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I am a video game enthusiast who likes to write about the things in their designs that pique my interest.

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  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 15 days ago

    I really should give Gravity Rush 2 another shot. It started out really strong for me, but a lot of the challenges through the middle portion of the game are incredibly frustrating due to the cramped environments and strict time limits. It's easy to get confused on where you are in relation to everything else. It felt like a chore compared to the first game in many ways, which is a shame because the original was such a breath of fresh air compared to its contemporaries.

    Sometimes stepping away from a game and coming back to it can work out, though, so hopefully that'll happen.

    Posted in Why Gravity Rush 2 Is Elevated by Its Amazing (and Still Flawed) Final Act

  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 2 months ago

    @Thad I don't believe the game has ever been released outside of the original Saturn run, unfortunately. While some Saturn games did end up coming out to Xbox Live and such, many of them have become lost to time due to poor preservation by the companies that developed them or what have you. The Saturn seems to have been overly effected by this, but that could just be my perception.

    Anyway, the game runs perfectly fine using Mednafen, which is probably the best Saturn emulator that exists. Takes some effort to get working, but the play experience is smooth. Definitely worth checking out if you really want to play it. I'd only suggest tracking down a real copy if you have a lot of money to spend on frivolous stuff. Panzer Dragoon Saga is a great game, but the price it goes for is hard to justify, regardless of game quality.

    Posted in New Interview Reveals the High Expectations That Doomed the Classic RPG Panzer Dragoon Saga

  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 2 months ago

    @Toelkki I would not be surprised in the least. And rather than deal with an individual, Nintendo just figures it's easier to apply a blanket "solution" rather than deal with real problems.

    YouTube has worked hand in hand with companies like Nintendo, and more seriously, their advertisers, to make life as difficult as possible for anybody who puts videos online. It's all out of fear that the multimedia cartels will sue them out of existence. Their relationship with Nintendo is probably the most extreme that I'm aware of. I don't know of any other video game company that punishes video makers so aggressively.

    Certainly makes me less inclined to watch YouTube or buy products from Nintendo anymore. Kind of regretting buying Samus Returns now instead of just streaming AM2R or something.

    Posted in Video Creators Under Nintendo Creators Program Can No Longer Live Stream Nintendo Games

  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 2 months ago

    If the cutscenes could have been skipped, it would have eliminated about 80% of what I didn't like about the game. It's always frustrating when games don't let you skip scenes. It's just a lot worse when the scenes you have to watch are from Other M. Other M is why I hope Sakamoto has nothing to do with Prime 4. He's proved he can't be trusted with his own series.

    Now, if we're talking about how Other M plays, it's pretty enjoyable. I found switching between first person and third person mode to be a bit jarring at times, and I do wish they had pushed the puzzle elements of using first person mode a bit more. As it is, it feels a lot more like a gimmick than a well thought out integrated mechanic. It's useful in boss fights, of course, especially the last one, so it's not terrible, by any means.

    I still look forward to the day Nintendo tries a 3D Metroid game that's in third person again. It seems like a no brainer to me, just make it a bit more Tomb Raider and I think you've got a winner. As it is now, Other M is the only thing we have, and its design is a lot closer to 2D gaming conventions than 3D.

    Posted in Metroid Game-by-Game Reviews: Metroid: Other M

  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 2 months ago

    @discohospital I'm glad that you can be more optimistic about the behaviors of companies like this, but given the trends in the industry, that is not something I am afforded. As more money is at stake in video games, and how easily a single failure can bankrupt a development studio, developers and publishers are becoming more and more ruthless. Sega has a long history of antagonism towards fans, even with regard to games that were released more than a decade ago with no new entries in the series anywhere on the horizon.

    Atlus knows exactly what it is doing by attacking the developers of the emulator. They want to scrub emulation out of the public consciousness, just like Nintendo does (while simultaneously making money off of it) because they don't want people to realize that anything exists outside their realm of influence. Frankly, I would prefer an Atlus that is just so out of touch with the gaming community that they would just be ignorant of this and that's why thy would file a takedown claim on something they have no right to take down.

    Sadly, the truth is they are probably aware they have no real authority to tell them to take it down, but the way companies have caved to "rights holders" in order to steer clear of costly litigation has provided incentive for companies to simply abuse the system. That is all that this is. Abuse.

    There are plenty of things to love about video games, and I believe that the people who actually make them (devs, artists, actors, etc.) are among the most creative professionals working right now. But the people who own these mid to large sized studios and the publishers even moreso care about money first and everything else a distant second, if at all. They are not looking out for your interests and I would urge you to always be wary of any action that a company takes. Odds are if it's good for them as a company, it isn't good for you as a consumer.Edited September 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in [Update] Atlus Issued a DMCA Takedown on a PS3 Emulator Patreon Over Persona 5

  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 2 months ago

    @Funny_Colour_Blue It would depend on how my content was used. I would be upset if someone took what I had made and tried to pass it off as their own, but that is about the only circumstance. I write as a hobby and you better believe that the more people see what I've written, the more happy I am, regardless of where it appears. Were I to make a game, I would definitely not be upset that said game could run on an emulator.

    You are tying this back to the piracy argument, but there is nothing about the emulator that bars players from purchasing the game, which could then be played on an emulator. Remember, the game images had to come from somewhere, likely somebody who bought it. And I am extremely confident that anyone savvy enough to run a PS3 emulator is not going to be confused about what platform the game was originally made for, thus Atlus' argument that they just want to protect the players from a bad experience is talking about a use case that essentially doesn't exist.

    I just don't see how Atlus is being anything but paranoid and controlling about this whole situation. They are losing absolutely nothing by this emulator existing and having their game mentioned. This is a clear case of a company choosing not to understand how modern interactions with products work. Heck, this kind of scenario is even modern.

    Posted in [Update] Atlus Issued a DMCA Takedown on a PS3 Emulator Patreon Over Persona 5

  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 2 months ago

    @Funny_Colour_Blue The question, though, is how does showing that a game works on an emulator damaging to that game, exactly? A demonstration that a game runs on an emulator sounds a lot closer to fair use to me.

    Posted in [Update] Atlus Issued a DMCA Takedown on a PS3 Emulator Patreon Over Persona 5

  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 2 months ago

    @camchow I'm a bit curious what about their anti streaming policy you are understanding of. I have tried to see the point of view of devs who don't like let's plays and those kinds of things and just don't get it.

    If the idea is that someone might not buy a game because they can watch it on YouTube, I just don't but that argument at all. Games I want to watch but not play were never in consideration for purchase to begin with, and more likely than not, if a game looks interesting to play, seeing someone else enjoy will compel me to buy where I might not have before.

    The fact that you can't even take in game screenshots of Persona 5 is some next level paranoia by Sega and Atlus. It does nothing but harm the goodwill of the company. Their excuse of not wanting to spoil the game for other players was an obvious distraction from their true intent, total control of their product.

    I think about how mod friendly 90s PC gaming was, and the general attitude devs had toward their fans in the US. Japan just does not seem to understand the power of word of mouth and personal involvement by the community despite having had numerous teachable moments.

    Trying to take down a perfectly legal emulator for fear of piracy is just another misstep on a long road of establishment game developers falling on their face out of player mistrust, greed, and ignorance.

    Posted in [Update] Atlus Issued a DMCA Takedown on a PS3 Emulator Patreon Over Persona 5

  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 2 months ago

    This whole thing is ridiculous. Devs and publishers shouldn't get to choose if their game can run on an emulator or not, nor should they be able to keep players from stripping out copy protection schemes. Persona 5 did better than any previous game in the series sales wise, and instead of embracing the fans and their love for the game, they have tried to punish them every step of the way.

    First it was the restrictions on streaming, now it's a bogus DMCA claim. I love the games that Atlus publishes, but they are unbelievably anti consumer. They have proved that sales will often be there if the quality of the game is there, yet instead of sticking to trying to make the best game possible and being proud of how much interest there is, they would rather pick fights with the very people who support their efforts.

    Every company eventually does this. Their buyout by Sega just made it faster and worse. I understand you don't want people playing your game for free, but you will never stop piracy and it's a huge waste of resources to even bother trying.

    How many people who would go through the trouble of emulating the game weren't going to buy it? I would bet many people who wanted to emulate it had already purchased it. I tried to emulate Demon's Souls on PC just because it was cool. I could have played it on my PS3 any time I wanted but that system won't be around forever and emulators could allow all these games to have lives well beyond the lifespan of any console. But shortsighted shareholders mean more to Atlus than fans being happy and game preservation.

    Posted in [Update] Atlus Issued a DMCA Takedown on a PS3 Emulator Patreon Over Persona 5

  • Avatar for jmsebastian jmsebastian 3 months ago

    @MetManMas What about Odin Sphere and Muramasa did you find disappointing? I believe the original release of Odin Sphere definitely had some less than friendly mechanics implementations (which were addressed with the PS4 re-release), but I always thought Muramasa was about as streamlined a game as one could expect.

    I suppose one has to enjoy replaying the same scenarios multiple times in order to fully enjoy Vanillaware games, which isn't always my favorite thing, certainly, but I kind of let it slide for their games partly due to the incredible music and art, and partly because the beat em up action has been solid enough for me to want to keep playing. This was especially true in the case of Muramasa, for me.

    Posted in Dragon's Crown Reportedly Coming to the PlayStation 4