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  • Avatar for cjrizzo-gmail-com cjrizzo-gmail-com 8 months ago

    I will admit that the new 2DS looks great and the reduction in size and weight relative to the 3DS are attractive to me. I think the price is a little too high on this version (and 3DS as well) at this point in the lifecycle. I would have liked to have seen this new 2DS come in @ $100 which, even though I have a perfectly serviceable 3DS, would instantly make me pick this new one up. Also, a reduced price for the 3DS at this point would be nice - maybe around $170. With Switch taking off, I think the lifespan for the xDS line is in question, since many developers will not build games for both.

    Posted in The 2DS XL is More Proof That 3D Was Kind of a Bust for Nintendo

  • Avatar for cjrizzo-gmail-com cjrizzo-gmail-com 8 months ago

    Mike - how is the screen quality on the New 2DS XL? I've heard that there are both IPS and TF screens out in the wild on the 3DS and that the quality difference is quite noticeable. Are you able to tell if the color depth and clarity on the new 2DS screen has been improved from past models?

    Posted in New Nintendo 2DS XL Is a Superb Swan Song for the System

  • Avatar for cjrizzo-gmail-com cjrizzo-gmail-com A year ago

    Jeremy - just wondering what model turntable you are using? I'm looking at the options out there and looking at price/performance of various models. Would you mind sharing?

    Posted in Panzer Dragoon Soundtrack Review: Soaring Themes

  • Avatar for cjrizzo-gmail-com cjrizzo-gmail-com A year ago

    I am incredibly excited for this system and the promise of a unified platform for home and portable gaming. I consider the 3DS to be one of my favorite systems of all time not only for the games but because I can curl up in a corner of a room and play something without the need to do it on a TV. Having a single game card for the big and small screens is awesome and, in true Nintendo fashion, it's not really a new idea (TG Express, Sega Nomad having done this in the 90's) but one that has been refined by time and major advances in all facets of portable technology.

    What I saw today was a great trailer - well produced with a lot of good hints at some features of the platform. The USG writers' points are all great ones, with their questions and mine on the same areas where we don't have all the info yet. That said, with the games that we saw and the hardware aesthetics, I am in Day One (admittedly, I would have been anyway, but now my excitement is just that much higher with something that looks as functional as it does capable of current generation-caliber gaming).

    Posted in USgamer Reacts: Are We Excited About the Nintendo Switch?

  • Avatar for cjrizzo-gmail-com cjrizzo-gmail-com A year ago

    Interesting market play from Google. As a Vive owner, I am interested to see how the PSVR, GearVR and others help the industry move along. What Google is going for here is the "casual" VR user - someone that wants an immersive experience that is portable, lightweight and has some simpler titles with a standing or sitting experience. While room view on Vive is amazing, what Google and the other competitors are vying for is an experience that is "good enough" for the masses - something that has always played well, especially to millions in an install base that already use mobile phones every day and will spend $700 on the latest and greatest.

    The weakest link in Daydream's offering, in my opinion, is support for only the Pixel at launch. In a very competitive mobile marketplace, the Pixel is neither a proven product just yet nor is it competitive on price by undercutting the market to get into the hands of users with competing devices. As a bonus for early adopters, they should give the Daydream away for free to new Pixel customers.

    Posted in Google Makes Mainstream VR Play With Daydream View

  • Avatar for cjrizzo-gmail-com cjrizzo-gmail-com A year ago

    Truth be told Tokyo Mirage would not really ever be a game that I would generally buy as I don't typically invest in RPG's. Don't get me wrong - I love RPG's, but the time sync that you have to put in is usually a little challenging given my profession. However, in following the videos from E3 and reading up a lot on this game previously, I was somehow mesmerized by the jpop/jrpg influence of this game and decided to purchase it.

    I could not be more pleased - I am about 5 hours in this weekend and can say that I am intrigued with this game - the style, music, gameplay, story - all of it is really well done. I'm glad that I played my hunch on this one - I think Atlus really shines on this style of game and I am really excited to play through the game fully. When an RPG is done right, like this one, it is a treat even for folks like me that don't typically play this genre.

    Posted in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Review: Music to My Ears [Update: Final Score]

  • Avatar for cjrizzo-gmail-com cjrizzo-gmail-com A year ago

    At this time each year, I am often reminded of why I love gaming and the industry so much. I am an older gamer, so I have been in tune with the early 90's CES scene and the beginnings of E3 through its incarnation today. As an industry outsider, I cherish the hundreds of articles, fan reactions and videos that come out of this week for me to devour. In the "earlier" days of gaming of the late 80's/early 90's, I would wait for the latest EGM/GamePro/VG&CE/etc. to arrive - whether at my door or by taking a bus from my home childhood home near Boston to Cambridge, MA's Out-Of-Town News to pick issues up as soon as they arrived with coverage of CES/E3. Jaz's notes on the rollouts of such historic systems he witnessed in the 16-bit/32-bit wars made me teary eyed over those days, which I will always believe are my personal "golden age of gaming".

    Each year, there are two historic events that are almost a tradition for me to re-read up on - the botched introduction of the Sega Saturn at the first E3 and the more recent wild rollout of the XBox One. Who will make history this year?

    Posted in E3: Our Favorite Moments From Past Shows

  • Avatar for cjrizzo-gmail-com cjrizzo-gmail-com A year ago

    I'll admit - when this was announced during a Nintendo Direct I was dumbfounded by this game. I downloaded the demo last week and played the hell out of it. Completely addictive and fun - a really unique concept done exceptionally well. With its release today, I've downloaded the full version expecting to put hours into this. It's a classic type of game for me - easy to pick up and learn, hard to put down and challenging enough to make me come back for more.

    Posted in Pocket Card Jockey Nintendo 3DS Review: Let This Dark Horse Run

  • Avatar for cjrizzo-gmail-com cjrizzo-gmail-com A year ago

    Very tough question, as platformers are probably my most favorite category of games and I have been thrilled with the resurgence of 2D platformers over the past couple years. With 3D/FPS games having been the "thing" for 2+ game generations, it's nice to see the pendulum swing back to what I consider the "greatest generation" of gaming (1987 - 2000). So, to put a spin on the question I'll give you my favorites for a few choice systems over the years:

    NES: Super Mario Bros
    SMS: Alex Kidd in Miracle World
    Atari 7800: Tower Toppler
    TurboGrafx-16: Legendary Axe
    Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog II
    Super NES: Super Metroid
    Lynx: Todd's Adventures In Slime World
    Gameboy: Gorgoyle's Quest
    Jaguar: Rayman
    Saturn: Gex (lots of folks hate this game, but I really enjoyed it)
    PS1: Castlevania SoTN
    Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure

    I could probably keep going, but I thought I would stick with the platformers that were pivotal in building my love for games.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Platform Game?

  • Avatar for cjrizzo-gmail-com cjrizzo-gmail-com 2 years ago

    I'm surprised at the "shock" over the price of this device. It's new technology and new tech costs money to R&D and produce. I think Mike is right - this is for the early adopters and heavy spec'd PC users that don't wince at a new processor or graphics card price. I think it is reasonable given where the 3DO (remember that thing!) and the PS3 starting price points were.

    Here's the rub - if Oculus cannot get enough market share or excitement, it will be difficult to entice content and, therefore, difficult for people to see the value proposition. This is also effectively a Gen1 model, so a version that will be cheaper to produce will be at least 2-3 years away. If you want to be an early adopter, you take the risk of failure - but it can be an exciting risk.

    My PC is close to spec (just need to upgrade my video card), but I'm hesitant to pull the trigger not because of price but on how well it will work and whether there will be enough to do with it in the first 12 to 18 months.

    Posted in Oculus Rift is $599, Good Enough for Early Adopters