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Freelance cartoonist who wishes he could be paid to play video games instead of drawing.

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  • Avatar for camchow camchow Yesterday

    Man when I first saw the other trailer my gut reaction was YES FRONT MISSION!
    but it's a third person shooter instead? Why is square still doing this with Front Mission. This is like the 3rd non strategy game in a row right?

    Damn guys... it's just Front Mission 3 and 4 were so good, I loved those games so much.

    Posted in Here's the Full Trailer for Left Alive, the new Action Survival Game from TGS

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 6 days ago

    @UnskippableCutscene I don't think KEK is the issue, it's the Kekistan flag that clearly draws from Nazi and KKK imagery. If the armor featured KEK in a different design it would probably not be big deal but it's clearly a play on the Kekistan flag.

    Posted in Destiny 2 Developer Bungie Didn't Know Kek Meme Was Co-Opted by White Supremacists

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 6 days ago

    Probably Suikoden 2. Tough call between that and Final Fantasy Tactics. Ultimately Suikoden 2 is both more charming and touching. Also more games need to emulate it's really fast 6 character party battles. Those random encounters go by so fast, love watching those great little sprites jumping around beating stuff up at the same time.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Would You Want Future Generations of Gamers Playing?

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 10 days ago

    For anyone who doubts the racist origins of this flag, it's not just based on the late nazi war esign, it also subtly uses the KKK Blood Drop Emblem turned 45 degrees.

    It was no accident the kekistan flag incorporates both, this isn't accidental racism. No doubt a few dumb kids troll around with the flag for the LOLS or whatever but that doesn't erase it's origin and intent.

    Posted in Bungie Removes Destiny 2 Gauntlet Featuring a 'Hate Symbol'

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 10 days ago

    @Frosty840 I mean I agree that it's a interesting or scary time for video game videos but ultimately I think if let's plays are such a great thing for publishers, most will just let them go on. You are never going to see a day where Blizzard doesn't let people stream Hearthstone. People can watch those videos and still want to play. I think it's like that for most games honestly, but for a few very story focused and driven games like Firewatch or Persona 5, I could see them honestly trying to protect their IP, their writing, story and scenarios deserve to be protected from being freely distributed online IMHO, IF they feel they should anyway.

    I don't think this will have the dire effect people are worried about. Some devs might choose to do it, most probably wont. Just as some devs are very open to people modding their games and some are not.

    Posted in Counterpoint: People Think Campo Santo is Dangerous for Issuing PewDiePie a DMCA Takedown, They're Not

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 10 days ago

    Man I love Fallout 4. With mods and overhauls like Horizon and Frost, I've put like 400 hours into it. Honestly one of my fav games of all time, it just hits that exploring, loot collecting, character building itch and now a minecraft / town builder thrown in (I mean, gotta mod the hell out of settlement objects and budgets but still). It's just, god it's so my thing.

    But dude, the main story is kinda just meh. Fallout New Vegas though, oh man, without a doubt the best story and scenario of any of the Bethesda games I've played. Unbelievable deep. Loved hearing how they had to plan out the game with the idea that the player could just immediately kill any NPC they met. Love LOVE that they thought everything through like that. The branching possibilities... oh man, great stuff. Fallout 4 relies on that lazy Skyrim technique of important NPC is immortal so you just have to deal with it. I'll have to go back and play through New Vegas again one day but I think it'll be hard to go without some of the things added in Fallout 4.

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God: How Fallout New Vegas Became a Beloved Classic

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 10 days ago

    @Frosty840 actually if you are really asking I'd be curious too... what do most youtubers think of having their video's reuploaded and monetized by someone else? I don't think any of them would be ok with that, I know I've seen at least one youtuber I follow on twitter angry when one of his videos was edited and used by someone else. I'm a comic artist myself and while I know it's sort of different I also get pretty pissed off when I see a comic I created edited and reposted somewhere else. Just because you took some original content and added a bit of your own commentary or edits to it doesn't make it not piracy. That's kind of the reason romhacks don't distribute the original roms themselves right?

    I think we've gotten so used to the idea of let's plays being a thing that some people are just assuming developers don't have the legal right to protect their games. I mean they clearly do, Nintendo's been doing it for ages now.

    Posted in Counterpoint: People Think Campo Santo is Dangerous for Issuing PewDiePie a DMCA Takedown, They're Not

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 11 days ago

    @TrustyPanda how is it a false DMCA? Any let's play is basically uploading their content for other users to download for free. For Firewatch you are getting the story, the visual art, the voice acting, the music, everything but the interactivity. I wouldn't be able to upload a let's watch of Star Wars and just keep it black and white saying you aren't getting the full experience unless you buy the originals. No amount of dumb banter or angry yelling you throw over the source material is going to convince Disney that what you are doing is fair use.

    Idk man. I think this whole gray area of let's plays is just going to need to be taken to court and finally settled one way or another. I fully admit to being a bit biased. As an artist it's baffling to think people are okay with taking our work and all the work of musicians, voice actors, etc that go into a video game and just deem all that as valueless. I guess it's just not piracy unless you also get to experience holding down W and clicking around with your mouse. Especially for a game like Firewatch. I'll be honest I never bought The Vanishing of Ethan Carter because I already watched someone play through the game on youtube. This was back when I didn't have a PC strong enough to play it myself but still, I've pretty much experienced what that game has to offer for free because of a Youtuber put it all up on the internet for me to experience for free.

    I think there is a clear difference between a company like Blizzard being OK with people streaming or youtubing Hearthstone or Overwatch vs Firewatch which is a very linear story based game. If Campo Santo isn't cool with it we're just going to have to respect that because ultimately they own their game, all the audio, the voice acting in it, etc.

    It kind of feels like a good natured "Hey, come over to my place for a BBQ!" if your guest ends up doing something fucked up you always have the right to rescind your your guest's right to be there. You're being an asshole, get the hell out of my house. Or hey you are being an asshole, we are revoking the permission we originally gave you to use our copyrighted material in your videos.

    I know it's kind of a slippery slope, I don't want to see informative video reviews go away and honestly I do watch let's plays too, but as an artist I have to side with the creator's rights to defend their property no matter how selectively they choose to do it.

    Posted in

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 11 days ago

    I'm surprised at the backlash I'm seeing against the Firewatch dev. I mean at the end of the day this youtuber is using their content to make money, nobody would be surprised he uploaded a let's watch of Star Wars and had that taken down, no matter how much dumb shit he yells over the movie it's not his content to be sharing. Especially for a game like Firewatch. You can't tell me as an artist that uploading the work of all those visual artists, musicians, voice actors etc for all to see is morally superior to pirating the game. Just because you aren't the one holding down W and clicking once or twice every few minutes doesn't really give you the right to experience everything else this game has to offer for free right?

    I mean I guess that's kind of a whole other issue but if they can use their legal rights to prevent assholes from profiting off their hard work, then yeah, I'm all for that. Go for it Campo Santo. Loved Firewatch, good on you guys.

    Posted in Firewatch Dev Issues DMCA Takedown Against PewDiePie After He Streamed a Racial Slur [Updated]

  • Avatar for camchow camchow 11 days ago