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I'm an old dude who doesn't have nearly enough time to play games. That being said, I still manage to play through Dragon Warrior III and Final Fantasy I about once a year. And half way through Shining Force, too.

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  • Avatar for kingaelfric kingaelfric 4 days ago

    The only bad thing here is that it took so darned long to get rid of an obviously meritless suit.

    Posted in Digital Homicide's $15m Libel Lawsuit Against Jim Sterling Is Dismissed

  • Avatar for kingaelfric kingaelfric 10 days ago

    @Modern-Clix I have to just chime in briefly here to say I'm with@swamped on this. It is, again, just personal anecdotal evidence, but I certainly see a "link." To be sure, I think it is correlation, and not causation. As you say, the discussion communities around video games (though not so much the hobby itself) tend to skew young and male, and I think that's really the end of the inquiry--there's a correlation there. And even if my perception is wrong on this (which is possible!), it's interesting unto itself that this perception is shared by more than a few people. Thanks.

    Posted in Opinion: PewDiePie And The Effect Of Speech Meeting Reality

  • Avatar for kingaelfric kingaelfric A month ago

    Zelda timeline news?? Awesome! I am so glad that Trevor Belmont will finally be able to defeat the robot masters and end Mother Brain's domination of the Mushroom Kingdom.

    Posted in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Backstory Revealed

  • Avatar for kingaelfric kingaelfric A month ago

    Nice throwback to the actual NES/Famicom days, though decidedly more safe-for-work than the hidden messages tended to be thirty years ago (...and I crumble in to dust, being ancient).

    Posted in Nintendo Has a Secret Message For Famicom Mini Hackers

  • Avatar for kingaelfric kingaelfric A month ago

    I keep trying NOT to get my hopes up for the Switch, because literally every single television console Nintendo has released post-SNES (my god, that's 25 years ago) has ultimately been a major disappointment to me personally (YMMV!). So I keep trying to adopt a wait-and-see attitude here. But if that pricing is right, and it skews towards the $200 end, I don't see how I won't be picking one up pretty quickly (assuming they're available!).

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Should Retail for About ¥25,000 in Japan [Report]

  • Avatar for kingaelfric kingaelfric A month ago

    @pimento I think (though I could certainly be wrong) that the idea here is that you DON'T need to own the GPU or the game, just a basic computer and a connection. That being said, the pricing model kills it for me. If it were a true all-you-can-eat, I'd consider it, like my PlayStation Now subscription which I keep up for that mythical day when I catch up on my PS3 backlog.

    ETA: I'm more confused than before, but I guess you are correct, you DO need to own the game. I am still under the impression that you don't need a card, however?Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in GeForce Now Comes to PC and Mac, But The Price is a Killer

  • Avatar for kingaelfric kingaelfric A month ago

    You forgot Superfly Johnson from Daikatana, which (arguably) still exists in the year 2016. Just sayin'.

    Posted in USgamer's Best Games of 2016: Best Sidekick

  • Avatar for kingaelfric kingaelfric 2 months ago

    As a longtime fan of your work, all I can say is: mazeltov!

    Posted in Letter from the Editor: A Big Change Ahead for USgamer

  • Avatar for kingaelfric kingaelfric 2 months ago

    Oh for heaven's sake! I'm a grumpy old man. I barely have time for video games. And yet, when I saw that footage, my brain instantly went to "...well obviously I am going to need both those versions...."

    Posted in Dragon Quest XI Gameplay Revealed, Switch Version Confirmed

  • Avatar for kingaelfric kingaelfric 2 months ago

    Disclaimer: I'm a grumpy old man. This makes total sense, and seems to me like an obvious thing to do. That being said, I hope Breath of the Wild is really great (rather than just "good"), because it feels to me like Nintendo has just been bunting for almost 20 years now. I still love big N, but they haven't excited me in a long time.

    Posted in Nintendo Bringing Its Brand of Fun to Universal Parks & Resorts