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  • Avatar for jayzii jayzii 8 months ago

    Good. Take that energy forward and create more unique games with a classic feel. We really don't need another franchise in the world.

    Posted in I Am Setsuna Won't Have a Direct Sequel, Says Tokyo RPG Factory

  • Avatar for jayzii jayzii 9 months ago

    Very good choice by the developer. The character designs are totally in Trigger's wheelhouse.

    Posted in Skullgirls Dev Collaborating with Trigger for Indivisible Opening Animation

  • Avatar for jayzii jayzii 9 months ago

    I look forward to spending some time with this one and digging into the combat systems. I've seen some people make it look like a lot of fun (I've also seen some people make it look terrible). It's disappointing that nobody seems too hot on the overall story, but I'm looking forward to the road trip atmosphere.

    Most of all, I'm ready for the series to move on, and I'm excited for what is new and next. I think a decade is long enough to wallow in the universe of FFXIII and its spin-offs.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV PlayStation 4 Review: End of the Road

  • Avatar for jayzii jayzii 9 months ago

    There are good and bad every generation, but you're right, the key is that they take risks with their designs and still make them work within the series' aesthetic. It's also very subjective, and one persons trash is another's treasure. I think their biggest flubs come with ugly or awkward legendaries like that newish Volcanian guy. People who feel the need to compare pokemon to digimon, or yearn for the good old days of design genius like voltorb/electrode every new generation are tiresome.

    Mobile pokeclones are a perfect example of people designing boring, safe, "cool" designs that people think that they want. But the problem is that they are generic and obvious. Eyes glaze over and they slip right out of the brain once you turn the game off.

    Also, Trubbish is adorable.

    Posted in Hey Pokémon Fans, It's Time to End Our Obsession with the Gen One PokéDex

  • Avatar for jayzii jayzii 10 months ago

    I like hearing Jeremy's views on pokemon games. When looking at other forums, a lot of the commentary comes from people who are so deeply invested in the hardcore mechanics that it can be hard to relate to the reactions or discussion.

    Rowlet and it's evolutions are also like the most Jeremy Parish pokemon ever. I don't know how to qualify that statement specifically, but it just is.

    Posted in Pokémon Sun & Moon Versions 3DS Review: Aloha, Alola

  • Avatar for jayzii jayzii 10 months ago


    Fair enough. I'll be interested to hear your opinions on the rest of the aspects like post game challenges and the like as your journal continues. I appreciate the super hardcore perspective, even I don't always agree or relate.Edited 2 times. Last edited November 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in Prof. Kat's Pokémon Journal, Day 1: How do the Alolan Forms Change Pokémon?

  • Avatar for jayzii jayzii 10 months ago
  • Avatar for jayzii jayzii 10 months ago

    I don't think the Alolan forms outshine the new pokemon at all. It's a fun addition, but I think you're overstating their importance. Saying that Gumshoos is the design that stands out the most isn't something I think most people would agree with, whether or not it looks like our new commander in chief. There are lots of interesting new designs, in my opinion.

    To be honest, it feels like your relationship with pokemon is somewhat bipolar. When you go from saying you're quitting the series entirely every few months, to then missing the good old days of the last entry which you were down on at the time, I honestly don't know how to interpret your thoughts on the series at any given time.

    Posted in Prof. Kat's Pokémon Journal, Day 1: How do the Alolan Forms Change Pokémon?

  • Avatar for jayzii jayzii 10 months ago

    I find the open world fetishization in video games pretty odd. People online act as if being open world is inherently better than something linear. It's all about the execution of the concept. I'm glad Jeremy brought up FFX, because so many people who like that game a lot poo poo all over XIII because of its linearity. Turns out what makes games good or enjoyable is more complicated and nuanced than broad, overarching design decisions such as linear vs open world.

    A big open world that focuses into a something much more linear and narrative-driven in the second half sounds like a promising design decision for an rpg to me. Doubly so, considering it seems you can go back to the past open world if you really want to. It appears that as the characters in the game's objective gets more focused, the player's does as well. It also seems like it would address that weird cognitive dissonance of the older games where Meteor is about to destroy the planet at any moment, but you're off bird breeding. We'll see if they can pull it off or not, but the constant back and forth that the FFXV fandom engages in so much is pretty tiresome.Edited November 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in Will Final Fantasy XV's Big Twist Ruin The Game?

  • Avatar for jayzii jayzii 10 months ago