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  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 29 days ago

    Hard to shake off a very disappointed first impression. Was watching Pacific Rim in 4K with my kids last night and still love it's macho, grimy, over the top aesthetic. This trailer and the robot designs makes me think "Power Rangers". V sad. Guillermo is a genius, so hopefully he has had a hand in this and can turn it around.

    Posted in Portal's GlaDOS is Back in the New Trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 2 months ago

    I think deep down we all knew this, yet at the same time I think BC has been a far more prevalent feature in than this data suggests. Sony has attracted the recent criticism for the comments by their exec, and you can point to the technological and commercial reasons for this (PS4 architecture breaking from PS3; selling remasters/PSNow, PS2 games). Contrast with the seemingly huge effort Microsoft has put into their BC efforts (cloud saves from X360!) and it's easy to criticize. In Sony's defense, the PS3 always had PS1 disc support, as did PS2, and PS2 support was there for early adopters and that huge software library. On handheld it is even better - I can play hundreds of PS1 and PSP games on 3 different Vitas/PSPs at once - compare that to Nintendo's archaic digital/virtual console setup. Still, the use of legacy cartridges has been a hallmark of all Nintendo handhelds up until Switch. We've had it relatively good. I still gaze longingly at all the old PS1 hits i am able to fit on my 64GB Vita memory card, at the game/machine specific wallpapers I can have for each page, with the relevant library or game series' icons. But more often than not, I will scroll back to the latest indie titles and play them instead.Edited 2 times. Last edited June 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in New Study Finds That Gamers Don't Really Use Backwards Compatibility

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 2 months ago

    Good article. I think the handheld space has always been a fascinating one in how much more often refreshes/redesigns happen, and how they are more iterative than typical console refreshes. With tech supply chains and advancements (screens, chip designs, semi process shrinkage) moving so fast these days - a result of Apple and its competitors - it seems Nintendo is potentially even better positioned than its competition to be nimble. A TV console with a mid-cycle refresh, or upgrade is less alluring to the average consumer. Compare that with an annual upgrade of a phone, and I would guess you get bigger numbers. Nintendo has now created a fantastic and reliable key functionality (TV/handheld) in a device that screams for an annual refresh. The personalization of a handheld - that can be accessorized, carried everywhere, and owned rather than shared - is a strong draw and it feels like they have only just got started. Joy cons with swappable functions rather than colors. Apps for video services, music, social media. Custom colors. All locking you in to individual ownership of the device, for several family members, where a TV console will suffice for each household. I think they have got this one very right.Edited June 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Nintendo: Keeping Us Entertained For All the Right and Wrong Reasons

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 2 months ago

    What surprised me most about Alien Covenant is that it actually managed to make Prometheus seem like a better movie than I first thought. And I don't mean that in a good way. The mission, its execution and the scientists carrying it through, look totally convincing in comparison to the hapless colonists in AC. There is nothing quite as singularly dumb as plugging an engineers head into a socket and making it blow up, but at not time do any of the characters make a believable decision or is any way convincing as part of a larger plan. Just a lot of lame slasher movie tropes.

    Posted in Emily Is Away Too Transports Players to a Forgotten Era of Internet; Plus Alien: Covenant's Unexpected Villain

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 3 months ago

    @Tetragrammaton Good points you raise. Piracy/emulation have been drivers of success in the past (PSX and OG Xbox in their day as well). PSP ports at their best showed the benefits not just of game mechanics of a console experience, but also the form factor/specs (analog stick vs d-pad, screen quality and polygon count) that made a compelling alternative to a more kid-skewed DS and its lineup. Different sort of experiences is my point.

    I think you have to take into account the broader market. Vita/3DS underwhelmed vs predecessors as the iPhone/iPad market of cheap games, with always-with-you nature of those devices made the less compelling. Arguably, the better experiences on dedicated gaming devices has kept that market alive, and Switch brings it full circle - a pure games machine, with console-class experiences/form factor, but the design ethic/accessorization/personal everyday-carryability of the iPad generation. My house has a PS4/Sonos system. I bring my vita/Switch/iPhone with me. Its more personal. I think that is essential in a modern handheld.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Why Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is Already the Fastest Selling Game in the Series' History

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 3 months ago

    @SuperShinobi You are right. PSP was a huge step towards console gaming for sure. If in doubt, look at The Warriors, God of War, GTA etc that did very good justice to their fully grown counterparts. Also, Lego Star Wars/Indiana Jones which were full versions of the console game, not 3DS ports like all the Vita Lego games. I love my Vita, but PS TV makes the games look muddy, and why play a cross buy indie when it looks better on the PS4. All that angst is gone with the Switch. There are so few compromises, and if Nintendo chooses what to port carefully, it will continue to reinforce the concept. My kids playing mario kart in the back of my car (bought a tablet holder off amazon) was another awesome application of a console on the go.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Why Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is Already the Fastest Selling Game in the Series' History

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 3 months ago

    Solid lists. I would like to see more shooters. On SNES Cybernator, Super Aleste, R-Type 3. On Genesis you have to have Thunderforce 3/4, Gynoug, and Gaires. Super Shinobi/Shinobi 3 over Shadow Dancer, and no Streets of Rage 2?!

    Posted in Two SNES Classic Edition Game Collections We Would Like to See

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 4 months ago

    I'm still early in the game, and was surprised how soon I came across the pacing/camera/checkpoint issues. It seems worth persisting with, but a new franchise/control mechanic probably benefits from a tutorial style intro and perhaps a more forgiving checkpoint system. Still, great to see something new, and technically a decent showcase for the wonderfully off the beaten path machine that is the Switch.

    Posted in Snake Pass Review

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 4 months ago

    Need some shooters - Pulstar, Last Resort, Blazing Star (hate crappy iOS port) and some more slugs. Happy with the games released so far.

    Posted in The Best Neo Geo Games to Buy on the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 5 months ago

    The only downside I see to this is that developers will need to think carefully about whether to go to a physical release. It is worth bearing in mind that Nintendo carts have held their prices pretty well over time - assuming the game was well received/in demand - hence a pre-owned DS cart can fetch 60-70% of its original retail price 10 years later. Switch games will likely do the same. While we don't want to get to the SFII level of insanity ($75+ for the SNES cart), nor do we want the explosion of shovelware afforded by the Wii's cheap-to-make DVD model. On top of that is the convenience, speed and easy storage of these tiny carts - Vita fans i am sure would agree.

    Posted in Nintendo Rules and Cart Prices Making Switch Games More Expensive [Report]