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  • Avatar for cscaskie cscaskie A year ago

    I rarely comment on articles these days, but I had to pop on and say that this rebuttal is spot-on. The arguments in Thier's piece demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding as to the point and overall social responsibilities of a professional media critic. To come to one set of opinions based on your own personal experiences, then adjust the way that you present that opinion based on a guessed-at idea of how the public MAY perceive a piece of popular culture is intellectually dishonest, which is most emphatically a big no-no for anyone who wants to be taken seriously as a writer.

    There are alot of factors that a good critic has to take into account. No work can be examined in a bubble free of the society that exists around it - but what the reception of a vast and infinitely variable potential audience could be should never be one of those factors. That way lies madness. In the long run tweeking your review to speak to a crowd or a portion of a crowd amounts to little more than pandering.

    Let's imagine Thier's logic applied to a pop-culture phenomenon that's divorced of the Bloodborne situation. Take, for example, the films of Michael Bay. An audience absolutely exists for these movies. People love them. The millions of dollars that they rake in year-after-year is proof-positive. However, many (though not all) critics revile these movies. To apply Thier's notions - it would make sense for a critic to view the next Transformers movie, hate it, but then stop and think to himself "well . . . alot of folks do like these movies . . . " and then give the film an evaluation far more positive then he initially wanted to. Such an approach would render the very act of criticism meaningless.Edited April 2015 by Unknown

    Posted in The Case for Bloodborne and Other Games that "Aren't for Everyone"

  • Avatar for cscaskie cscaskie 2 years ago

    Took a gamble on Sonic Lost World due to it appearing on this list, and I'm super happy I did. In the grand Sonic tradition, it's the opposite of Mario - it's ambitious and doesn't play it safe, and it's a tad clunky as a result. I'm REALLY enjoying the game. Lost World has some cool ideas, some real WOW moments. The game is imperfect, but it tries hard - and that's OK with me. It's also visually stunning. With Colors, and Generations, and now Lost World, it's clear that Sonic's getting some of his old mojo back, and I couldn't be happier. The game just feels closer to the original Sonic philosophy than so many previous 3D entries have.

    Posted in What are the Best Wii U Games?

  • Avatar for cscaskie cscaskie 2 years ago

    I'm a huge fan of the first Iris game, but I found the rest of that trilogy to be a matter of diminishing returns. Once the original Rorona came out, and I saw that they moved on to 3D character models, I bailed on the franchise entirely. I think I'm ready to stop being a grouch now and give the modern Atelier games a try though. There are afew upcoming titles that are higher priority on my RPG list right now (Neptunia ReBirth, Fairy Fencer F), but Rorona + is totally going on my "next time you have a lil' extra cash" list. Thanks, as always, for the thorough writeup Pete.

    Posted in Atelier Rorona Plus PS3 Review: A Good Game Becomes a Great Game

  • Avatar for cscaskie cscaskie 2 years ago

    @ZenRain Well, part of the beauty of the Retron using onboard save states is that it breaths a 2nd life into carts with dead batteries. The dead batteries don't matter anymore.

    Posted in RetroN 5 Review: Retro Gaming in HD - But Bring Your Own Joypad

  • Avatar for cscaskie cscaskie 2 years ago

    Mine is arriving Tuesday if UPS is to be believed. Can't wait. I'm going to play so much Gunstar Heroes and Ninja Warriors.

    Posted in RetroN 5 Review: Retro Gaming in HD - But Bring Your Own Joypad

  • Avatar for cscaskie cscaskie 2 years ago

    @brionfoulke91 There was an article posted about the site's new direction alittle ways back, but I couldn't find it. It's not necessarily bad - they're doing away with news and quick updates for a larger focus on editorials and reviews - more longread stuff. It's a noble aim to be sure; however, since Pete's position on the site was news focused, they gave him the ax. It makes little sense, as he can easily write those sorts of articles anyway, and frequently does. Bob and Kat coming on staff was also the result of those changes. I'm with you on loving Jeremy and Bob's work - I came to this site because I'm a huge fan of Parish's writing - but seeing Pete get ousted while 2 more people get brought on has been a real blow. I seldom comment here anymore as a result.

    Posted in Murdered: Soul Suspect, and How Fun Doesn't Need a Fire Button

  • Avatar for cscaskie cscaskie 2 years ago

    @SigurdVolsung Your comment is killing me. I feel the same way about Pete's writing. His positive, open-minded approach to telling us about the games that he loves really endeared this site to me from the get-go. Unfortunately, this is his last month writing here. They had let him go due to a "change in direction." Here's one of his personal sites though, if you want to keep up with is work:

    Posted in Murdered: Soul Suspect, and How Fun Doesn't Need a Fire Button

  • Avatar for cscaskie cscaskie 2 years ago

    You had me at "giant robot pornography."

    Posted in Astebreed PC Review: Stunning Shmup Action

  • Avatar for cscaskie cscaskie 2 years ago

    Love SolForge. If anyone reads this and decides to hop in and play, make sure to add Mrgilder to your list of online opponents. I always have afew matches going.

    Posted in Clash of the Cards: Hearthstone vs. SolForge

  • Avatar for cscaskie cscaskie 2 years ago

    A US release for this seems like a no-brainer. Fingers crossed. It's precisely the bundle I need to convince the Mrs. to let me buy a WiiU.
    On another note - so thrilled that MK8 is a physical disk in this package.

    Posted in Wii U Mario Kart 8 Bundle Confirmed for Europe