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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest donkeyintheforest An hour ago

    @novacav I opened one of those google docs and it's complete nonsense from reddit's The_Donald. Please stop spreading misinformation. This is a website with reasonable people who can discuss things respectfully even if we don't agree. We don't need any shitposting.

    Posted in The FCC Votes to Rip Apart Net Neutrality

  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest donkeyintheforest 22 hours ago

    @Thetick You're talking about representative democracy, not true democracy. Admittedly the US is a representative democracy, but you were nitpicking and so I will as well; democracy is a broad term that can apply to many things :D

    That said, net neutrality benefits everyone except the ISPs. It's not like they are an aggrieved minority. When lawfully forced to tell the truth, ISPs including Verizon have said that net neutrality has not affected their business negatively.

    Posted in The FCC Votes to Rip Apart Net Neutrality

  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest donkeyintheforest 22 hours ago

    @SargeSmash I think worrying about the future of the ISPs is completely misplaced. That worry is predicated on the idea that it is more important to the average person to maintain the health of current major ISPs rather than allow normal people fair access to competing services.

    I understand the appeal of a light touch approach, but it's already proven that it didn't work in this instance. ISPs repeatedly blocked their customer's access to legal content (competing VoIP services, legal peer to peer networks, etc). The FCC wouldn't have established broadband as title II if that weren't the case.

    Regardless, input has been yanked out of the hands of commoners like ourselves for now thanks to the complete disregard for public comments demonstrated by the FCC...

    Posted in The FCC Votes to Rip Apart Net Neutrality

  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest donkeyintheforest 23 hours ago

    It's interesting hearing your discussions about BotW. I kinda hated the all dark area that you all loved. I also love the ball rolling puzzles. I really liked the DLC. I thought is wasn't drastically different than the main game, but I loved that too. Killing guardians on a motorcycle is so much fun.

    I think it just speaks to Nintendo's technique with both BotW and Odyssey: give players a variety of content and overwhelm them with so much of it that there is enough of it to make a full game for people who like any number of styles of play.

    Posted in The USgamer Podcast: PUBG Makes Its Big, Messy Console Debut

  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest donkeyintheforest 23 hours ago

    @SargeSmash It has been around a lot longer than most people think. Net neutrality protections were first supported in court by the GWBush administration's FCC (it was not always an issue polarized along party lines, it is good for everyone but the large ISPs). When confronted by the FCC companies like Comcast volunteered to abide by net neutrality rules. It was only after Verizon fought an won in court that the FCC moved to classify high speed broadband as Title II in order to prevent ISPs from continuing to block their customer's access to legal content.

    It's a complex topic, and there is a lot of misinformation that has circled about it. When the current FCC flat out disregards public comments and Trump lies multiple times about what net neutrality entails it is more than disheartening. If the ISPs didn't hold a significant number of local monopolies then competition might have a chance at working out potential issues, but as of right now that doesn't look like the case. Even more frustrating is that ISPs, including net neutrality opponents like Verizon have stated under penalty of perjury that their growths in profit and investment in infrastructure has not been negatively affected by net neutrality.

    Posted in The FCC Votes to Rip Apart Net Neutrality

  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest donkeyintheforest 3 days ago

    My problem wasn't with the shrines so much, but with the rewards. Why do you power me up after I've beaten the game? I obviously don't need more power since I've beaten the game...

    Luckily I still have some shrines to discover (I haven't used any guides yet; I'm at about 100 shrines after beating the DLC) so the DLC rewards are nice from a quality of life perspective, but I would prefer more shiny stuff haha!

    That said, I thought the DLC was well worth the $20.

    Posted in The Champions' Ballad DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Has Some Problems

  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest donkeyintheforest 4 days ago
  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest donkeyintheforest 4 days ago

    @docexe yeah it looks rad! way more grounded than the announcement trailer haha. hopefully it's easy to use. if nothing else it looks to be a great minigame collection.

    Posted in LittleBigPlanet Studio's Dreams Resurfaces With a New Trailer

  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest donkeyintheforest 4 days ago

    Have you all noticed that the tips of the one hit kill weapon are representative of the divine beasts? Pretty cool.

    Posted in Champions' Ballad Reminds Us of the Best and Worst of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest donkeyintheforest 4 days ago

    @UnskippableCutscene The book focused mainly 80's stuff because the main character was trying to solve puzzles created a guy obsessed with eighties stuff. There were always things from other time periods on the periphery (including future tech), but they were not usually the main focus.

    I thought the book was pretty ho hum, but it was well intentioned. I don't understand the hate it has gotten all of a sudden. People love a bandwagon haha

    Posted in New Ready Player One Trailer Has a Tracer and Chun-Li Cameo