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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital 4 days ago

    In retrospect, the transition between the 16-bit era and the emulation of those platforms and earlier ones that followed it was kind of a seamless one for me. I’d taken a break from new games for a couple of years in the mid-nineties, and found myself catching up with some late SNES titles (getting properly into RPGs by way of Chrono Trigger, for example - on actual hardware, with a rental cartridge) around the time I got a PlayStation in late ’97. Discovering emulation happened less than a year later, and it was a rush - going back to catch up on a lot of games I didn’t have access to or couldn’t afford as a child (“ahem” indeed) as well as discovering a vast new frontier in games and platforms I’d never been aware of (X68000, anyone?) and ones I’d thought distant dreams just a few years before (Neo Geo!) So, excepting periods of being on extended holiday from gaming in general, most of the history of the medium has been a persistent presence for me. I haven’t really had the opportunity to draw lines in that regard, I suppose. As a result of all of that, several of these re-releases and remasters will be totally new to me.

    In fact, when a new game comes out, generally speaking, it’s only going to be played immediately if I simply can’t keep myself away from it, and that doesn’t happen all that often - although 2017 was difficult in that regard, and had me uncharacteristically engaged with the current for a good part of it. I’m actually not sure how it would even be possible to play everything that I’m interested in as it comes out, and not keep a significant backlog, or notional world map with arrows pointing vaguely to points I haven't visited.

    I’ve actually yet to explore firsthand what indie games (in the generally accepted sense) have to offer (please don’t throw things), so this year will be an opportunity for me in that regard. For my introduction, I picked up Axiom Verge recently, which I’m looking forward to (especially after reading the review here) - and then there’s Iconoclasts, which I found out about by way of the recent article here as well. Wait, that’s new!

    But even if there’s no chance I’ll ever get through it all, I never deny myself the pleasure of revisiting an old favorite. I’m currently going back through Persona 3 FES, and I think I’m enjoying it even more this time. As with the theme of choices made in spending one’s time as presented in that game and the mechanics that drive that, it’s not so much about doing as much as possible, but the significance of what one chooses for oneself and what meaning or direction can be found through that process (in other words, a utilitarian approach!)Edited 5 times. Last edited 4 days ago by Unknown

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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital 7 days ago

    Presentist bias is a bizarre, alien thing to my mind. Strictly limiting, austere, fatalistic.

    And anyway, the 3DS isn't even a thing of the past yet! Alliance Alive, Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux are all right on the horizon. I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting.Edited 1 weeks ago by Unknown

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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital 8 days ago

    @TheWildCard It is, but strangely it's being published/handled by NIS in Japan as well, not just the west. I guess maybe they ported it? I don't know if that means anything for any titles beyond Ys VIII (probably not), but maybe they're testing the waters and letting another company go to bat for them to do so.

    Posted in Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana Is Getting a Switch Release This Summer

  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital 12 days ago

    @cldmstrsn Yeah, I was just being silly. The name is a pun - オクトパス can be read as either octopus or "octopath".

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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital 14 days ago

    It's probably Octopus, but I don't think there'd be any point in my talking about it since everyone knows about it, so I'll say Alliance Alive.

    This one might require a word-of-mouth campaign. I don't want to speak too soon, but word from Japan seems to be very good. It looks like it could turn out to be what I wanted from Bravely Default but didn't get. The rush to bury and eulogize an established platform once an alleged replacement is out has never made much sense to me (especially when there's such a difference between them in terms of functionality), but it's what happens, so I hope it won't get ignored for that reason.Edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital 15 days ago

    Well, given that there are at least three highly noteworthy games coming to Vita but (as far as anyone knows) not Switch: the Persona 3 and 5 rhythm games, and the enhanced port of Catherine... All are coming to PS4 as well, but if you want them portable, it looks like you'll have to keep your Vita alive for at least another year and change.

    Although I haven't bought a Switch yet, I do find the aggressive approach in filling the first year's calendar with highly desirable, system-selling titles an interesting change (although I hope it doesn't mean it'll lose momentum going forward rather than the other way around). It's so often been the case that a new platform's first year is something to watch somewhat skeptically from a distance (from the perspective of anyone who waits for the beginnings of a good library before committing). I'm not sure Sony could manage something similar with a totally new, non-transitional platform without extremely strong third-party commitment well in advance. That might be seen as a gamble by a lot of companies, so maybe they will go incremental, although I'd prefer to wait a few more years and get something fresh.

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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital 30 days ago

    Hats off for the NieR pick! Ironically, although it's maybe the only year in recent memory I could make a list longer than three titles which all feel truly exceptional (not entirely intended as a slight - partly I'm just slow with games and slow to get to new ones unless some positively overwhelming force drives me forward), it's also one in which my favorite required no second-guessing whatsoever.

    NieR:Automata is the game that made me finally shut up about Xenogears. I haven't seen this brought up, but I kind of feel like it picked up on a thread that was left dangling at Squaresoft post-Final Fantasy VII and Xenogears. It could be my ignorance showing, but there's something in it that suggests a particular thing that was in the air around '97-'98 but which didn't end up going where I thought it might at the time. I've played the first NieR, but I'd place that rather differently in terms of its tone and approach to its story and themes, despite the obvious similarities and connections.Edited 5 weeks ago by Unknown

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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital 30 days ago

    @Flipsider99 I should've been more clear - I'm aware of those, but I meant a new Persona in the format of the games from 3 onwards built from the ground up around a female protagonist. P3P's female option was of course added on after the fact, and although they went to great lengths to fashion a new experience for her, it's still not really her game, I feel.

    EDIT: I'll add that one thing I feel P5 did achieve was giving its protagonist more characterization without really taking away from the breathing room allowed for the player to role-play. I'd like to see that kind of approach with a female protagonist in a new game.Edited 5 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Matt's 10 Favorite Games of 2017: I Just Really Like Sad Robots, Okay?

  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital 30 days ago

    I’d dearly love to play this, but I have neither an Xbox One nor a PC that could run it, and not many compelling reasons to justify spending on either (and certainly not before I have a Switch in any case). It’s a shame since it seems like something that really deserves to be on every platform.

    I always thought that a major trajectory of 2D in video games (whether achieved by sprites, etc or 3D models) was to create graphics that would be indistinguishable from things that could be achieved with traditional film/video/digital animation. I can’t think of many examples that have fully achieved that beyond this and Guilty Gear Xrd. Hopefully this success will lead to more effort and experimentation towards that end.

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  • Avatar for discohospital discohospital A month ago

    It's interesting to see Persona 5 ranking lower on some lists, considering how hotly anticipated it was, although I can understand why it didn't quite take wings and soar for many, with some things adding up. It does quite a lot right, so it's a shame there was enough else to drag it down for many. Putting everything else aside from a moment (including the time to complete), I find pretty much everything about the gameplay to be sublime. I think the battle system is the best ever permutation of the Press Turn system, and the way everything is woven together and interdependent reaches grand new heights even over the previous games, with very little feeling redundant or superfluous. The dungeons were for the most part a complete joy for me (even some of the weaker ones), especially after feeling that Persona 4 kind of stripped out much of what made the dungeon exploration itself interesting in Persona 3 - various seemingly minor things that added an extra layer of strategy (but were apparently tedious for some).

    I recently started a new playthrough of Persona 3 FES (my second, after about two years since my first), and was immediately taken aback by how fluent and engaging the localization is, and going further have been entranced by its careful pacing, attention to detail and carefully considered, gradual introduction of new concepts, mechanics and situations. Not to mention how intricate and consummately designed the gameplay is. It feels like a developer's game, and I'll always prefer it to 4, and in ways to 5.

    I agree, however, that Persona needs a change. Above all I desperately want a female protagonist to take center stage at least once, but that's sadly probably a pipe dream.Edited 5 weeks ago by Unknown

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