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I have been gaming since I was six years old, back in the beautiful year of 1990 (man, I’m getting old XD). Graduated as an Industrial Engineer. Fan of anime, manga and comics. I’m partial towards the consoles and games from Nintendo and Sony, although I would probably play in every platform in existence if I had the time and money to do so. I’m a bit of a retro gamer, but without disparaging modern games. Unyielding fan of The Legend of Zelda and Mega Man, I will probably keep playing games from those franchises until I die.

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  • Avatar for docexe docexe 21 days ago

    Mostly Breath of the Wild. I have finished two Divine Beasts and, according to the loading screen, I have finished more than 50 Shrines and collected more than 200 Korok seeds. I have also recovered around six or so of the Zelda memories. So, I suppose you can say I’m in the middle of the road. Currently heading towards the Gerudo region to tame the Divine Beast there.

    Between bouts of Zelda, I have also been playing Bionic Commando: Rearmed. It’s the first Bionic Commando game I have ever played and it took me a while to get my head around the movement system with the bionic arm/grappling hook. After I got accustomed, I started to really enjoy the game. It’s quite a nice old school throwback. Probably going to start with the sequel after I finish this one.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Games Have You Been Playing?

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 27 days ago

    On the one hand, it’s actually interesting that they went with a different Big Bad than the obvious option (aka Thanos). And the fact that Sigma is a primary villain should mean X will have a central role in the storyline.

    On the other hand, the current roster seems small compared to prior iterations. The DLC announcement makes me wonder if they are planning to follow a similar model to SFV and continuously introduce more characters over time. Hopefully that means we will see Spider-man and some of the X-men characters there. Their current omission was not unexpected given prior rumors, but is still irksome.

    Posted in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Shows Off New Characters and September Release

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 27 days ago

    I haven’t read the 0th issue of Secret Empire but I have read the spoilers and seen some scanned pages here and there and on one hand, some of what Nick Spencer seems to be trying to do with the event is actually thought provoking: What is shown on page about the methods that Steve Rogers and his Hydra faction used to pretty much conquer the world does read as a metaphor (and indictment) of the USA government and society. Specifically, it reads like a criticism of how the antiterrorist policies enacted by the US government after the 9/11 (and endorsed by a large section of the country’s population) ultimately lead the US to fall into Totalitarianism and Fascism.

    On the other hand, the fact is that Spencer went about the story in the worst way possible: With that whole kerfuffle about cosmic cube shenanigans and that crap about how “the reality where the Nazis won is actually the true history and Steve Rogers was indeed originally a Hydra agent”, he took a beloved and popular character who used to represent noble ideals and pretty much turned that on its face by essentially saying “Hey! Guess, what? This character was actually evil all along, and the version of the character that you liked was always a fake”. And in order to justify that turn of events (which was otherwise nonsensical for the character in question), he retconned the entire history of the Marvel Universe in what can’t be called anything else but a pretty ruinous way.

    No matter how you slice it, that comes as spitting in the face of the readership. And that’s even before we take into account how ill-conceived it is to take a character that was created by two Jewish guys as a deliberate “fuck you” to the Nazis and their ideology, then turn him into a member of an organization that what was originally created as an obvious Nazi offshoot. Indeed, given how Hydra was associated with the Nazis pretty much since its introduction to the comics, trying to invoke the revised origin form the Jonathan Hickman miniseries seems like a pretty poor attempt at deflection.

    Ultimately, the whole premise is so ruinous that I can’t help but expect it’s indeed going to be retconned away. But who knows, after all, last time I checked Deadly Genesis and Sins Past were still canon, so maybe the Marvel editors will indeed allow this to stand, no matter how ruinous it proves to be for the character of Steve Rogers -_-.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Call of Duty: WW2 Needs More Than a New Setting to Refresh the Series

  • Avatar for docexe docexe A month ago

    Interesting article. While the three games aren’t entirely comparable (they differ widely in terms of tone, themes and several mechanics), they do seem similar in some aspects of their design philosophy. Indeed, they seem to share a certain design ethos: They set you free in a massive and imposing world, then let you to your own devices for the most part.

    They still give you an indication of where you need to go and what you need to do, but otherwise they don’t hold your hand or force-fed you with exposition. This actually makes them quite refreshing and dissimilar to many modern AAA games.

    Posted in What Breath of the Wild, Shadow of the Colossus, and Dark Souls Have in Common

  • Avatar for docexe docexe A month ago

    To be fair there, the term also refers to a certain type of vocal improvisation in Jazz.

    I have the impression that it being used as an abbreviation for certain... err... “disreputable preferences” came later during the Internet age.

    Posted in Is Storage Wars' "Huge Game Find" Really Worth $45,000? Probably Not

  • Avatar for docexe docexe A month ago

    To this day I still don’t really understand the massive popularity of the Fast and Furious franchise. Then again, the only movie I have seen so far is Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, and from what I understand, even fans of these movies hated that one.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Sprite-Based Game Art Is Far from Overdone

  • Avatar for docexe docexe A month ago

    @captainN2 I agree with several of your points, specially how you point out that artists should be free to create no matter how objectionable or misguided their takes might be, as well as how you mention that the problem with a lot of reboots, and live action adaptations these days is that they are soulless cash-grabs produced under the more cynical of corporate mandates.

    But where I have to specifically disagree is with your indictment of Disney (and take that as coming from someone who genuinely hated that company during the late 90’s/early 00’s). If anything, Disney (and their subsidiaries like Pixar and Marvel Studios) are among the very few media conglomerates these days that actually do things in (mostly) the right way. I mean, say whatever you want about the many “liberties” (to put it mildly) they take with their fairy tales adaptations or about how the Marvel Cinematic Universe tends to follow “the same formula”: The majority of their productions are done by filmmakers who genuinely care about (or at the very least respect) the material they are working with. It’s one of the reasons why their movies tend to be well-crafted, successful at the box office and beloved and acclaimed by fans and critics alike, unlike all those other examples of mediocrity that you pointed out.Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Nadia's Midboss Musings: Nobody Needs an R-Rated Mega Man

  • Avatar for docexe docexe A month ago

    Mmmm… Now that someone mentioned Astroboy, a few years ago they published a seinen manga (that is, “manga for mature male audiences”) named “Pluto” that was an adaptation of one of the classic Astroboy’s story arcs (“The strongest robot in the world”), but reimagined as a “grim and gritty” murder mystery story. And it was actually good, legitimately mature, thought-provoking and highly acclaimed. In that sense I think it is completely possible for an R-Rated version of Mega Man to be good or even great (granted, I probably would go for adapting either the X or Zero versions rather than the Classic version, as they would be more “thematically fitting” so to speak).

    The real problem with too many things that try to go for the “darker and edgier” route is that, too often, the creators involved are more focused on delivering shock value than in actually telling a good story. Indeed, that’s one of the reasons why the recent success of movies like Deadpool and Logan has me wary: I can’t help it but expect that many Hollywood executives and directors are going to completely miss the point of why those two movies were so successful. It was not because of the massive amounts of violence, gore, cussing and even sexual content that they included, but rather because they told satisfying stories with an emotional core, had a tone and style that made them pretty distinct from other superhero movies, and had good actors personally committed to their characters and who delivered great performances.

    Now, while some of the quotes I have read from Shankar have me wary about him ever attempting an adaptation of this kind for Mega Man, I haven’t really watched any of his prior works (not even that infamous Power/Rangers short). So like with the Castlevania TV series, I prefer to reserve judgement until I actually watch whatever thing he comes with.Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Nadia's Midboss Musings: Nobody Needs an R-Rated Mega Man

  • Avatar for docexe docexe A month ago

    Nice analysis. I haven’t commented much lately, but I really enjoy this series of articles. I’m glad to see this week’s column dedicated to this game. A Link to the Past was my favorite Zelda game for decades (and I say “was” because Breath of the Wild is on its way to dethrone it from that position).

    Thinking about it, in terms of design the introduction of BotW is kind of similar to the introduction of ALttP. Both confine you to relatively small areas of the game world and teach you the ropes mostly in a diegetic kind of way. The game still gives some instructions and pointers about what to do and where to go, but otherwise leaves you to your own devices for the most part. It strikes that delicate balance between ensuring that the player gets the necessary skills to progress through the rest of the adventure without feeling excessively “handholdy” about it.

    Posted in A Link to the Past Uncovered, Part 1: How an Intro Began Redefining the Zelda We Knew

  • Avatar for docexe docexe A month ago

    I remember some other commenter once mentioning that Nintendo’s recurrent supply issues with hardware and other products were the result of how their supply chain operations are structured. Apparently, incurring in excess of unsold inventory carries a major logistic cost for them, which is why they prefer to forecast and manufacture in limited quantities even at the risk of not fulfilling demand.

    I honestly don’t know if that’s true (and even then, it still would represent a very serious problem for customers, although one that might not be easy for the company to solve), but I find that explanation more believable than the recurrent theories that Nintendo deliberately limits supply to create the impression of artificial scarcity, to keep second hand market prices high, that they are malicious Machiavellians that don’t have any respect for their customers whatsoever, or that they (a company with such a long trajectory) are really that bad at predicting demand.

    Posted in So Long NES Classic, and Thanks for All the Aggravation