff on Steam is underwhelming. Maybe this one is not so good either, I don't know. It does make sense that a series that started as porn wouldn't necessarily have a strong story. Of course, people seem to love the Fate/Stay series so sometimes it can work out.

    Posted in Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and the Coming of Age of Adult Games

  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 brionfoulke91 6 days ago

    Dragon's Dogma really deserves a sequel! Next to Dark Souls it's the best modern fantasy based game, with the best gameplay. And in an age where everyone is kind of copying Dark Souls, DD has a really fresh, very original combat system that works very well. We could use a *new* Dragon's Dogma for PS4, so let's hope it gets funded!

    Posted in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Is Bound For PS4 and Xbox One This Fall

  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 brionfoulke91 7 days ago

    What an amazing game. When this game came out, it was the best game of the year for me. I still think it's one of the absolute best from the PS3 era, and still a great reason to buy a PS3 just for this title alone!

    Posted in Welcome to the Jungle, Part 1: Tokyo Jungle’s Resurrected City

  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 brionfoulke91 9 days ago

    @Bittersteel207 I wouldn't call Ocarina of Time an RPG. It's a phenomenal game, certainly! I tend to prefer a stricter definition of "RPG" but even going by loose definitions and lumping in action RPGs, you still at least need a leveling system. I feel like that's the bare minimum.

    Posted in Skyrim is Not the Best RPG of All Time

  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 brionfoulke91 10 days ago

    Whatever Deadly Premonition is, it's brilliant! One of my favorite games.

    I think David Lynch's influence has been pretty pronounced on many Japanese games. This is just apparently because a lot of Japanese game developers have been David Lynch fans, and you can see his influence on their work. Certainly the early Silent Hills have a fair touch of David Lynch to them, which I think is part of what makes them hold up so extremely well.

    I'm a huge fan of Lynch myself, so whenever I see anything that feels like it is Lynch inspired, it makes me very happy!

    Posted in There Will Never Be a Twin Peaks of Video Games

  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 brionfoulke91 11 days ago

    @GFoppy Yeah, there are two difficulty modes, normal and hard. There is also a separate one for casual vs classic, so it's just like other recent Fire Emblems in that regard.

    @IPA It is definitely possible to grind. According to what I've read, some people are saying it's necessary to grind to handle the later battles on hard mode, and others are saying it's not.Edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Review: Faithful to a Fault

  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 brionfoulke91 12 days ago

    I can't wait to try it. Fighting games have been getting a bit stale for awhile now... we really needed something like this!

    Posted in Arms Unveils New Characters, Modes, a Global Testpunch, and More in Latest Nintendo Direct