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I am a video game enthusiast who likes to write about the things in their designs that pique my interest.

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  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 2 months ago

    @vonjankmon As far as I know, Team Ninja did not write the story for Other M, so blaming them for Samus' characterization is not really fair. Going back to Metroid Fusion, it was clear that the Samus character was not in good hands with Nintendo. Ultimately, they are responsible for how their characters are represented, and it's pretty clear with how bad the English was in Breath of the Wild, they are either not aware of how to direct actors into giving good performances, or simply don't care if the English is any good.

    Given just how astonishingly bland the dub was for Zelda (which is why I had hoped for a language option in that game), I would not bet on Samus being well written in Metroid Prime 4. If we're lucky, it will forego dialogue and just go back to learning things through the environment. I wasn't a huge fan of just how much stuff you had to scan in those games as it was pretty tedious, but it was vastly superior to Other M's cutscenes.Edited June 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Retro Studios Isn't Working on Metroid Prime 4

  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 2 months ago

    I think Retro not making this game is probably a good thing. I know a lot of people love the Prime series, but for me, one was really enough. They nailed it first try and the subsequent games just kind of derailed the whole thing. There's nothing more Retro was going to do with the series.

    I kind of wish Nintendo would have given Team Ninja another try at it, as Other M had some decent mechanical ideas that could have been turned into something much more interesting on the Wii U or Switch. My biggest hope, of course, is that Nintendo doesn't try to shoehorn in some grand story. They have proven on many occasions that they are both bad at writing dialogue, and even worse at directing actors in English.

    Posted in Retro Studios Isn't Working on Metroid Prime 4

  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 2 months ago

    I would love to know how much use the PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility was used on the original PS3 model, and then see how often the PS1 backwards compatibility was used on the PS2 models. Using only the Xbox One and extrapolating those results out to the whole industry is not a good idea.

    It makes sense that calls for backwards compatibility don't match up with actual use in the general population. People who like the feature are a vocal minority, however, the platforms we are talking about are important. I think outlets like GOG show there is significant interest in having older games run on modern hardware.

    But, if console manufacturers don't want to implement it for cost reasons, there is always emulation, which seems to be entering a new golden age.

    Posted in New Study Finds That Gamers Don't Really Use Backwards Compatibility

  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 2 months ago

    @Roto13 Based on the quote, I don't think it's nearly as obvious as you think it is. Sure, Platinum and Kamiya do have fans of their own, but it's not clear that he is talking about them, specifically. He seems to be talking about fans of the game.

    Of course, which fans are being referenced doesn't really contradict or invalidate my main point, so it doesn't really matter.

    Posted in Bayonetta Director Explains How Canceled Scalebound Can Help Future Platinum Games

  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 2 months ago

    It's interesting to see the term "fan" used with regard to a game that was never released. You get into pretty pedantic territory by focusing too much on language like this, but I think it does reveal something about the way the video game industry has shifted, especially regarding its marketing.

    Games get announced way before they are even close to finished, often times before any real work has been done on them at all. Devs and publishers do this in order to gain "fans" that will pre-order the game, thereby guaranteeing a certain number of sales in order to finish said game. You'd think after getting burned so many times and the number of development houses that have been dissolved or sold, that the industry would be aggressively searching for a more stable business model. The way it is now, essentially every single developer is on borrowed time.

    Eventually, and probably sooner rather than later, the amount of money spent hyping a game that doesn't yet exist is going to vastly outstretch any money they earn in sales, thus making it extremely difficult or impossible to continue making games. There are so many pitfalls with creating hype as well. Games like No Man's Sky got a ton of backlash after it underdelivered on promises, and given how outlandish some of the claims that games make in order to stand out from the crowd, they basically guarantee that they won't be able to make good on that hype.

    Maybe I'm just really cynical, but whatever lessons Platinum is learning on the development side of this, I doubt publishers have learned anything. Games can only win over fans if they are well made, interesting, and you know, actually make it to market.

    Posted in Bayonetta Director Explains How Canceled Scalebound Can Help Future Platinum Games

  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 7 months ago

    When I finally got myself a Saturn, the first game I bought with it was Panzer Dragoon. There was always something about it that made it feel like a defining game of its era and a huge part of that comes from Azuma's score.

    Posted in Panzer Dragoon Soundtrack Review: Soaring Themes

  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 8 months ago

    I would argue that the Wii, as a platform, was a huge success. It did exactly what consoles are supposed to do, generate interest from developers to make games for it. The platform sold well on its novelty and tons of publishers made games for the system as a result. Throw in that it was backwards compatible with the Gamecube and was almost 100% able to replace it while offering new games and control methods made it a truly enticing offering. Despite it being technically less powerful, power alone didn't make the PS3 or 360 good consoles. Good game designs did.

    For the Wii, its games were its failing. Developers who were essentially only interested in taking advantage of the suddenly larger game console install base pumped out bad quality games at an alarming rate akin to the end of the Atari 2600. Even good developers failed to make games that people really cared about. Nintendo, of course, created some of the worst entries to their biggest franchises during this time, possibly in part due to the novelty of motion controls, but also because they didn't know or care what people actually wanted out of their games. There are plenty of gems in the Wii library, and even an exclusive or two, such as Muramasa, that are among the best games of that generation, but by and large, the games themselves just didn't deliver.

    In the grand scheme of things, I think people will continue to look back at the Wii as an overall failure for Nintendo, unfortunately. It marked the beginning of a trend where the company and the fanbase weren't in step that really hasn't yet been rectified. Ultimately, though, I think the blame comes down to the game publishers and developers holding a pessimistic view of the customers base and not treating them with much respect. That isn't really the fault of the console itself, and there are enough great games on it that I still look at it as an overall success.

    Posted in Ten Years Later: USgamer Debates Whether the Nintendo Wii Was a Success or a Failure