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  • Avatar for kantaroo3 kantaroo3 3 months ago

    The article says that you cannot play Zelda 4 Swords adventures with friends on the Wii, and that you will need a gamecube. Is that true?

    Posted in Which Legend of Zelda Should You Play First?

  • Avatar for kantaroo3 kantaroo3 11 months ago

    Thank you for doing a fantastic job at USGamer over the past few years. You have set the bar very high for Kat!
    All the best on your future endeavours, and I look forward to your articles even if they are going to be less frequent from now on.

    Posted in Letter from the Editor: A Big Change Ahead for USgamer

  • Avatar for kantaroo3 kantaroo3 11 months ago

    The first game was a masterpiece. I absolutely do not want them to rush this. Take your time ND and get it right.

    Posted in Last of Us: Part II Brings a Family Back Together

  • Avatar for kantaroo3 kantaroo3 A year ago

    @camchow I think they should sell both, and offer the option of buying a dock separately.

    That would also allow them to present the full package as a deal where they shave a bit off the price.

    As you say, maybe it's a matter of time before they release the two options. Perhaps in the very short term they'll want to present a single message and the dock is part of that.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Dock Will Be in All Launch Bundles [Report]

  • Avatar for kantaroo3 kantaroo3 A year ago

    I think this is a bad move for Nintendo. They need the system to be adopted fast and for that they need to get the price point as low as possible. I bet that dock is going to add $50 to the price tag. And it is a huge difference if it costs $199 or $249.

    I'm calling this a rumour for now.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Dock Will Be in All Launch Bundles [Report]

  • Avatar for kantaroo3 kantaroo3 A year ago
  • Avatar for kantaroo3 kantaroo3 A year ago

    I think the other thing that is missed when nostalgia strikes is just how expensive console games used to be. Clearly, your mileage will vary depending on your circumstances, but most people I knew never owned more than about a dozen games for any given console, sometimes far fewer, even over a good 6 year console cycle. And some of them were inevitably not 'classics' as we call the best games of yesteryear.
    So an inherent part of the console experience was scarcity. And unfulfilled desire for games one could not have.
    For example, I had Zelda 2 bit not the original Zelda. I had Super Mario Bros 3 but not Super Mario Bros 2. Etc.
    Back then we used to rent or borrow those other games (my cousin happened to have those two seminal games I mentioned) and thereby scratch that scarcity itch. But it was always there.
    Fast forward 30 years and I am now a professional who can afford many more games and even more than one console. But deep inside, whenever I think about retro games, I wonder if I am still scratching that itch from such a long time ago.

    Posted in Your Reminder: Games Have Always Been Mostly Terrible

  • Avatar for kantaroo3 kantaroo3 A year ago

    Put into context: like the Washington Generals beating the Harlem Globetrotters 20 games out of 38. Things that just shouldn't happen.
    I suspect you could pay the whole of Leicester's roster with the salary of a couple of the Manchester City (or United, or Chelsea) stars.

    Next up: a soldier single-handedly infiltrates and defeats the ISIS leadership using a supply of medkits and strategically dropped ever-more powerful weapons (but can only carry two at a time).

    Posted in Leicester City's Championship Run is a FIFA Career Mode Come to Life

  • Avatar for kantaroo3 kantaroo3 A year ago

    Time to take Zelda U out of the 2016 list I think...

    Posted in 2016 Video Game Release Dates & Reviews

  • Avatar for kantaroo3 kantaroo3 A year ago