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  • Avatar for davidwurzel94 davidwurzel94 10 days ago

    I was about nine, going on ten years old at the time of Batman Forever's release in theatres and was simply obsessed with it - just wouldn't shut the hell up about it. The convergence of Batman, cinema and Jim Carrey was simply too much for a kid in the mid 90's to take, I guess.

    It's a glorious thing to be a kid without taste, adoring terrible things.

    Once I saw an errant screenshot of a Batman Forever video game in the Pak Watch section of an issue of Nintendo Power, it was all over. I managed to convince my Dad to not only buy a copy , but pre-order one.

    Keep in mind, this is 1995. To give some perspective, the Software Etc. that I frequented had a single computer system running DOS that could barely handle basic point-of-sale functionality. Pre-orders? Yeah, those were handled in a massive, jacked-up three ring binder where they had print-outs of all upcoming games and simply had you sign your name (after paying the pre-order deposit, of course) on one of the lines below the game's title, screen shot and basic info. You would then have to bring the receipt generated from your pre-order deposit transaction on launch day and have the clerk match it with the signature you left in The Great Tome of Pre-Orderus.

    It was a really archaic practice that only made sense for either imported software or games for the exorbitantly priced niche hardware that nobody was really buying in 1995 (3D0, CDi, Neo-Geo).

    However, I was somehow so convinced that this game would be so mind-blowingly popular that no chances could be taken in its procural...a pre-order was seemingly absolutely necessary.

    And then I finally got the game.

    Even at the precious age of not-quite-ten, I immediately understood that the game was absolute trash. There's a bit right at the beginning in which you can't progress unless you press a baffling combination to simply jump down to the platform below you. I never did figure out how to do it and never progressed past the first level.

    Needless to say, I returned it within a week of getting it, much to the intense annoyance of my Dad, who had to spend a whole summer hearing about how this game would turn water into wine.

    So much anticipation for what is still one of the worst retail games I've ever played. If nothing else, it taught me a hard, early lesson in the value of waiting for reviews.Edited 3 times. Last edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's the First Game You Bought That You Wish You Could've Returned?

  • Avatar for davidwurzel94 davidwurzel94 12 days ago

    Not being great at video games is one thing, but this guy isn't using basic reading skills to notice the prominent "PRESS Y TO DASH ON GROUND OR IN AIR," instead just trying to jump over the column over and over and over and over with the same result.

    What was that old adage regarding insanity, again?...

    Posted in Git Gud: On Games Journalists and Being Good At Video Games

  • Avatar for davidwurzel94 davidwurzel94 5 months ago

    @nadiaoxford I dunno'. Nintendo was very straightforward about the fact that they had no plans to release post-release/DLC content for Mario Run.

    Posted in Super Mario Run "Did Not Meet Our Expectations", Says Nintendo President

  • Avatar for davidwurzel94 davidwurzel94 11 months ago

    "In fact, its adventure elements (besides the timed quest and quick-time events) work a lot better than its RPG mechanics, and I wouldn't complain to see the turn-based combat completely excised from future chapters of the series..."

    This is all I can think as I work my way through the game, to be honest. Unlike most, I don't rightly care if Paper Mario keeps moving further from its RPG roots - if Nintendo wants to turn the series into a full-on adventure game into which they can funnel their quirkiest, most self-aware scenario writing, I'm all for that.

    ...but if that's going to be case, why are we still insisting on these increasingly unnecessary turn-based battles? Super Paper Mario nixed them completely and was all the better for it, which is why I was really confused when they were brought back for Sticker Star.

    The turn-based combat is becoming an albatross around the franchise's neck. I say let Mario & Luigi be Nintendo's de-facto Mario RPG and let Paper Mario be the outlet for the company's oddball experimentation. The series can't walk into the future if it's keeping one foot stubbornly stuck in the past.

    Posted in Paper Mario: Color Splash Wii U Review: Flinging Hue, Throwing Shade

  • Avatar for davidwurzel94 davidwurzel94 A year ago
  • Avatar for davidwurzel94 davidwurzel94 A year ago

    I recently bought a 4K TV and am in the market for a UHD Blu-Ray player.

    I'm planning to pick up an Xbox One S this weekend since the price is comparable to the scant few other UHD players and offers, you know, game-playing functionality in addition to 4K video playback.

    Posted in Community Question: Are You Planning to Buy One of the New Slim Consoles?

  • Avatar for davidwurzel94 davidwurzel94 A year ago

    Try being a Washington fan.

    Our only real strength is choking under pressure and our team name is racist as hell...

    Posted in Sometimes Sports Games Are All You've Got When You're a Minnesota Vikings Fan

  • Avatar for davidwurzel94 davidwurzel94 A year ago

    The combat system looks like it's more than a little inspired by Radiant Historia, which is an impressively deep cut for a licensed game to be cribbing notes from.

    In any case, I found TSoT to be a real treat and don't really think that formula needs to be shaken up too much. I was a little worried that Obsidian wasn't on board with this sequel but FBW seems to be shaping up well.

    Looking forward to this.

    Posted in South Park: The Fractured But Whole Sticks Close to the Salty Source Material

  • Avatar for davidwurzel94 davidwurzel94 A year ago

    @VotesForCows They're not prohibitively expensive.

    I bought a 4K 55" Sony Bravia for $800 back in January during a Best Buy sale.

    Posted in Is Xbox One S Worth It? Hands-On Thoughts on Microsoft's First Incremental Console

  • Avatar for davidwurzel94 davidwurzel94 A year ago

    1. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
    2. Ori and the Blind Forest
    3. Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Whatever and the Thing That Does the Stuff (Sure, I only got it yesterday but I'm sure I'll play it more in the next four days than any other game in the last month)

    Posted in July Community Poll: What Games Are You Enjoying Most Right Now?