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  • Avatar for matt-b matt-b 3 days ago




    First off, I love being able to engage in civil discourse with others on the internet; this websites comment section frequently reminds me the internet is not all hatred and death threats. Secondly, I'm impressed we've kept this ridiculous food analogy going for this long. Well done to all!

    Really it boils down to semantics; the technical differences between "available" and "released." One would also take into account what "early-access" really means in Q4 of 2017. It is an endlessly debatable subject because arguments can be made for both sides.

    For my money, Mr. PU/Bluehole have yet to officially release the game and as such, it should not be a GOTY contender. Demo of the Year? Early-Access of the Year? Most Played on Steam of the Year? Sure, toss it in those rings. Not GOTY though, as it has not been formally released as of this date.Edited 3 days ago by Unknown

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  • Avatar for matt-b matt-b 3 days ago

    @Outrider yeah i get that. i just sort of got lost in this stretchy metaphor i wrapped myself in.

    Posted in Opinion: Nominating PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for Game of the Year is a Terrible Idea

  • Avatar for matt-b matt-b 4 days ago

    @Outrider This is like wanting lasagna but the the restaurant only has ground beef ready. So you order the ground beef and you eat it. You like the ground beef but the restaurant says you can't leave a Yelp review on the ground beef because you didn't eat the lasagna.

    PU and the publisher (restaurant) aren't going to stop anyone from reviewing/scoring their game.

    A more apt comparison may be a food critic's point of view; would a food critic rate a lasagna as Dish of the Year if all they ate was the beef the restaurant told them would be a part of their lasagna, or would they say "the beef was good but as the lasagna was not available, I cannot give it consideration for Dish of the Year"? The restaurant isn't presenting the ground beef as it's own meal; they have advertised their amazing ground beef is going to be part of their groundbreaking lasagna. They may be ok with you telling people the beef was delicious, but once they have the lasagna prepared and ready for consumption is the restaurant going to offer the ground beef on its own as a stand-alone dish? Or will they say "Oh I'm sorry, the ground beef is now part of our lasagna so you'll have to order that"?

    Say our imaginary food critic throws caution to the wind and gives the lasagna Dish of the Year, based solely off their experience with the ground beef, never actually eating the lasagna. What happens then, if the sauce is too sweet, or the tomatoes are over-ripened, or the cheese isn't aged adequately, or the noodles are under-cooked, or there is too much garlic, or the entire thing is burnt beyond being palatable? What if all the flavors mixed together are not good? What if the lasagna as a whole does not work, despite how amazing the ground beef, out of the context of the lasagna, was? Would that critic adjust their review of the lasagna? Do they retract the award they gave the restaurant for the lasagna? Do they go back and find another dish to assign that coveted designation? Would anyone take the critic seriously moving forward? Would other restaurants invite that critic to their establishment knowing they gave Dish of the Year to something they didn't actually eat?

    Also, I have no dog in this fight, as I do not own and have not played PUBG.

    The solution in my mind is to rate it as beta of the year, or early-access of the year or some such thing, as it is not, even by the dev/publisher's own words, a complete game.Edited 3 times. Last edited 3 days ago by Unknown

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  • Avatar for matt-b matt-b 9 days ago
  • Avatar for matt-b matt-b 16 days ago

    @NiceGuyNeon japan got brother/sister (nier replicant) and we got father/daughter (neir/neir gestalt). 3 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Square Enix Producer Wants Yoko Taro to Direct a Final Fantasy Game, Which I'm Sure He'd Do For the Right Price

  • Avatar for matt-b matt-b 26 days ago

    i bought and played mass effect 1-3 each multiple times. never once did i even touch the multiplayer component.

    i've put over 100 hours into mgsv. never once have i even touched the multiplayer component.

    i have never played a second of destiny or destiny 2 or battlefront. i have absolutely zero interest in these types of games.

    apparently i am an anomaly and not the customer ea wants (a 33 year old with a monthly budget for gaming related expenses). so be it.

    Posted in Ex-BioWare Developer Says Anthem is an Example of EA's Monetization Plans

  • Avatar for matt-b matt-b 26 days ago

    the type of discourse being discussed (a bit redundant i suppose) can and does exist.

    my favorite places to discuss gaming are here at usg, easy allies, retronauts and hardcore gaming 101. those are a handful of communities that time and time again impress me with not only their long-form content but also the incredible civility of their online communities.

    Posted in NeoGAF's Fall is a Sign of the Times in More Ways Than One

  • Avatar for matt-b matt-b 26 days ago

    what a say-nothing, do-nothing, blame-shifting, lazy, sad, poorly-worded excuse for an "official statement."

    Posted in NeoGAF Back Online After Owner Accused of Sexual Misconduct Issues Statement

  • Avatar for matt-b matt-b 30 days ago

    @Kat.Bailey ea is in the process of turning everything they can into destiny. by association, they are influencing other devs to turn their games into destiny too. i should simply say ea is in the process of turning everything into destiny.

    Posted in Star Wars Battlefront 2's Single-Player Campaign is the Best Thing About it So Far

  • Avatar for matt-b matt-b 30 days ago

    salty take:

    pvp = nigh-infinite stream of loot box money

    pve = not as nigh-infinite but still decent stream of loot box money

    to make a sweeping generalization, game devs only care about their community if their community makes them lots of money. pvp will make them more money so they will focus on pvp. i say this as a person who hates pvp and lootboxes but the writing is on the wall for multiplayer games; they are (almost definitely) all heading in the direction of pvp/lootboxes.

    Posted in Fortnite's Pivot to Battle Royale Has Split the Community in Two