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  • @SargeSmash I remember getting Dragon Warrior 7 On PSX day one and logged over a hundred hours on the game and I STILL didn’t beat it before I lost my memory card. I think I spend a lot of time gaining skills.

    I have DQVII now and i’m glad it’s quicker as you and others say. I would like to finally beat the game.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Are You Still Playing Your Nintendo 3DS?

  • The 3DS XL used to be my system of choice until my wife bought me a New 2DS XL for Christmas. I haven’t had a home console since the PS2 since I use my PC for that type of gaming. But even then I still use my 2DS XL more. I will play it during lunch at work or in bed just before sleeping. Even when i’m home I can just lounge on the couch. It’s incredibly convenient because of its on the go nature and easy sleep mode.

    Sure I can get a Switch, but there’s still a ton of games I have yet to play on the 3DS. Right now I am wrapping up Ocarina of Time. But I still play Pocket Card Jockey, Donkey Kong Game Boy, and Rhythm Heaven for quick sessions. And I picked up Dragon Quest 7 and 8 on deals. Those will take me awhile. Not to mention both Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice are downloaded and waiting for me to play them. I am going to get Earthbound since I have a coupon and play it on my portable despite already putting an hour into it on the SNES Mini.

    I am a very active and on the go person so I appreciate having the 3DS still. I don’t go for the newest thing immediately and wait till sales on almost all games I buy whether they are on 3DS or Steam. And I also my wife is always there to keep me in check regarding how many games I buy but don’t end up playing. :) I’ll be using my 2DS XL for awhile.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Are You Still Playing Your Nintendo 3DS?

  • Avatar for christophermcdougall christophermcdougall 18 days ago

    Caty, you are a gem among the already great US Gamer staff, always willing to play and recommend games that are overlooked, as well as be willing to rail on the typical AAA title. Kudos to you.

    Posted in The Best Games You Probably Missed in 2017

  • Avatar for christophermcdougall christophermcdougall A month ago

    I seriously thought he was one of Will Smith's kids when I saw the his picture.

    Posted in Pokemon's Detective Pikachu Movie Captures Its Lead

  • Avatar for christophermcdougall christophermcdougall 2 months ago

    @Talraen I totally agree with you. I think the machoness of Gears of War works against it in many ways. The character designs are hilariously bad out of 90s Image comics. But it's the huge marketing push plus the gameplay that made the Gears franchise so popular.

    As for Nier, it really was just at the right place at the right time. Now that Yoko Taro has a reputation among the masses as an auteur a la Hideo Kojima, I would assume his future games would receive spotlight just by his reputation alone. If he made a new Drakengard, a series largely forgotten in the West, it would sell waaaay more now. Taro could probably just make a poop on a stick game. As long as it's at least solid (pun intended), it has people's attention.

    Posted in Yoko Taro Has Absolutely No Idea Why Nier: Automata Sold So Well

  • Avatar for christophermcdougall christophermcdougall 3 months ago

    I am hoping that my Radeon RX480 can run the game without problems. SE working with Nvidia has me a little concerned that the ATI drivers won't be as good, or possibly broken.

    Posted in Final Fantasy 15's Tabata: Working On Console "100 Times More Difficult" Than PC

  • Avatar for christophermcdougall christophermcdougall 3 months ago

    I'm late to the party, but I'm surprised no one mentioned Curse of Monkey Island. That's the first time I really thought a cartoon came to life as a graphic adventure. Maniac Mansion 2 was close, but Curse of Monkey Island really got it.

    Posted in In Honor of Cuphead, The 10 Games That Come Closest to Real-Life Cartoons

  • Avatar for christophermcdougall christophermcdougall 3 months ago

    I only recognize California Games because I had it on the NES and played it on someone's DOS machine. Love the vintage look of the machine, but I don't have enough nostalgia for it, unfortunately. I'm wondering how easy it is to hack.

    Posted in The C64 Mini, Pre-Loaded with 64 Commodore 64 Games, Is Coming Soon

  • Avatar for christophermcdougall christophermcdougall 3 months ago

    @bring_on_branstons I saw the video of them thumbing through the book and it looks really neat! I plan to get one myself.

    Posted in Nintendo Shows Off What Yoshi Originally Looked Like

  • Avatar for christophermcdougall christophermcdougall 3 months ago

    Trying to find it online will be a pain. I went to Walmart at 5:30am and picked one up at 6:25am. They only had 24 in stock according to them. According to Brickseek they had 28, but I'm assuming a few employees got one. I still think it's easier than navigating the mess that is online due to scalpers using bots. At least at brick and mortar stores you have to show up and they limit it to one per household.Edited September 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Super NES Classic Goes Live on GameStop, Site Promptly Goes Down [Update: It's on Thinkgeek Now]