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I have been gaming since I was six years old, back in the beautiful year of 1990 (man, I’m getting old XD). Graduated as an Industrial Engineer. Fan of anime, manga and comics. I’m partial towards the consoles and games from Nintendo and Sony, although I would probably play in every platform in existence if I had the time and money to do so. I’m a bit of a retro gamer, but without disparaging modern games. Unyielding fan of The Legend of Zelda and Mega Man, I will probably keep playing games from those franchises until I die.

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  • Avatar for docexe docexe 20 days ago

    Chrono Trigger is the one omission in the line-up that stings the most. But if I have to be honest with myself, the one game I would add to the SNES Classic is TMNT IV: Turtles In Time. Not only it’s the game that I remember playing the most with my brother back in the day, for whatever reason, beat’em ups is the one genre that is not represented at all in the SNES Classic line-up in spite of the fact that it was thriving back in the 16-bit era.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Additional Game Do You Want on the SNES Classic Edition?

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 20 days ago

    I got mine on Friday. The local retailer had limited stock and only available through their waiting list, but I managed to get one. It does have some usability issues (the cords of the controllers and the included HDMI cable are too short, it’s annoying that the only way to return to the menu is by hitting the reset button), but on the whole, it was ultimately worth every penny. I would have liked if they had included a few more games, but the selection is great and the emulation is pretty good.

    Posted in SNES Classic Edition Review: Is the SNES Classic Edition Worth the Money?

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 24 days ago

    You know, it always struck me as odd how such a surreal and comical bonus level (I mean, besides the paper airplanes as enemies, the background is full of smiling moons and the boss is a freaking slot machine that you defeat by getting a 777), essentially counts as a bad end for the game.

    Posted in Captain Falcon was Originally the SNES' Mascot and Other Super Nintendo Facts You Didn't Know

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 24 days ago

    I’m not exactly surprised there was an argument about it. You would believe you could boil it down to “the core Mario games are the platformers”, but part of the issue there is that some games that could be considered “core games” essentially lead to their own subseries. And those subseries eventually became pretty divorced from Mario himself: Yoshi’s Island lead to the Yoshi games, while Mario Land lead to the Wario Land games.

    There is also the question of whether or not the New Super Mario games should be considered core entries or a spin-off series, not to mention whether or not the Donkey Kong games after the first one should also be counted as part of the Mario canon.

    Posted in Why the Super Nintendo is the Best Console Ever Made

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 24 days ago

    I hesitate to call it the “best console ever”, given the baggage such a moniker carries. I don’t have any trouble calling it my favorite console of all time, though. So many of my formative experiences as a gamer happened on the SNES, and most of its best games have definitely stood the test of time.

    Posted in Why the Super Nintendo is the Best Console Ever Made

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 30 days ago

    Well, it does look better than the prior movies, for what it’s worth.

    Posted in Debut trailer for the New Tomb Raider Movie Releases Online

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 30 days ago

    Good for the US and Canada if they indeed got better supply this time. Here in Mexico the stock will still be very limited, although I did managed to preorder one with the local retailer. Still felt a bit like paying a scalper, given how much they inflated the price, but at least I got one.

    Posted in Stores Reportedly Have More SNES Classic Stock for Launch Than for the NES Classic Last Year

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 30 days ago

    @Wellman2nd Yeah, at this point is pretty obvious that most of the big publishers like Capcom and Square didn’t really have much faith in the Switch. But given its current sales plus the fact that the Japanese market is currently dominated by handhelds, I also hope they finally come on board.

    I also really hope that the ports of Skyrim, Doom, Wolfenstein 2 and L.A. Noire manage to sell well on the Switch, if only because that might convince more 3rd parties to port more AAA games, even if it requires them to go with a custom engine specifically designed for the platform.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV for Switch Prototypes "Weren't Satisfactory"

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 30 days ago

    I suppose it’s technically cheating given she appeared in a prior MvC game as an assist character, but why not Princess Devilotte? I picture her as a mix between Doronjo (from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom) and Jin Saotome, summoning her lackeys for most of her special attacks, and her mecha for her hyper combos.

    And well, given the attempt to tie Infinite with the MCU, I’m actually surprised Loki was not a character in this game. I picture him as a zoning character of sorts, primarily using illusions, magic and his scepter for attacks.

    I would also like to see how they would adapt Ant-man for a game like this. IIRC, he was among the characters in one of the supposed leaks, but the game ultimately didn’t include him, so…

    Posted in Ten Characters Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Needs As DLC

  • Avatar for docexe docexe A month ago

    @VotesForCows If I’m not mistaken with my comicbook lore, they were kidnapped by some criminal mastermind and used as test subjects for the heroin. All other test subjects for the drug died, but they miraculously survived and developed super powers. Then they became super heroes with a particular aim to take down drug cartels. I don’t really know if their creators were going for some “Drugs are bad, kids!” message there though.

    Anyway, they have been recurring allies of Spider-man and the X-Men along the years. Marvel is also preparing a TV live action series with them as the central characters.

    Posted in Ten Characters Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Needs As DLC