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  • @Vodka-Tonic Outside of the Anniversary Collection, Spring Breeze in this game is the closest thing to that.

    Posted in Super NES Classic Reviews Game by Game #20: Kirby Super Star

  • @Lonecow There's still another month to go before EOV ships, though, and Metroid games aren't exactly long, even if you take your time (and replay extensively to get everything/better times).

    Posted in The USgamer Podcast: Jeremy Parish Returns to Debate Metroid: Samus Returns

  • Avatar for franciscovillarrealh franciscovillarrealh 15 days ago

    I'm not surprised, given how his message at E3 smacked of the same sentiment of "Wait, we have to make games for the Switch!? We can't just throw a rushed port and ignore it?" that's been on Capcom and EA.

    Posted in Pokemon CEO Didn't Think the Nintendo Switch Would Succeed

  • Avatar for franciscovillarrealh franciscovillarrealh A month ago

    @docexe I don't know - you can't get more Dragon Ball Super than having Buu sleep through the story.

    Posted in First Details About Dragon Ball FighterZ's Story Mode Emerge

  • Avatar for franciscovillarrealh franciscovillarrealh A month ago

    I've been following news of the DuckTales reboot since it was first teased two years ago, and it was definitely worth the wait. Part of what makes it work is that it's borrowing concepts from more sources than just the 1987 cartoon: there's Scrooge and Donald wearing their comicbook outfits, there's the refining of Quack Pack's attempt at distinguishing the triplets... really, having both the Carl Barks paintings in the mansion and the references to the cities of other Disney Afternoon shows should be the main hints that this is a labor of love - or as close to one as a cartoon series on one of the biggest networks can be, anyway.

    But yeah, this is great on its own merits, and not just because there's PowerPuff Girls 2016 as a clear contrast of a reboot not working.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV and Why Certain Japanese Publishers Should Look Towards the PC More Often

  • Avatar for franciscovillarrealh franciscovillarrealh A month ago

    Well, we know they showed his redesign at SDCC.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV and Why Certain Japanese Publishers Should Look Towards the PC More Often

  • Avatar for franciscovillarrealh franciscovillarrealh A month ago

    I may not feel as strongly about the Sonic franchise as many, but this article at least reminded me that I do feel very strongly about the Kirby series and that I hadn't commented on that article.

    So... hope you don't mind my late-to-the-party arguing about how The USGamer Team Is Collectively Wrong over there.

    Posted in Gotta Go Fast: Ranking All of The Sonic The Hedgehog Games

  • Avatar for franciscovillarrealh franciscovillarrealh A month ago

    So the Sonic rankings reminded me that I never commented here, even though I had a lot of thoughts about this list. Specifically how much I disagree with it.

    - I've been playing through Return to Dream Land for the first time thanks to the WiiU's eShop. I can see it's clearly a rough draft for Triple Deluxe, and not very inspiring (the final boss is basically a Marx expy). That said, it shouldn't rank lower than the first two Dream Lands. Triple Deluxe, specially, shouldn't rank lower than them.

    - For that matter, the first two Dream Lands were good for their time, but every other game on this list is better than them... except for Squeak Squad, of course.

    - Really, you could put five empty rank numbers between Squeak Squad and the next lowest ranking game here, just to make it clear that everything else is picking nits.

    - I played Kirby's Adventure when it was recent. I bought it for the Virtual Console explicitly just so I could replay it whenever I wanted. I love this game without reservations and wholeheartedly believe it's one of the crown jewels of the NES library, right up there with Super Mario Bros 3 and Megaman 2 & 3. That said, it's not the best Kirby game ever - that honor goes to Super Star.

    - Really, every Kirby fan would agree that Super Star is #1 here. This isn't like with Mario or Zelda, where you can argue that the Incredibly Popular One That Redefined A Genre isn't as good as The Earlier Classic That Was Used As Blueprints For The Incredibly Popular One.

    - I would say that the 3DS games are juuust below Adventure.

    - Again, I loved Epic Yarn when it came out. I loved it again when I replayed it in preparation for Yoshi's Woolly World. Gem for the Wii, worth a replay ever couple of years when time allows... That said, I can't in good conscience rank it above the 3DS games.

    - Honestly, the description here for Epic Yarn makes it sound more like it's The Kirby Game For People Who Don't Like Kirby Games.

    - Amazing Mirror is nice and ambitious, but it's a liiittle too flawed to be #4. Combining a Metroidvania with Kirby's old "lose the power if you get hit even once" mechanic makes things frustrating, especially if you're trying to 100% it (the best Kirby games are easy to finish, challenging to master - Amazing Mirror is the wrong kind of challenging). I would definitely place it below the 3DS games and the unconventional platformers (Mass Attack and the Curse games).

    Posted in All of the Kirby Games, Ranked From Worst to Best

  • Avatar for franciscovillarrealh franciscovillarrealh A month ago

    I'm not sure if I would rank Adventure 2 above both Adventure 1 and Generations but I agree with their overall ranking and positioning as "good-but-flawed".

    Posted in Gotta Go Fast: Ranking All of The Sonic The Hedgehog Games

  • Avatar for franciscovillarrealh franciscovillarrealh A month ago

    I wonder if this means we'd be getting other fighters from Super?

    Sadly, it's probably to late to include Kale and Caulifla, but Beerus, Frost, Hit and Autta Magetta might be viable.

    Posted in Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds Super Saiyan Blue Goku, Vegeta, and Android 18