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I have been gaming since I was six years old, back in the beautiful year of 1990 (man, I’m getting old XD). Graduated as an Industrial Engineer. Fan of anime, manga and comics. I’m partial towards the consoles and games from Nintendo and Sony, although I would probably play in every platform in existence if I had the time and money to do so. I’m a bit of a retro gamer, but without disparaging modern games. Unyielding fan of The Legend of Zelda and Mega Man, I will probably keep playing games from those franchises until I die.

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  • Avatar for docexe docexe 1 days ago

    This was one of my most anticipated games back when it was announced. I was pretty bummed out when I learned that it had been cancelled. Getting the chance to finally play it (hopefully) in complete form would be great, assuming of course I can put my hands on a SNES Classic.

    Posted in Our Biggest Question About Star Fox 2 on the Super NES Classic

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 1 days ago

    On one hand, it’s a shame that they only included 20 games this time instead of 30 like with the NES Classic Edition. I would have liked to see the rest of the Mega Man X games as well as Chrono Trigger, Demon’s Crest and one of the Final Fight games. Probably Donkey Kong Country 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 2 as well.

    On the other hand, the line-up on the whole is really, REALLY good, and the addition of the unreleased Star Fox 2 as well as games that never saw a VC release (Star Fox, Yoshi’s Island) sweetens the deal. I just hope they do indeed produce more units this time. Even without the scarcity issues, I was ultimately going to pass on the NES Classic, but for the SNES version I would willingly sell my soul to some elder god or other eldritch entity in order to get one.

    Posted in Nintendo Announces SNES Classic Edition, Including The Never-Released Star Fox 2 [Updated: Nintendo Promises More Shipments]

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 13 days ago

    The Galaxy games are my favorite 3D Mario games, in part because of how well they replicated the feeling of the old-school 2D Mario games. That being said, I welcome the return of the series to more open spaces and the focus on explorationof Super Mario 64, especially after watching the Treehouse livestreams.

    The idea of every kingdom being its own expansive sandbox just looks interesting and the game seems packed with fun things to find and do (even if admittedly some of them are pretty strange for a Mario game).

    Posted in The Good and (Maybe) Bad of Super Mario Odyssey

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 13 days ago

    @Wellman2nd When you describe it like that, it actually sounds like the plot for a sitcom episode.

    Posted in The Good and (Maybe) Bad of Super Mario Odyssey

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 13 days ago

    So, which one do you think will be released first: Shenmue III, the Final Fantasy VII remake or this game? Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!

    Posted in Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is a Dream, a Promise, and a Tech Demo Right Now [Update: New Video]

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 13 days ago

    I’m not a parent yet, so I’m not interested in the “father-son” element of the game from an “I can relate to this” point of view, but rather from a character development point of view.

    While I liked prior God of War games for their combat, level design, art direction and majestic scale and set pieces, I was never really a fan of the main character himself. I get what they were going for with Kratos: A really dark and vicious antihero whose uncontrollable rage and inability to accept the consequence of his actions were ultimately his fatal flaws (and “fatal flaws” in the most proper sense of the classic Greek tragedies). Yet, precisely because he was so unsympathetic so often it was ultimately impossible for me to actually like him as a character.

    Now that they are presenting him in a different context and (maybe) humanizing him a little through his relationship with his son, I’m genuinely intrigued and want to see where they go with this direction. It also helps that the game itself looks gorgeous.

    Posted in In God of War, Your Sense of Progression is Measured by Being Proud of Your Son

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 13 days ago

    Ryan’s answer is puzzling and unconvincing precisely because Nintendo (aka the most paternalistic control freaks of the Big Three console manufacturers, that had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the Internet era and that still refuse to allow voice chat in most of their games because “think of the children!!!”) is allowing cross-platform play on the Switch.

    His quote about “commercial discussion between ourselves and other stakeholders” sounds closer to the truth, which to my most cynical self ears, boils down to internal politicking and the classic “whatever gets us more profit while screwing over the competition”.

    Posted in PlayStation 4 is Sitting Out On Cross Platform Play, and Players are Confused

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 13 days ago

    I have only played games from the Ezio trilogy, so I’m not really an expert when it comes to the evolution of the Assassin’s Creed series, but what is mentioned here about the changes to combat and Eagle vision sounds like pretty big deals. It seems like they are emphasizing more the stealth aspects of the series, which sounds good to me.

    I also like what is mentioned about the mission structure being less restrictive. One of the most frustrating aspects of the games I have played is how extreme the scripting and handholding feel at times, with certain missions forcing you tackle them in very specific ways with little margin for error or deviation.

    Posted in Assassin's Creed Origins: Five Subtle Changes To The Franchise, From a Veteran

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 14 days ago

    @Godots17thCup I figured that if the Switch was successful, they would keep the 3DS line alive for another year or two because the system still sells well and the install base is just too big to ignore it.

    Still, this indeed cements that their handheld line is on the way out, which is admittedly surreal.

    Posted in A New "Core" Pokemon RPG is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 14 days ago

    I’m not particularly worried, given that the dammned control freaks… ahem… Nintendo tend to be very picky with their development partners. If anything, I’m more curious about what Retro might be working on nowadays.

    In any case, I’m just glad the Metroid franchise is finally back in full force after such a long time.

    Posted in Retro Studios Isn't Working on Metroid Prime 4