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  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 4 days ago
  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 7 days ago

    chop chop master onion :D

    Posted in Project Rap Rabbit Pulls Switch Goals After a Day

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 8 days ago

    hmm wouldn't mind a puyo puyo tetris for Iphone, actually would make sense, a short burst in between rides.

    Posted in Sega Wants a "Revival of Past IPs", Aiming For "Global Hits"

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 11 days ago

    hmm. list are always subjective; like judging figure skating or gymnastic routines. You could make an argument for ranking top RPGs per console but when it comes to ranking all them across all platforms you're going to deal with people's own experiences and personal history at the time, so you will never get a "perfect" list.

    That being said I would in no order have in a top 10:

    FFVII (my first FF game, my first RPG)

    Witcher 3 (my first Witcher Game, figuratively blew my mind on what a WRPG could be, it is better than DA:Inquisition and you can see that clear deviation in storytelling and quest design, I think at the time gamers were in a malaise accepting AC questline and thinking they were fun)

    Persona 4 Golden (P3 almost got this one a remake/HD version with the quality of Golden may change my mind, but Atlus took the mantle when Square was focusing on being more Western instead of embracing its culture/roots)

    Chrono Trigger (a classic, great story and characters, and concise)

    Diablo III Reaper of Souls (lots of great replayability, the online coop was fun and worked, the classes were fun)

    Bloodborne (my first foray in a Souls like game, still need to clear the Pthumeru Dungeon to get the platinum on this, and the environmental storytelling is bonkers)

    Dragon Age Origins (this series started strong for me, sure it was ugly as hell but I never played a game with choice dialogue and the ability to lose party members with a simple comment or lack of action, the combat was a bit wonky, but man the story and characters were great and you could get different outcomes based on your origin story for like 8 origins)

    Pokemon Gold (New Pokemon plus the old content, blew my mind as a kid)

    StarCraft Brood Wars (I put hours into this, opened me up to the whole Blizzard Catalogue of RPGs)

    Valkyrie Profile (peak into Anime, thanks, toonami, great game, looking back at it though you can see it's flawed but it meant something to me at the time, was able to beat it on Hard)

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God: Nier: Automata for Game of the Year

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 28 days ago

    an actual story mode and that more info on the horde mode they have planned may actually get me interested in this series. I think Nintendo can be as goofy as they want with this series, hell they might be able to make it have some type of post-apocalyptic under tones if they want.

    Posted in Does Splatoon 2's Single-Player Campaign Involve a War Between the Squid Sisters?

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 29 days ago

    I wanna call BS on a comment someone from Nintendo made, not sure if it was Miyamoto or Aonuma, that claimed that they used an NES build of Breath of the Wild to test the physics for the 3d Breath of the wild as we know. If someone can clarify to me it would be great but I'm under the assumption that 2d and 3d games have different physics given that extra dimension. If they meant that they wanted to test new mechanics such as destructible environments, crafting, cooking, and then used the old 2d style to test whether it was fun or not before committing to create a huge open world 3d game then that would be more believable.

    Posted in Fan Turns Breath of the Wild Prototype Into a Game

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 A month ago


    oh wow. didn't know that. disregard my first comment, now that i think about a 100 hour game would have more than 12 tracks.

    Posted in Persona 5's Immensely Jazzy Soundtrack Is Available Now on iTunes

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 A month ago

    jesus, 29.99 you can buy half the game. thought soundtracks ranged from 9.99-14.99

    Posted in Persona 5's Immensely Jazzy Soundtrack Is Available Now on iTunes

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 A month ago

    It might have an edge if they can promote the fact that their back catalogue includes select 360 and Xbox1 and the Xbox1 games have a crossbuy feature with Windows computers. All in all as someone who hates losing their library in new console generations this is actual pretty interesting to me. Makes me wonder what Sony thinks of the future, I'm glad that their Gaikai acquisition didn't work out, I hated the fact that I could only ever rent games and not own, I don't mind the whole renting thing but give me the option to buy and tie it to my PS account. Hopefully this forces Sony's hand somehow.

    Posted in Xbox Project Scorpio's Strength Isn't Enough To Lead The Pack

  • Avatar for detten17 detten17 A month ago

    Although I loved the shooting in Destiny I felt burnt by the lack of story or different dungeons to run, it seemed very hollow to me. I never got into the pvp multiplayer, wish they had much more coop multiplayer. For some reason, I thought Destiny would've had sparrow racing or the ability to fly your ship and have dog fights. I'll take the wait and see approach on this one.

    Posted in The Destiny 2 Trailer Reveals a lot More Than you Might Expect