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  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 18 days ago

    How about a portable PS4...?
    I'd buy it...

    Posted in What We Want From PlayStation in 2018

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 20 days ago

    I would love to see Switch ports. The more portable games the better. Mario 3D World, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Final Fantasy XII, etc. I will buy too many!
    Honestly, the Switch has made me wish my PS4 had a portable

    Posted in 2018 Will Be the Year of the Switch Port

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 24 days ago

    Well. This is tough. I'm going to include games that weren't released this year, but that I enjoyed over the year. I tried to keep the order somewhat in the order that I enjoyed them, but mostly number 1 is number 1 - the rest just fall into place somewhere up there.
    10. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 (PS4)
    9. Mario Odyssey
    8. Zelda: Skyward Sword
    7. Super Mario Sunshine
    6. Final Fantasy 1 (Origins)
    5. Chrono Cross
    4. Horizon Zero Dawn
    3. Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age
    2. Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii/Wii U)
    1. Breath of the Wild - By far. I played it so much it's not even funny.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What are Your Top 10 Games of 2017?

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 24 days ago

    It has been so rewarding to explore this game this year. I still have 20 shrines to go and the Master Sword Trial.
    I did get my sweet motorcycle today though...
    The fun never ends it seems. about some rebuild Hyrule Castle/Castle Town DLC?

    Posted in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is USgamer's Game of the Year for 2017

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry 27 days ago

    @jimgamer I have abandoned physical media. Shelf space, scratched discs, lost cartridges, and kids have taken moved me over. It's easier, and possibly less expensive in the long run just to buy extra memory and tie it to my account. If anything happens to my machine, my games can be moved over to a new primary console.
    I can definitely appreciate those who want physical media as there are some definite advantages, but for me the cons outweigh the pros.
    Sad for those getting their Switches today though. I hope they got it back up!

    Posted in Nintendo Eshop is Down on Christmas Day

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry A month ago

    T'would have been really awesome!
    Or really bad.
    I love little tidbits like this!

    Posted in Mario + Rabbids Director Once Pitched a Game Boy Advance Demo of Wind Waker

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry A month ago

    The main reason I upgraded to PS4 was because of the games. The PS3 was working just fine for me. It just didn't have the new games coming out. It's graphics are/were great.
    The Switch is great. Zelda on Wii U and Switch looks excellent. It seems like I will play that game forever. It is ultra we could get some DLC that allows us to rebuild Hyrule Castle and Castle Town -that would be awesome.

    Posted in 2017 Was the Year Graphics Became Less Important Than Ever

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry A month ago

    @UnskippableCutscene Being a parent was definitely part of the equation with it. I'm still a bit bummed because I am always up for a fun fantasy world jaunt.
    Funny story though, my mother-in-law saw me playing Final Fantasy X many years ago and had to make some crack about that lady needing a wheelbarrow for those things. I was grateful she joked about it, but it was a bit embarrassing. I get that it's all fantasy and such, but attractive character design can be conservative and actually, in my opinion, can actually increase my ability to care about the character.
    To each their own though!
    Thanks for your open-mindedness on my comment.Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in There's More to Pyra—and Xenoblade Chronicles 2—than a Sexy Fanservice Outfit

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry A month ago

    I love the winter world in Secret of Mana. Donkey Kong Country also captures that for me. Breath of the Wild also does a great job capturing the cold feeling.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Winter-themed Environment or Level in a Game?

  • Avatar for jeffcorry jeffcorry A month ago

    While I can definitely appreciate a great character with stupid clothing, this game went a bit over the line for me personally, and it's too bad. Because this game looks really great. My problem, really, my main problem, besides the ridiculous outfits, was that my kids LOVE to watch me play games. So, with an eleven year old in the house and me being fairly conservative when it comes to our video game content (we try to keep things T and below...even then sometimes I don't get a game for reasons like this game.), this game had to be passed by for now.
    If other people are enjoying it, and the costumes don't bother them, that's great. I know I am ultra sensitive to this kind of thing. I love Final Fantasy XII and even X is okay but Lulu and Fran were designed a bit beyond my comfort zone. I really love both games quite a bit for different reasons, so I can understand what Nadia is saying here.
    My main problem here is that it seems to be a CONSTANT flow of fan service throughout the game. It's not just Pyra, I probably could have overlooked that (maybe) because I do believe that there is usually good or positive messages mixed in with the stuff I don't like. My MAIN problem is that it seems that the 'fan-service' is CONSTANT. It was the other characters that convinced me I needed to pass this over. I kept thinking about my kids...and as a parent, it was just too much. Plus there's all the news lately with sexual harassment. It would probably be better to have them play a game that doesn't objectify women so much. In the end that's what I feel like this game is doing: making women objects despite their great characterization. It's too bad really, because there probably are some really great, strong female characters I have passed by because of their clothes...or...lack of...Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in There's More to Pyra—and Xenoblade Chronicles 2—than a Sexy Fanservice Outfit