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  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 9 days ago

    Solid lists. I would like to see more shooters. On SNES Cybernator, Super Aleste, R-Type 3. On Genesis you have to have Thunderforce 3/4, Gynoug, and Gaires. Super Shinobi/Shinobi 3 over Shadow Dancer, and no Streets of Rage 2?!

    Posted in Two SNES Classic Edition Game Collections We Would Like to See

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 27 days ago

    I'm still early in the game, and was surprised how soon I came across the pacing/camera/checkpoint issues. It seems worth persisting with, but a new franchise/control mechanic probably benefits from a tutorial style intro and perhaps a more forgiving checkpoint system. Still, great to see something new, and technically a decent showcase for the wonderfully off the beaten path machine that is the Switch.

    Posted in Snake Pass Review

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer A month ago

    Need some shooters - Pulstar, Last Resort, Blazing Star (hate crappy iOS port) and some more slugs. Happy with the games released so far.

    Posted in The Best Neo Geo Games to Buy on the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer A month ago

    The only downside I see to this is that developers will need to think carefully about whether to go to a physical release. It is worth bearing in mind that Nintendo carts have held their prices pretty well over time - assuming the game was well received/in demand - hence a pre-owned DS cart can fetch 60-70% of its original retail price 10 years later. Switch games will likely do the same. While we don't want to get to the SFII level of insanity ($75+ for the SNES cart), nor do we want the explosion of shovelware afforded by the Wii's cheap-to-make DVD model. On top of that is the convenience, speed and easy storage of these tiny carts - Vita fans i am sure would agree.

    Posted in Nintendo Rules and Cart Prices Making Switch Games More Expensive [Report]

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer A month ago

    My time with GTA V is mostly jumping in cars and finding the highest points in the map to drive them to. So to have an open world with Link that affords so much similar freedom is just awesome

    Posted in Miyamoto's Vision for the Zelda Series Comes Full-Circle with Breath of the Wild

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer A month ago

    Helpful tips on the friend code process. I ruined one screen protector and am awaiting another from Amazon. The screen seems to be a magnet for dust so you need to be very careful it is clean before applying the protector. Loving my Switch

    Posted in A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer A month ago

    Where the heck are the Neo Geo games and why did the rest of the world get them today and the U.S. misses out?

    Posted in Nintendo Switch: Every Game Coming in The March Launch Window

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer A month ago

    Hopefully they patch a transfer tool or better yet offer cloud saves as we have with PS+. Anyone know if the U.S. eShop is indeed not getting the NeoGeo games the rest of the world is getting?

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Save Data Is Stuck On Your System

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 2 months ago

    It was interesting watching the trailers and thinking "that would be great on my Vita", but remembering that such indie releases would often also have a PS4 port, with perhaps slightly better performance, and the benefit of a big screen. Then I'd hope for the Cross Buy treatment. And then it really hits me how the Switch will be perfect for these games, with portable and TV taken care of, and performance no doubt strong for both. I really think Nintendo is on to something here.Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Steamworld Dig 2, Blaster Master Zero, Runner 3, and Other Indie Titles Shine on Nintendo Direct

  • Avatar for jimgamer jimgamer 2 months ago

    The thrill of importing Japanese systems before their U.K. and US launches was the biggest excitement I have had. The £400 PlayStation six months before the U.K. launch (sadly lost in a burglary). The GameCube (a wedding present from my brother in law who lived in Japan) a couple of months ahead of the US launch, although only black and white for a few days using composite video. Picking up the PSP, Vita and 3DS all on launch day, each producing a giddy sense of wonder at how far handhelds had progressed. The craziness of holding a GBA a couple of days before the Japanese launch day - the importer had received some pre-orders early from the wholesaler in HK - and being so excited I arranged for a motorbike courier to bring it across London to my office. Too bad about the awful screen and Mario Bros 2. Biggest letdown with no doubt was the WiiU. Endless software update, laborious (if cute) Wii transfer process (instantly doubted and ever-since regretted as it ruined the Virtual Console collection - no gamepad controls and no 240p output).

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Most Memorable Console Launch?