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  • Avatar for ericspratling56 ericspratling56 2 days ago

    "Capitalism" is also the main reason we even have The Simpsons franchise in the first place. And video games in general. Individuals and entities pursuing profit by selling products people are willing to pay for.

    Posted in Nadia's Midboss Musings: Learning About Capitalism the Bart Simpson Way

  • Avatar for ericspratling56 ericspratling56 16 days ago

    My naive hope is that the DQ Heroes I&II delay is because they're waiting for the sequel's localization to drop first. It would be kind of weird to have the dual compilation on shelves before the solo version is even out.

    But the lack of any kind of announcement makes me nervous. I just want to hack up hordes of slimes in real-time on the go, dangit!

    Posted in Square-Enix Is Putting Its Full Support Behind the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for ericspratling56 ericspratling56 A month ago

    Disappointing, but no reason to rage or despair just yet. The Mega Man Legacy collection made its way to 3DS, and a bit later than it did for consoles (or am I imagining that last part?). I'd probably bet on the collection coming to the Switch, though a bit delayed.

    Posted in Capcom's Decision to Keep the Disney Afternoon Collection off the Nintendo Switch Is a Load of Duck Feathers

  • Avatar for ericspratling56 ericspratling56 A month ago

    Even after just a few days with it, the BOTW+Switch combo has been amazing for me. Pop it into the TV when I have some quality alone time, or lug the handheld around for bite-sized (or longer) quests when my toddlers are mucking about and requiring constant oversight. My PS4, mighty as it is, has to be booted up and really paid some attention for a session; the Switch can just go right into Sleep Mode and hang out on the counter. And since it uses the same type of charger as my Pixel, I can safely leave it out of the kids' reach (that dock is precarious) while also not worrying about it losing juice.

    I actually think the dual screens really do offer the best of both worlds: going to the smaller option doesn't feel like you're sacrificing anything, but any time you go *up* to the big screen, you're pleasantly surprised by the scope of that big open world.

    And you're correct that this Zelda, in particular-- with its bite-sized dungeons and billions of little mini-quests-- is especially perfect for the might-have-to-stop-gaming-at-any-moment lifestyle. The only problem I've encountered so far was when I was focusing too hard on solving puzzles while walking on the treadmill and nearly fell on my face, but that's hardly Nintendo's fault.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Why Zelda is an Unexpectedly Great Proof of Concept for the Switch

  • Avatar for ericspratling56 ericspratling56 A month ago
  • Avatar for ericspratling56 ericspratling56 A month ago

    Chris Kohler had a great take on what Nintendo could do with VC recently:

    TL;DR: it largely involves overhauling the pricing structure to make the process more friendly to both consumers and publishers.

    Posted in Reaction: Delaying the Switch's Virtual Console is an Opportunity to Finally Get it Right

  • Avatar for ericspratling56 ericspratling56 2 months ago

    Hear hear.

    Power/Rangers was godawful, the work of people who think that taking children's entertainment and injecting it with graphic violence & cursing is what constitutes being "subversive." (Not to mention the way they and the short's fans threw a big hissyfit when the actual owners shut the thing down. Sorry, you don't get to pose as an edgy & transgressive provocateur, then cry foul when someone is actually, you know, provoked.)

    And Ellis' previously scuttled adaptation... well, the fact that he wrote that sheep-buggering scene in the first place AND that he decided it's the one thing he needed to share... yikes.

    Netflix does produce a lot of good content, so maybe their influence & the maturation that comes with time will appeal to the better creative angels of everyone's nature, and they'll actually make a quality Castlevania. Not getting my hopes up, though.

    Posted in Opinion: I Don't Have Much Hope for the Netflix Castlevania Series

  • Avatar for ericspratling56 ericspratling56 2 months ago

    30 years later, and poor Marian just can't catch a break.

    Posted in Double Dragon IV PS4 Review: Retro - to a Fault

  • Avatar for ericspratling56 ericspratling56 2 months ago

    Fantastic look at how the sausage used to be made. I did occasionally wonder about it back when I was a kid. Gives me a whole new respect for game journalists I grew up reading.

    As far as getting an "action" shot without pausing the game: was it feasible to tape record your play session (i.e., hit Record on an actual VCR plugged into the same TV the console was running on) and then take a photograph of the video playback (perhaps even paused just right) later, or did the crummy VHS quality just end up degrading the picture even further?

    Posted in Back When Screenshots Really Were Screen Shots

  • Avatar for ericspratling56 ericspratling56 3 months ago

    Meat toothpaste sounds disgusting.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch: Hands-On Impressions