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  • Avatar for dnard410 dnard410 A month ago

    wait, is there a way to get the soundtrack without the Switch version? I haven't seen anything about a soundtrack on the Steam page.

    Posted in Rime's Digital Price on Switch Drops to $30, Physical Offers Free Goodies

  • Avatar for dnard410 dnard410 A month ago

    Hmm... I'm actually quite worried about this development. It reminds me of the problems with "No Man's Sky" and procedural generation. It also smacks of the industry trend of quantity over quality. Although I have no doubt that AI might one day develop well enough to create a large number of interactive NPCs, that doesn't necessarily mean they will be interesting or those interactions meaningful (again, the lackluster planets of NMS). Yes, AI could make NPCs more lifelike, but not all interactions in real life are all that interesting. Good RPGs have interesting characters with meaningful arcs, which requires the gift of a storyteller. Better to have 5 great characters in a game than 100 filler ones. I could see AI maybe being used for random background characters, but not much else.

    Posted in Epic's Tim Sweeney: Deep Learning A.I. Will Open New Frontiers in Game Design

  • Avatar for dnard410 dnard410 2 months ago

    This is definitely a useful article for me. I always wonder how much a review is influenced by the fact that reviewers are often rushing to complete a game before a deadline. Also, for me, the mark of a truly great game is the lasting impression it leaves. Amazing games like Super Metroid still generate enormous levels of passion and feel fresh after 25 years! On the other hand, there are too many examples of games that seem fun upon initial release but don't hold up over time (I'm looking at you, Skyward Sword). To me, Kat's statement that she nearly forgot about MEA is perhaps the most damning indictment of the game I've heard yet.

    Along these lines, I'd love for USGamer to issue retrospective reviews along the lines of what it did for Dragon Age: Inquisition a while ago, to assess if the initial impressions of the game in fact hold up. That article helped convince me to abandon Dragon Age and try Witcher 3.

    Posted in Mass Effect: Andromeda's Biggest Problem Is That It's Kind of Boring

  • Avatar for dnard410 dnard410 3 months ago

    Hi Kat, you mentioned Mass Effect mods on the podcast. What are some good Mass Effect mods? I'm thinking about replaying the original game in lieu of Andromeda. Thanks!

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God: What Went Wrong With Mass Effect: Andromeda?

  • Avatar for dnard410 dnard410 3 months ago

    @matthewcooley77 yeah I paused when I read that too. You'd think people would have heard about a manned mission to Mars, right?

    Posted in Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

  • Avatar for dnard410 dnard410 3 months ago

    Unfortunately, this seems like the natural culmination of the trend in making open-world games big, BIG, bigger than any other game before, etc. Bioware kept bragging about how this game was so large, had so many voice actors, etc. Unfortunately, there's often a tradeoff between quality and quantity (exception: Witcher 3). By focusing so much on quantity, I'm worried Bioware didn't put as much care into the little things that make the ME games great. I'm seeing this problem not only with the animations and the opening storytelling, but also the music (really bland) and the dialogue choices (not much better than ME3). I think gaming needs to rebalance and put more emphasis on quality than quantity.

    Posted in Are Mass Effect Andromeda's Opening Hours Really That Bad? (Yeah, Kind Of)

  • Avatar for dnard410 dnard410 3 months ago

    One thing you didn't mention was how some crew members will die if you don't do their loyalty missions. Also, if you're a male Shepard and Miranda and Jack get into a fight, whichever one you side against will not be as loyal to you (even if you do their loyalty mission). So on my playthrough it was impossible to save Jack.

    Posted in Mass Effect 2's Final Mission Was the Apex of the Series

  • Avatar for dnard410 dnard410 3 months ago

    @brionfoulke91, I mostly agree about review scores, but find them helpful for two reasons. First, I sometimes use them to gauge if I should buy a game that I'm interested in without getting into too many spoilers. For example, I am tempted to buy Mass Effect: Andromeda and like the ME series. I'm not going to read reviews that might spoil the game. However, if the game consistently gets 5/10s from reviewers I trust, I might not buy the game on Day One.

    Numerical scores also make it a bit easier to compare reviewers across games. A review about Dark Souls is probably going to be very different from a review about Portal because they're different games, but a number score can at least be compared as a measure of how much the person playing enjoyed the game.

    Now, of course, the content of the review is more important than the number, and numbers can't replace well written reviews, but I don't think we should get rid of numbers completely. Rather, I'd like to see reviewers actually use the full spectrum of the numerical scale so the numbers actually mean something.

    Posted in Stop Taking Review Scores Personally

  • Avatar for dnard410 dnard410 3 months ago

    Completely agree with this. The first ME game had an innovative approach to RPGs. This is one of the reasons why I really hope Bioware releases an HD remaster of the ME trilogy. So many of the problems with ME1, including the Mako, combat, and graphics, could easily be improved in a rerelease. The original Mass Effect deserve to be played for years to come, but I'm afraid it will become a forgotten gem. It is sad though that Bioware went from a company that poked fun at traditional RPG fetch quests in ME1 to one that went overboard with them in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    Posted in The First Mass Effect is a Great Game Not Just for its Time, But for All Time

  • Avatar for dnard410 dnard410 3 months ago

    @NiceGuyNeon, I've only read the reviews on the website, not watched the videos, so maybe there's something about Jim's tone that doesn't come through in his written reviews. I agree that he's certainly no Jeremy Parish, but he also seems eminently, if brutally, fair in his reviews.
    @SargeSmash, I'm sure some people do like Skyward Sword, but they seem to be in the minority nowadays. I personally felt burned by all the positive Skyward Sword reviews. I bought the game for Wii and was excited by all the 10/10 reviews, but it turned out to be one of my worst gaming experiences ever. Nowadays it seems like most gaming sites - including USG - consider SS to be one of the worst of the 3D Zelda games. That quick turn in popular perception of a game certainly isn't what you'd expect for a game that upon release got a 93 on metacritic at the time of release. I'm waiting at least another 6 months to see how critics really feel about BotW once the hype dies down.

    Posted in Stop Taking Review Scores Personally