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I have been gaming since I was six years old, back in the beautiful year of 1990 (man, I’m getting old XD). Graduated as an Industrial Engineer. Fan of anime, manga and comics. I’m partial towards the consoles and games from Nintendo and Sony, although I would probably play in every platform in existence if I had the time and money to do so. I’m a bit of a retro gamer, but without disparaging modern games. Unyielding fan of The Legend of Zelda and Mega Man, I will probably keep playing games from those franchises until I die.

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  • Avatar for docexe docexe 7 days ago

    As things stand, I wonder if WB wouldn’t be better served by cancelling their current “DC Extended Universe” plans and just starting again from scratch. Granted, that’s not going to happen and both Wonder Woman and Justice League would need to be massive bombs in order for them to even consider it, but I wonder if it wouldn’t be the best path.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Pokemon Go and Revisiting a Fad

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 7 days ago

    And well, other commenters have mentioned it before but it merits to be repeated: When it comes to videogames (or really, any other kind of creative work), reviews are not some universal gospel that dictate quality in absolute terms. They don’t because there is always a subjective component that varies from person to person and that plays a part in the enjoyment of the game in question (and the same is true of pretty much every other form of creative work, be they films, music, literature, painting, etc.).

    Now, a certain consensus regarding the quality of a specific creative work might emerge over time if the majority of critics share a similar opinion regarding said creative work. But that doesn’t mean said opinion will be universal: There will always be outliers (even among highly reputed critics) that don’t care about the work in question (and that’s perfectly fine!). It neither means that said opinion will be set in stone: A lot of creative works that are currently acclaimed were actually derided or ignored when they were originally released (sometimes years, decades or even centuries ago), and viceversa.

    Finally, if your primary concern about the score given in this review is that someone doesn’t share your (or anyone else’s) opinion about the game (a game that you couldn’t have played yet, I need to remind), or that the aggregator score of the game took a hit ...Well, sorry to say this, but the problem is not with the review or with the reviewer, the problem is with you. It only shows that you are an immature and insecure person who needs external validation for their personal tastes.

    Posted in Horizon Zero Dawn Review

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 7 days ago

    So a highly anticipated game (and console exclusive no less) gets a bad score that also happens to be the outlier compared to other sites, prompting fans of the game (who have not even played it yet, what with it not even been released at the time the embargo was lifted) to cause a storm in the comments of the review. Sigh… typical, just typical. Good to know the gaming community’s old habits have not died out yet -_-.

    Personally, based on this and a couple of other reviews I have read, the game is not particularly original when compared to other open world action RPG’s, and the quests related to the main storyline are dull, but it has great production values and it seems the combat against the mechadinosaurs is the most satisfying part. So, it’s pretty much what I expected based on the previews and I think it might appeal to me in the end. So if I ever finally get a PS4, I will definitely play it.

    Posted in Horizon Zero Dawn Review

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 7 days ago

    Even older than Bob and George… Wow!

    Posted in It Came from the Ancient Internet: Eric Wolpaw's The Slugger

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 13 days ago

    @Tebunker Yep, that’s my major gripe with the way they are offering this season pass. I don’t mind them adding more dungeons or story content post-game release. Heck, I would definitely pay for those.

    But I don’t have any interest whatsoever in paying for another challenge tower or a hard mode. So, unless they eventually sell the DLC packs individually, I just won’t buy any of the DLC.

    Posted in Opinion: Don't Fuse Zelda Breath of the Wild's DLC into a Season Pass, Nintendo

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 13 days ago

    @Ohoni No offense, but honestly, I think that system you propose there would be more likely to punish honest small developers while not deterring scammers at all.

    Small developers who might not have the marketing budget to ensure their games get enough exposure (or whose games might be so “out there” that their audience is already pretty small by default) will have trouble clearing that threshold in order to receive any compensation at all for their work.

    Meanwhile, there would be no real guarantee that those developers of dubious morality who keep peddling shovelware would not just find workarounds to abuse the system, just like they already do with the Greenlight votes.

    Posted in Steam Greenlight Is Dead, Long Live Steam Direct

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 13 days ago

    @mnicolai@Verkambj Yep, if you ever wonder why so many of Nintendo’s online features tend to be so cumbersome to use, it’s because a rather large portion of their customers are either kids or parents, so they just tend to become extremely paternalistic in order to “protect the children”.

    Personally, I’m not sure this workaround will work that well. As stated by@pimento, people who already use other apps to chat while playing will continue to use them, while many children these days already have smartphones.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch's Online Smartphone App Given a Bit More Detail

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 13 days ago

    @otenko Sigh… I said it before, but it merits repeating:

    Nintendo to their investors and customers: “Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! Is this not why you are here?!”

    @TheWildCard EA and Capcom already do this with some of their games, although it’s usually an “ultra-hard mode difficulty for the most hardcore of players”. I think it’s still pretty tasteless, but I hope that’s what they are planning to include here, rather than simply the equivalent of the “Hero mode” that they have included (for FREE!) in recent Zelda games.

    @mobichan Well, the last few trailers have shown that the game still has a substantial story and substantial content, so I think it might be too hasty to abandon the series just yet.

    Personally, while I’m not thrilled about them finally adopting a DLC model for Zelda, I wouldn’t mind it too much if they take an approach similar to the Dark Souls series or some of the Bioware and Bethesda RPG’s: The base game is already a massive Open World Action RPG that may take you more than 50 hours to finish, while the expansions include more story content, new regions to explore and more dungeons.

    The second DLC pack seems to be more in that line, so that one doesn’t bother me, but I’m definitely not paying for content that you can reasonably argue should be included in the base game, like it’s the case of the first DLC pack (I mean, they expect me to pay for a challenge tower and a hard mode when they have included those for free in prior games? C’mon!).Edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Receives The Series' First Season Pass DLC

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 15 days ago

    I’m skeptical this will work well in the current format of the show. I wonder if the best approach would be rather to do something similar to the Tokyo Game Show: the first three days open only to business and press, with the weekend open to the general public.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Will E3 Benefit from Going Public?

  • Avatar for docexe docexe 18 days ago

    While I understand the concerns presented here, I prefer to wait till we have more information on the project before deciding if I should dread it or not.

    One thing that gives me a bit of confidence is that Warren Ellis is not a writer that does “dark and edgy” just for the sake of “dark and edgy”. Admittedly, like most of the British writers of his generation, when he goes too far, he definitely goes too far. But even then, his stories tend to be thought provoking and he isn’t afraid of incorporating the ridiculous and campy along with the dark and serious (I mean, this is the man who wrote Nextwave after all).

    Posted in Opinion: I Don't Have Much Hope for the Netflix Castlevania Series